Liquid Pasteurised Egg White??

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marriedtoagreek74 Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 5:06pm
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Hey all does anyone know where I could find a chart or does anyone know what is an average amt. for 1 egg white using liquid egg whites? Like if I need 4 large egg whites how do I know how much to measure out of the container?

One other question, does anyone know howling these will last once opened in the fridge? My box says 2 days once opened, that seems so short. The guy that brought them though says they will last up to 20 days if well refrigerated after opening. Does anyone know? I have used eggs that were in my fridge before that were past their date but I don't have any idea about this.



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PinkZiab Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 5:24pm
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One egg white (large egg) is roughly 30 grams.

Rocketgirl899 Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 5:25pm
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it should say on the box.

I thought about useing the "just whites" but found out i can get a dozen eggs for less.. and while i dont want to waste food.. I don't want to waste my money either!

3GCakes Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 5:30pm
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Hello, if you buy the 16 ounce carton, that is about 8 egg whites. If you need four, you may want to just measure out half.

If making IMBC, I just go ahead and use the whole carton, then one and a half pounds of butter.

I don't usually use it after a week. Make sure you don't touch the spout of the carton, and put it in the back of the fridge so it stays cold. I would think you could even freeze whatever you don't use, that might make it stay better.

PinkZiab Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 5:45pm
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Originally Posted by Rocketgirl899

it should say on the box.

I thought about using the "just whites" but found out i can get a dozen eggs for less.. and while i don't want to waste food.. I don't want to waste my money either!

But if you work in volume, sometimes paying a little more is worth it since time is money and it's not always sensible to spend massive amount of time separating and pooling eggs... but everyone has to do what's right for them! I use both fresh whites as well as cartons, depending on what else I am doing. I do a lot of desserts and things that call for yolks only, so obviously I'll reserve my whites from there, but if all I needs is the white, carton it is!

marriedtoagreek74 Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 6:14pm
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Thanks everyone, I have to buy the egg whites in bulk of 5L, i is not available in our groceries here and it's not listed on the box anywhere.

I will use the 30g measurement, thanks Pink. I just checked them and its been like 2 weeks, so I think I will have to toss them. Next time I might try freezing them in premeasured batches so I don't end up wasting so much. I don't use fresh eggs here as my DH and I got salmonella once and that was enough! I used to eat cake batter and cookie dough all the time in the US, but not here anymore!!!


3GCakes Posted 3 Oct 2008 , 6:29pm
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I just noticed on the carton I have (Break-Free Liquid Egg Whites, bought at Kroger) it says:

3 Tbsp= approx 1 large egg
1/3 cup= approx 2 large eggs
3/4 cup= approx 4 large eggs

Hope maybe that helps.

How much do you pay for 5L? The 16 ounce carton I bought was 1.67 on sale. I usually buy whatever is cheapest, and that is the cheapest I've ever seen a 16 ounce carton. I probably should've bought more!

marriedtoagreek74 Posted 5 Oct 2008 , 6:53am
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cakemom, thanks that helps too! I live in Europe so everything is more expensive. The 5L costs me about 12 Euros which is about 16 dollars give or take with the exchange rate. I am sure if you bought in bulk it would be cheaper overall if you use it before it expires. The problem with mine is that I threw half of it away because it expires so quickly after opening.


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