Smbc Separating/oozing!

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peacenique Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 1:08am
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Oh dear... here I am working on a cake for Saturday...

I know it's foolish to experiment when you are making ~the~ cake, however...

I made a SMBC for the first time. It tastes lovely. However, I popped it into the refrigerator for a couple of hours while working on other things, and when i tried to work with it it became weepy and kind of separated/curdled. Not that the colour is gone, but it seems it's the colour that has wept out. I tried softening it by stirring... and that's when the weeping occurred.

Luckily I only made enough to dam one cake and fill another.

So, now I've got to make the icing for the whole thing and I'm thinking I'd best not use that recipe. Darn shame because it tastes lovely... and not terribly sweet.

The recipe is: DyannBakes Swiss Meringue Buttercream
4 oz egg white
8 oz sugar
12 oz unsalted butter
pinch of salt

I was sure the sugar was dissolved before taking it off the waterbath
I used colour paste
flavoured it with a good vanilla

The reason I made it to begin with was that I have not found a BC that I have thought was delicious. They're so darn sweet.

How can I make this so it will not weep/curdle?
If I have to make something else, does anyone have a tried and true BC that isn't so sweet that it detracts from the cake flavour? The last one I tried completely ruined the cake with it's sweetness.. Everyone was scraping it off.

I'm going to cross my fingers that some of you are online and can help. I was hoping to have the base coat on before I slept tonight.

Thank you in advance!

peace, Maija

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JodieF Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 1:31am
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Let it come back to room temp and really beat it! It will come back together! icon_biggrin.gif


stephaniescakenj Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 1:31am
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when you refrigerate a meringue icing, you need to bring it up to room temperature and then rewhip it really well, not just stir it, but put it back in the mixer and let it run for a few minutes. The batch you have there will likely come back together if you just whip it for awhile.

peacenique Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:18am
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Okay, well I've already used it up as the damming and filling. The cake is crumb coated and in the fridge.

So I'll make the same recipe to ice/decorate the cake then. Nice!

Can I refrigerate the iced/finished cake when I'm done? Will it seep?

Thank you SO much!


FromScratch Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:46am
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I would take it all apart and start again.. what you have in your cake is pretty much just butter right now. When you whip it up too cold the butter fat clumps together and the eggs have separated from it. It will not be good if you leave it like that.

AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 4:31am
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what they said. based on experience. icon_smile.gif

peacenique Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 11:39am
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OH NO you're kidding!


Okay, I'll go take it out of the fridge and let it warm up enough to pry it apart and scrape the filling off.


Man, some lessons don't come easy, do they?!

This is going to be a nifty cake... if it ever gets done! It's a GuitarHero guitar. The board I made for it is 40" x 22". Although half of it is the guitar's neck, it'll be a big cake. I'm making the neck from rice krispie treat.

Thank you so much.


cakehelp Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 12:08pm
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Sorry to hijack this thread, but I just have to ask what happens if the SMBC is fine and you ice the cake with it, but then have to put it in the fridge because of a perishable filling? Will it separate and go bad??

I'm asking because I tried SMBC a week ago and loved it, so I was going to make it for a baby shower cake that I'm making tonight. It's a fondant cake, but I thought I would use SMBC under instead of regular BC. It will be in the fridge over night and picked up for the party tomorrow.

What do ya think??

FromScratch Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 12:13pm
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Cakehelp.. your cake will be absolutely fine if you do that. It's only when you try to mix it up when it's cold that it separates on you. I have put every SMBC cake I have ever made in the fridge and when it comes to room temp, the cake is 100% fine and the icing never separates. icon_smile.gif Just make sure that you give it time to come to temp.

FromScratch Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 12:15pm
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peacenique.. no lesson that's worth learning ever comes easy.. LOL. Good luck with the cake. SMBC is great stuff once you get past that little learning curve thing. I'll never forget throwing away an entire batch of SMBC when it separated on me because I mixed it up too cold. Now I know better and would have just let it warm up for a bit. Expensive lesson learned for sure. icon_smile.gif

peacenique Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:07pm
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Okay... you were definitely right jkalman.

The filling IS like sweetened butter! Rather than try to pry and scrape, I'm starting over. *heavy sigh* Better that than have people talking about the gross cake I made. (would cakeballs made from it be all right... or gross too?)

Okay, also good to know the cake can be refrigerated once it's done.

cakehelp asked about the refrigerating... She says she'll put the cake in the fridge over night... I thought you were not supposed to refrigerate fondant covered cakes. Can you clarify that?

I'd best get my butt in gear and bake another cake. Thank goodness I started plenty early enough this time! The cake is not wanted till 5ish tomorrow.

You guys rock!


FromScratch Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:14pm
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I put fondant in the fridge all the time. If you are using fondant on a cake iced with SMBC you have to chill the cake before you put the fondant on or the icing will squish all over the place and you will lose your nice edges. I have chilled fully fondanted cakes before. They will look a bit wet while they come to room temp, but that condensation will dry and the cake will look just fine. Don't touch the cake until the sheenis gone as it will be tacky and you will leave prints. icon_smile.gif During the summer I will usually bring them to room temp in my office with the AC on high. If it's REALLY humid there can be a lot of condensation. MMF doesn't like to be chilled (in my limited experience with it.. I hate MMF) so I'd avoid it if you use MMF.

You might be able to make cake balls from that cake you have.. worth a shot anyway. Good luck getting it all done and let us know when you post the picture. icon_smile.gif

cakehelp Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:17pm
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jkalman, thanks for the reply. I'm so relieved!!

peacenique, yes I know your not supposed to put fondant covered cakes in the fridge icon_smile.gif . Well, I have to since I always use mousse-type fillings with whipped cream in them. It usually works well for me, but sometimes the fondant can sweat when I take it out of the fridge especially when it's really hot weather. But then again I live up north where it's almost never hot... I only use homemade mmf, 'Rhonda's Ultimate MMF' recipe from here and mmf seems to sweat easier than storebought fondant. I try to knead as much cornstarch as possible into it when I roll it out and it seems to help. I have had really bad problems with figures made out of mmf that sweated so bad they were almost dripping on the cake, but most of the time it's really not a problem. People say that the sweating will dry up if you keep the cake out of the fridge long enough, the problem is when it's coming from fridge temp to room temp, but I have never kept a cake out for that long. I'm always worried the filling will go bad.

FromScratch Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:30pm
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If you make MMF.. you should try making real fondant. It's just as easy. I use Michele Foster's Delicious Fondant recipe from here in the recipe section and it is the best fondant I have ever used. I made Rhonda's MMF and it's not bad, but it is REALLY sweet.. Michele's fondant isn't so cloyingly sweet and it performs just as well as Satin Ice.. I'd say even better. It doesn't sweat like that at all unless you were in the rainforest or something.. icon_lol.gif.

cakehelp Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 2:57pm
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thanks for the tip, jkalman. I have been meaning to try Michele Foster's recipe for quite some time but never got around to it. Many people here on CC rave about it. Sounds good that it's not as sweet, the sweetness is something I always try to cut down on, hence the SMBC. Before I started making MMF I made fondant with a recipe from a Colette Peters book, but I like the MMF better. I am starting to get really frustrated with the sweating though, so I might have to give it a try after all!

AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 17 Oct 2008 , 6:43pm
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I recommend Michele's fondant too. It's really good and easy to make and use. I've only made it twice but it's consistent, compared to MMF which behaved sometimes and sometimes was like working with a bratty kid. icon_smile.gif

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