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Jocmom Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 1:56pm
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My mother was diagnosed with bladder cancer in 2001. Mom has been recieving various treatments since then, and we've been on an emotional roller-coaster. To make a long story short - Mom is having her bladder and one of her kidneys removed on October 8th. Her surgery will be at University of Michigan Hospital, which is a 2 hour drive from my home. Mom will be in the hospital for 8-10 days, then be home-bound for the following 6 weeks. Dad passed away in 2000, so my siblings and I will take turns staying with Mom so she won't be alone.

I spoke with Mom's doctor the other day (such a nice lady), and she explained the risks, the possible complications, and the total life change that this will mean for Mom and the rest of our family. Because Mom is almost 79, the surgery itself is a risk.

We're a very close family - and we've been down this road before - but we could use your prayers right now.

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pamconn Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 2:48pm
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You and your family are in my prayers.

sandygirl Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 3:55pm
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prayers are being sent up for you and your family.

SimplyM Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:16pm
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My prayers are with you, your family, and the doctors. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

leepat Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:17pm
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You've got mine.

Charmaine49 Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:23pm
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I will keep you all in my prayers and will think of you and your family on Oct 8th.
God bless your mom and may all go well with her operation.

Naturepixie Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:25pm
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You and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers. And as SimplyM said don't forget to take care of yourself.

sugarcheryl Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:35pm
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Will keep you in my prayers.

jenncowin Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:39pm
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Ditto, will add you to my list. Keep the Faith, He will be with you!

UltimateCakes Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:40pm
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You will be in our prayers as well.

mgdsue02 Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 4:40pm
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I will pray for your Mom and your family. (((Hugs)))

JILBRY Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 5:00pm
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Prayers to you all.

auntiecake Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 5:01pm
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Wishing your mom and your family the best! You will be in my thoughts and prayers. They always tell me take one day at a time and enjoy each day to its fullest. God Bless and take care.

Jocmom Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 5:04pm
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Originally Posted by SimplyM

My prayers are with you, your family, and the doctors. Don't forget to take care of yourself.

Thanks everyone. And thank you for thinking of the doctors too, SmiplyM. When Mom had surgery at U of M a few years ago, her surgeon and everyone else that was going to be in the operating room took the time to visit us in the pre-op area to speak with us. They intorduced themselves, explained their roles in the surgery, and answered questions. I'd never experienced anything like that, and when I mentioned it to my mother's doctor after the surgery she said that she does that for every surgery. It puts the patient and their family at ease and makes the time spent waitng fly by.

CarolAnn Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 5:08pm
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You've got it! There's a post it on my monitor and I'll pray each day when I sit down to check my e mail. God bless you and your family.

ladyellam Posted 20 Sep 2008 , 5:49pm
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I will put all of you in my prayers. I will ask God to watch over the doctor and nurses who will be doing the operation. May she have an easy recovery and keep yourself well.

Deb_ Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 1:18am
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I'm praying for you all. If you don't mind me asking what is your Mom's first name, I'd like to add her to my church's prayer group? She'll be remembered in the entire congregation's daily prayers. I so believe in the power of prayer, it's gotten my family through a lot of difficult things in the past. May God Bless you all.


Mac Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 2:01am
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Yes, I would like to add her to our prayer list at church.

The last time my DH had surgery, the doctors came and talk with us before and then asked if they could say a prayer. I was so touched.

Consider your mom, your family and the surgical staff having many prayers being said for them. Hugs to you all.

fafruia Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 2:16am
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Your family will be in my prayers. Please post a note whenever time permits post-surgery, and let us know how she's doing! May Christ lovingly wrap you in his loving arms and give you strength and peace!

newnancy Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 2:21am
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Our prayers are with you & your family.
That roller coaster can be tough but you sound like you have a great support system & that can really help in times like this.
Take care of yourself also,

AlamoSweets Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 2:30am
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God bless you, your Mother, your family and the doctors. May you all find the strength you will need during this trying time.

Jocmom Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 12:31pm
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Thanks so much to everyone.

Great minds think alike. My brother and I added Mom's name to the prayer list at our church last night. Debbie - my mom's name is Mary Alice Falk, her doctor is Cheryl Lee.

I believe in the power of prayer. When my father was in the hospital, at one point we honestly thought that we were losing him. A visiting priest (it was a Sunday) asked if he could pray over him. It was like someone flipped a light switch. Dad was released from the hospital that Wednesday and happily spent the next 3 months at home.

grama_j Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 12:51pm
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Without saying..... my prayers are yours........ ((( HUGS ))))

vickymacd Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 12:56pm
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I'm in Michigan too, so hopefully my prayers will be even closer for you! Keep you your strength and everything will turn out fine. She'll be in one of THEE best hospitals!!

snowynight Posted 21 Sep 2008 , 1:05pm
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You will definitely have my prayers at this very stressful time. May you Mom come through this surgery with no problems at all. God Bless!

Jocmom Posted 26 Sep 2008 , 11:02am
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Mom had her first round of pre-op tests and exams on Wednesday. So far everything looks fine and they aren't worried about complications due to other health issues. We have one more series of tests on October 1st, then we head to Ann Arbor on October 7th to be prepared for surgery on the 8th.

Mom seems to be taking this all very well so far. I really don't know if I would be so calm if the shoe were on the other foot.

An old friend that I haven't heard from in awhile contacted me out of the blue this week. He's a pastor. He sent me an email asking how everyone is doing and asked about Mom. He's added her and the medical staff at U of M to the prayer list at his church.

Thanks again to everyone for your support. It means so much to me and to my family.


Jocmom Posted 5 Oct 2008 , 11:05pm
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Update - My sister took Mom to her tests on October 1st, and both doctors that examined her said that her blood pressure was way out of control. Her primary doctor won't allow her to go through with her surgery until her blood pressure is back to normal. Mom's on new medication, and her neighbor (a nurse) has been checking her blood pressure a couple times a day since the 1st. Her surgery has been postponed until this issue is resolved.

auntginn Posted 7 Oct 2008 , 5:16am
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I totally understand your situation and all the roller coaster emotions that go with it. a year and a half ago, my mother was diagnosed with and had removed her colon cancer.

Thru the many, many prayers our family recieved God not only helped her thru the surgery, she was home in no time and a month after traveling with me from LA TO LV. Crazy, huh, but that's our Lord.

May he keep you, direct your paths and lift you, your family and all that are concerend, up during the most trying of times.

Mine and my family's prayers will hold yours up for as long as it takes. I have also added you to the church prayer request.

Love & Hugs to you

asul Posted 7 Oct 2008 , 5:35am
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Your family and you are in my prayers, God Bless icon_smile.gif

JSuzieQ Posted 7 Oct 2008 , 11:47am
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Wow... I am overwhelmed by the women of faith on here! This is so awesome!

Joc Mom,

Matthew 18:19-20 says:
19"Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven. 20For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."

You obviously have lots of people praying so you can be assured that the Lord hears your cries. One thing that we have to remember is that God's plan is not always our plan, so if something goes wrong (in your eyes) remember that God is in control and He sees the BIG picture.

I will definitely pray for your mother as she goes under the knife tomorrow. May your family have comfort and strength, may the doctors have clearity of mind and may your mother have PEACE!


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