What Does My Rack Card Need? Reviews Please?

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acookieobsession Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 3:55pm
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Hi guys- could you please look over this rack card for me? i would like to give this out at a kid show I am doing with a party planner. She will have decorated tables and costumes and I will have 5 cakes to match her themes. I will also have a book for people to flip through.

I think it is a little info light. i would like to stay away from prices, but other than that i am open to adding info.

Thanks in advance for your help.


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acookieobsession Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 6:46pm
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Hmm, Scurumptious was spelled incorrectly- I will definately fix that! Duh!

More pictures? Less? Different?

Cake flavors?


Laura102777 Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 6:51pm
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I like it. But will it be folded? What will the front look like after it's folded? You want to make sure it makes a pretty impression at first glance to make people want to pull it from the rack. That is, unless I'm misunderstanding what a rack card is! icon_smile.gif

tmt Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 6:55pm
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it seems wordy to me. as a reader, get my attention quickly. i don't see the need for a double sided ad.

acookieobsession Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 6:55pm
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Actually a rack card is only front and back, no folding.

You know when you go in a hotel and they have that rack of cards for local attractions? Most are jsut front and back....I think it is like 4" across and 9" long.

amy2197 Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 7:04pm
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i think it looks good. very professional.

moxey2000 Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 7:20pm
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I think they're beautiful and your work is amazing icon_biggrin.gif .

Good luck with these thumbs_up.gif .

Laura102777 Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 7:24pm
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Oh, okay. I know what you're talking about now. I think it's fine. It may be a little wordier than it needs to be, but I don't think it's so wordy that people would not want to look at it.

imakecakes Posted 30 Sep 2008 , 7:50pm
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I think it looks okay. Have you maybe tried different fonts? or make that one bold?

Your cakes are great! I wish you much success!

sugarycreations Posted 9 Oct 2008 , 11:31pm
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What a great bold color for the targeted audience. Good choice of pictures. Personally, I think you would be better off enlarging the fire truck. It's such a great cake to appeal to the boys. The pirate ship is good & a very hot theme now.

dinas27 Posted 10 Oct 2008 , 12:43pm
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I really like the card, I'm just wondering how big the pictures are going to be once it is to size. Pictures are what sell - you want them to be front and centre. I would reduce the wording to make the pictures bigger.

edited to add - I looked again, I like the back - maybe cut down a little from the bottom wording. Really like the think it, dream it - it really grabs your attention.

The front page is too full of adjectives. Maybe you could mention your most popular or range of flavors and then direct to your website for more options. Cookies and cream or rootbeer float is much more drawing to me than delicious, scrumptious etc.

firehorse Posted 10 Oct 2008 , 1:12pm
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I couldn't open the back but for the front I would combine some of what you want to say and cut it down to just one paragraph. I don't think some of the words add much to the marketing.

Celebration & wedding cakes and other sweet treats designed to reflect you and the theme of your event - something like that. Other than the word delicious, I dont think the 3rd paragraph adds any new info and it's true it's the pictures (especially for the front) that grabs people.

The back of a rack card can be more wordy, but the front especially needs to be very visually catching.

Great job! Good luck.

acookieobsession Posted 10 Oct 2008 , 4:24pm
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Thanks guys!
I took everyone's advice and reduce the wording. i increased picture size on both sides too. I just got them back from vista print and they really look great. I decided to go straight for the kids...I will do a different for the wedding shows.



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