My Dream Has Come True! (Long)

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cakequeen50 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 3:28am
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OMG, OMG, OMG!!! I cannot believe it has happened, especially the way it happened!
This past Saturday I got a call from a very prominent cake shop owner asking me if they could send business my way for spring, as they are getting really busy...well, he!! yes! So we were talking and talking and found out that the owner has been diagnosed with a medical problem that hinders their ability to work in this business and they found out that I am looking for a space to rent as I am growing and growing. I went to look at the shop....Holy Moly! 60 qt hobart, 20 qt hobart, double gas blodgett oven, walk-in cooler, walk-in freezer, 2 tasting rooms, 2400sq ft, At this point I am drooling.

This owner is looking for the "right person" to take over their "baby". They talked to 3 other people who wanted to buy it and they think that I am the right week we are signing the papers, the business and ALL the paid in full equipment is MINE!!!! I bought the cake business, with an unbelievably low rent! Unbelievably low down payment and unbelievably low cost. It is truly a miracle. God has blessed me beyond belief! I have been dreaming about this forever. I have been decorating for 33 years and just dreamed of this day!
Everything is ready in the shop, I can just walk in and start business! I keep the name and the cake orders....tons! I bring my business into it and go from there!
Now it will take my entire life savings, but it is just money and this is my dream!

I am still in shock, got some legal stuff to do, but they are making it really easy. Oh, the shop has a paid spot in the BIG time wedding show in Jan.
I cannot believe this has happened. When I think about all the scenarios that I was considering....this one wasn't even on the table and voila! It happened.
Thanks for letting me rant, I am so excited that I could wet myself!
Wish me luck!

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drowsyrn Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 4:06am
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That is so wonderful! Congratulations. Are they going to stay for a little while and show you how they have been running it? I am so happy for you. By the way, your cakes are beautiful.

Cascades Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 4:30am
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wishing you all the best!

Cascades Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 4:31am
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CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Wishing you all the best!

cakequeen50 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 4:44am
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Thanks! Yes, the owner wants to stick around and offer me some marketing guidance and I am thrilled with that. Cakes and bakery I know, marketing...not so much.

all4cake Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:00am
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This sounds truly fantastic! I wish you ALL the best in this endeavor!

littlecake Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:02am
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wow!...i love it!


Bohnlo Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:14am
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Congratulations!! This really does sound like a dream come true. The best of luck to you in your new business. BTW your cakes are absolutely lovely.

applemint_jackie Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:16am
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Congratulations...way to go.

Sugarchic Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:22am
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Congratulations icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gifthumbs_up.gif . Where in GA are you? I would love to meet you and see your shop if I am ever in your area.

cakequeen50 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:35am
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Marietta area.

sweetsbyJ Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 5:44am
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Congratulations! That is great..Good Luck with everything! icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

tiersfromheaven Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 11:44am
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You truly have been blessed! After 33 years, you certainly earned it! Best of luck!

countrycakes Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 11:50am
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icon_cry.gificon_biggrin.gif < Crying tears of JOY for you! What a wonderful blessing......may your new business flourish! That is a great story!

aaversa Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 11:56am
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icon_biggrin.gif Woo- hoo for you! Congratulations and best of luck!

lainalee Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 12:02pm
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Congratulations!, and thumbs_up.gif

loriemoms Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 12:08pm
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WOW, that is such an amazing story!!! I wish you tons of luck and we want to see photos! Grin!

tamrick Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 12:10pm
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Congratulations and the Best of Luck!!

michellesArt Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 12:32pm
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how fortunate to have the owner stick around and give you (free) business/managing help!! that would be my shortfall too-baking/decorating good, managing bad-way. i'm glad it worked out this way

Donnagardner Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 12:34pm
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Best of luck.

-K8memphis Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 1:10pm
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Multiplied Congratulations and heartfelt best wishes.

Keep one eye on the fine print and I'm so glad your dream has come true.

cakequeen50 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 1:45pm
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I am having my sister drive up from Fla to sit in with me on the "fine print". She has a head for these things and can read people and situations. My Dad,88, is also coming. He taught me to decorate back in '76 in his bakery. He will be so elated and proud.
I thank you all for your good wishes! I knew I had to share with my neighbors in this community. Even though I have been professionally decorating for all these years, I have learned so much from everyone here at CC. It is just another success story from CC.

imakecakes Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 2:03pm
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You have just become yet another idol for me on this site!! I looked at your photos.....OMG!! Get ready to roll up your sleeves--once people get a look at what you can do, you are going to be quite the busy baker!

Good for you and please keep us in the loop so we can dream along with you!!

Suzycakes Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 2:53pm
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Best of luck!! Keep us posted on the progress and your success!

Babycakes35 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 3:39pm
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What great news! Congratulations! You really have been blessed, I wish you all the best.

jessfmaldonado Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 3:45pm
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What a dream come true!!! Cherish every moment!!!! Your cakes are awesome!!! You are going to do sooooo well!!! Congratulations!!! Take pics so we can see your wonderful success!!!!


GLEIGH75 Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 3:49pm
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OH MY GOSH!!! Congratulations!! That is so exciting. Best of luck in your new business. But by the looks of your cakes (absolutely gorgeous!) you don't need luck cuz you have all the incredible talent. Congratulations again and keep us posted on your success!


RRGibson Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 3:55pm
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OMG, that is more than a dream come true, that's almost a miracle! Good luck with everything, if it came to you this way, it sure does belong to you and you'll do great!

sweetcravings Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 4:15pm
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Congratulation. It sounds like everything you wanted and more. It must've been meant to be. Please post pics of the shop i'd love to see your new baby.

DoniB Posted 5 Sep 2008 , 4:20pm
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I'm getting all choked up for you!!! How truly wonderful!!! You read about stuff like this in novels, but it's nice to know that it actually happens to real people occasionally. Yay you for taking the leap of faith! Best of luck to you!!!!

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