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steffla Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:23pm
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I was struggling with a decision about what to purchase. I recently got $150 for my birthday that I can use for cake supplies...woohoo!!!! I have always wanted an agbay leveler since this is one area of my cakes I really struggle with but at the same time...I could get a whole list of my wants with that amount of money! Cant decide what to do! Any opinions?

My cake wish list includes...
agbay leveler
5 petal cutter
ribbon cutter
metal ball tool
embossing roller
bead maker
lace molds
many luster colors
acetate paper
one stroke flat brush
flat artist pallette knife
lorann oils
silk veining tool
confectioners glaze
white airbrush paint
ball pan
mini ball pan
dot mat
new bags
new brushes
figure making tutorials
sugarshack molds

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flamingobaker Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:28pm
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I understand about the leveler, but I would go for quantity right now! icon_lol.gif

luvbakin Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:28pm
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What about a different leveling device that's less expensive. I know it won't be as awesome as the agbay, but it would still do the job, and then you could still get all the other stuff.

sttgirl Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:29pm
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If it were my $150- I would go for as many items/essentials that I could get from the wish list. Good luck with your decision!

janelwaters Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:31pm
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I agree - go for quantity now. Instead of the agbay (which I desperately want too..) you could go to a restaurant supply store and buy a REALLY BIG knife. That is what I did and it works really well. Makes short work of leveling b/c its so long and SOOO sharp - straight through the cake - easy as pie, I mean cake! haha

BellaSweet Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:33pm
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Coming from a girl who can't spend a lot of money in one shop all the time, I would go with the agbay leveler. If it's something you really want then go for it. You can't always afford things like that. But you can't (almost) always afford to but bags, luster dust,molds, etc. You can by a little at a time. If you prioritize what you want/need, you can get everything withing a good a amount of time. But it's always hard to get expensive thing when you have a budget. I say treat yourself. My first wedding cake I made $400 on it. I'm getting teeth whitening. YAY!!! It's not cake stuff, but I really want it. And I would prolly have never done that with our regualr budget.

okred Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 3:51pm
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I vote the agbay. It really is a special piece of equipment. Not just for leveling but also torting.

I can't think of any other piece of equipment that has made that much difference, but I do a lot of round layered cakes. If you just do sheets, then maybe not as important.

best of luck,

cylstrial Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 6:17pm
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I'd go with the Agbay! BellaSweet is right.. you can always pick up little things here and there. But it's up to you..What will you get the most use out of? Goodluck with your decision!

BlakesCakes Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 8:58pm
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I know that many love the Agbay & swear by it, but you can have so much fun & learn so much with all of those other toys icon_twisted.gif

I level & torte all of my cakes. I level in the pan (if the cake is a bit short, I cut a piece of foamcore to raise up the layer) with a nice, 15 inch long serrated bread/cake knife. To torte, I mark the side of the cake with a bit of buttercream so that when I reassemble, I put it together the same way it was cut. I put the leveled layer on a turntable, hold it down with my hand, and go around it with the same knife.

Is it perfect--no, but when dammed & filled and reassebled so that the mark meets up, it works just fine. I do large cakes and they are level.

Just my honest .02

panchanewjersey Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:13pm
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Quantity all the way, I'm a spender so I know how that goes stretch your budget and get as much as you can. Have fun. Although I have to say for my B-day I also got money and guess what I got? Yeah not quantity but quality...... Wolfgang Puck stand mixer!!!!!!!! I'm so happy it's so nice, got a smashing deal. Originally $399 got it for $169! That was a Happy Birthday! By the way Happy late Birthday!

kimblyd Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:25pm
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I have to agree with Bella. It's less painful for me to buy little things here and there than to spend a lot at once.

Since you got the money for your birthday I think you should use it for something you can look at down the road and say "I got that for my birthday and I still love it." That's how I got my KA mixer and I am so glad that I did.

You can buy a lot of the items on your list at Hobby Lobby or Michaels and use a coupon. It might take you a while to collect it all, but with some of those little things you might find that you need to buy one or two different ones to find the one that works best for you and you might feel you wasted your money.

Have fun spending your money, whatever you decide! icon_biggrin.gif


ThreeDGirlie Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:39pm
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Get the leveler.

I have a friend that sells MaryKay. As she put it: If you can't buy the make-up and the skin care all at once, get the skin care system first - you want to start off with a good base for whatever you put on top of it. It is the same here. If you have issues with getting a level cake, what is the point in putting all the pretty stuff on it if the base isn't what it should be (or at least what YOU want it to be)?

Plus, it is easier to pick up the small stuff one at a time until you have it. The Agbay leveler you have to get all at once, one large lump sum. Just bite the bullet and do it!

Naturepixie Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:40pm
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I'm a newbie and I don't know what the agbay leveler is, but I say Go for the agbay leveler. The money was given to you as a gift to get something you really want for your b-day....so get what you REALLY want. icon_smile.gif

I shop a lot at Michael's and Joann's and I use those coupons like crazy!!! So I would use coupons for some of the other items that you are spendng your own money on.. Just my opinion... icon_smile.gif

Speaking of coupons, Michaels has a 50% off on one regular priced item this week and you can print one of the internet.. icon_smile.gif

Melvira Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:44pm
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Look at it this way: When is the next time you'll have enough money all at once to get the Agbay?? And yet, you'll have five bucks here and ten bucks there to get the other things as time goes by. And, no matter what techniques and tricks you learn, if your cake is crooked, it's crooked. Even if it's pretty. I struggle with that too. icon_cry.gif

fiddlesticks Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:45pm
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How often would you use the Agbay?
If you will use it a lot and might not be able to get it soon then buy that.
Otherwise I would go spend a day at a cake supply store and just have fun loading up !
Go with what you will use the most !

Naturepixie Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:52pm
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Here's the address for 50% off Michael's coupon..



CakeMakar Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:55pm
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I agree with BellaSweet. You can get little things a little at a time later, its not often you have a large chunk of money for a large object. I would love an Agbay, though my new "skill" is leveling and torting (sp?) by hand - you need a really long knife and a steady hand. Now that my husband knows I can do it, I'm going to have trouble convincing him to let me get the Agbay!

CakeMakar Posted 15 Sep 2008 , 9:57pm
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Originally Posted by Naturepixie

I'm a newbie and I don't know what the agbay leveler is,

You'll want one now, too:

Deb_ Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 12:50am
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Definitely the Agbay....but I think I paid $250 for mine, did the price go down? After my KA, it is the most used item in my kitchen.

You can get the other stuff little by little as you go along, their all just common supplies, the Agbay is a luxury.

steffla Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 2:04am
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Wow, I am so excited to read everyone's opinions! Believe it or not, the poll is almost split down the middle. I do appreciate everyone's advice but I think I am leaning toward the agbay now. I really dont know when I will ever have another big chunk of money to spend at once and, yes I would get a great deal of use out of the leveler and think I really need it. I wish I had a steady hand but actually I think it is the level 'eye' I dont have so I would love to have perfectly levelled and torted cakes everytime.

By the way, as far as the $250, that is for the agbay DELUXE. While I would love to make 2 cuts at once, chances are I would never have enough to get that and the once cut at a time would work just wonderfully for me! The original agbay leveler is $150.

Thank you everyone! - steph

miss_sweetstory Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 6:26am
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Agbay all the way!!! To echo some of the other comments, when is the next time you'll have enough money for a big purchase. You can acquire the other things as you need them for various cake.

all4cake Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 6:56am
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I would give your list to someone else along with the money and let them decide....that way, it's a pleasant surprise AGAIN....and you'll be on pins and needles waiting for the package to arrive so ...so...so...you can find out what you got....

oh, yeah, I like that idea!

Afarren Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 6:59am
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I'm with the Agbay! It would be a very nice splurge...

bobhope Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 7:42am
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i'd go for quantity too icon_biggrin.gif

indydebi Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 10:24am
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I believe in quality over quantity. I'd rather my husband saved up and bought me one big diamond than a lot of little diamond jewelry. I'd rather have one big love of my life than a lot of one night stands (although ...... icon_rolleyes.gif ..... wait, let me think on that one!)

I believe in getting the right tools for the right job. Dont' "make do" with something else that won't quite do the job. You can come up with $12 for a ball pan anytime ..... money for an Agbay won't just fall into your hands very often.

flamingobaker Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 11:32am
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I already answered yesterday (quantity), but after reading all the replies, I'm leaning towards the leveler...for myself! icon_wink.gif

Deb_ Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 12:00pm
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Originally Posted by indydebi

I believe in quality over quantity. I'd rather my husband saved up and bought me one big diamond than a lot of little diamond jewelry. I'd rather have one big love of my life than a lot of one night stands (although ...... icon_rolleyes.gif ..... wait, let me think on that one!)

I'm with you indydebi thumbs_up.gif

sweetbn Posted 16 Sep 2008 , 6:38pm
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Agbay leveler! If it is as slick as it looks and everyone raves about it how could you go wrong?

If it were me that is definitely what I would spend my birthday money on icon_smile.gif

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