Some Florists Just Make Me Wonder

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tdybear1978 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:47pm
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I did a wedding and groom's cake last weekend and was told that the "florist" (friend of family) will be putting the flowers on the cake. I assumed this was just for the wedding cake. She had the popular square cake with small separation between tiers and then filled with the flowers so you could not see thru the tiers, at least that was the picture she gave me. I personally thought that the groom's cake was awesome - I liked it much better then the wedding cake haha. But anyways, I am attaching pictures of both the cakes and then a "my" groom's cake and then a pic of the "after" the florist hit it. Tell me what you think, am I just being weird or does the groom's cake look better without the flowers lol. Sometimes I just don't know why some florists just bombard with flowers when not necessary.
OH and then the wedding cake I felt was seriously lacking in flowers (probably because he put all of them on the grooms cake haha)

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thefrostedcakencookie Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:52pm
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wow, wonder why she would have done that to the chocolate strawberry cake. it looked so much better without the flowers!

juleskaye518 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:53pm
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Oh please! Every one of those flowers should have been on the brides cake!!!

tdybear1978 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:54pm
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is it just me or are the pictures not showing??

onceuponacake Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:54pm
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i can only see the after of the wedding cake and it does look like it needsmore flowers. but the cake is beautiful!!

PinkZiab Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:57pm
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oh... my... Those flowers don't even all GO together!? It looks like she just threw anything on there!

KatieKake Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:57pm
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The grooms cake was so much better with out the flowers, which were totally out of place on it. It was beautiful, before the florist got there. The wedding cake is seriously in need of more flowers.

juleskaye518 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 3:59pm
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Originally Posted by PinkZiab

oh... my... Those flowers don't even all GO together!? It looks like she just threw anything on there!

I thought the same thing.

tdybear1978 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:11pm
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yeah, I loved the star gazing lillies but there were just too many different styles on there

mrswendel Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:11pm
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Wow.....why would they even put flowers on the grooms cake? was perfect before the flowers. They should've used all of the flowers on the wedding cake to fill in between the tiers. Beautiful cakes...bad florist.

RRGibson Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:12pm
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That's why I never let the florist put flowers on the cake!

That's a bit much!

imagine76 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:22pm
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my mom's a florist and she will bring flowers to the venue but will not touch a cake. cake is not her thing and she will not be responsible for jacking up someone else's work. -she's a smart lady! maybe you should add a line in your contract saying if anything is to be added, flowers, topper, etc. you should be the one to do it. i guess there's nothing you could do about it after you leave though.

Chef_Rinny Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:41pm
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I've had a couple of bad experiences with florists and flowers.I had a square cake very similar that was supposed to be stuffed with flowers between the tiers and the florist handed me a dozen roses icon_confused.gif When I asked if she had more she told me if I needed more I would have to take them out of the center pieces. Grrr. Now I absolutely refuse to let anyone put anything on my cake but me, and if the florist is supplying the flowers for me to put on I talk with them in advance to make sure what they have will be what I need.

tiggy2 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:42pm
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You have got to be kidding me!!! Why in the world would anyone with half a brain cover up all the strawberries and leave the wedding cake naked? Shaking my head in disbelief. Now I think I have seen everything. The only explanation I can think of is they had no idea which one was the wedding cake but then again if they had half a brain it would have been a no brainer.

tdybear1978 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 4:48pm
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It was just breaking my heart to stand there and watch him put all those flowers over the strawberries. I absolutely loved the lillies but I just thought the cake looked great as is.

eggsnbakin Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 5:14pm
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You actually had to standby and watch him do this to your cakes?! That makes it even worse....since you were there, they should have at least given you the courtesy of your opinion.

Well, it is what it is, but I'm with you, the grooms cake didn't need flowers at all and the wedding cake needed more flowers for sure.

tdybear1978 Posted 25 Sep 2008 , 5:17pm
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I did not HAVE to stay, but I wanted to get pictures of the wedding cake when it had the flowers on there. I just stood in awe when he started poking them into the groom's cake

cheflish Posted 26 Feb 2009 , 7:05pm
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So, are Star lilies (stargazer lilies) OK to put on a cake?

These were not included in the article page of OK flowers.


indydebi Posted 26 Feb 2009 , 9:12pm
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You mean you didn't jump up and scream, "What the hell are you doing to my cake, you big dumba$$ moron!!!!" icon_surprised.gif

Ok, maybe that's a little extreme. icon_lol.gif

Seriously, if this is what the florist calls "pretty", then I'd be dang sure I never recommended this florist to anyone. Flowers on a "guys'" cake just doesn't make sense to start with. icon_confused.gif

It's in my contract that I will apply the flowers to my cake. And I tell my brides that most florists are happy to hear that I will take care of it! thumbs_up.gif

tdybear1978 Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 2:24pm
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yeah, I was absolutely shocked when I saw what he was doing, it just really seems to take away from all the poured choc. and strawberries. Just glad that I got a before picture for my album, I did not even put this pic. into my album for my store

MichelleM77 Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 3:40pm
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Your groom's cake was beautiful and so yummy before she added flowers. The wedding cake definitely should have had more flowers.

I worked for a wedding business (flowers, dresses, tuxes, etc.) before I got married. I went with my husband to assist with handing out the flowers, pinning on, aisle decorations, and helping the bride down the aisle...then we took off to the reception location to decorate tables, etc. Well on two occasions I was told to decorate the cakes! What the? I was scared to death. I think florists should stick to flowers and cake decorators stick to cakes. I don't think real flowers belong on cakes anyway. I find it kinda gross. JMO.

londonpeach Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 4:10pm
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[quote="indydebi"]You mean you didn't jump up and scream, "What the hell are you doing to my cake, you big dumba$$ moron!!!!" icon_surprised.gif

Ok, maybe that's a little extreme. icon_lol.gif

I nearly choked with laughter when I read indydebis comment. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

I agree with everyone else on her, the grooms cake looked lovely and delicious and didn't need flowers and the wedding cake definately could've done with some extra flowers.

I think your cakes are lovely thumbs_up.gif

aswartzw Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 4:19pm
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What was he thinking? So sad, he really did an awful job. I really worry about florists. Thankfully I'm doing my own flowers with my mom and aunt (who's excellent with flower arrangements and a perfectionist).

My friend's florist didn't listen to her at all! My friend wanted no greenery and had yucky funeral home greenery in hers (she pulled it all out) and wanted gerbera daisies and got stuck with carnations. Some people just really don't care.

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