Family Owns Restaurant In Nj, Can I Sell Out Of It?

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misserica Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 7:58pm
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This may seem like a dumb question but I am going to ask it anyway, feel free to make fun. My family owns a restaurant in New Jersey, naturally they are fully licensed etc. I am wondering if rather than going through the whole headache of getting licensed to sell my cakes from my home (NJ makes everything a big deal), if I can sell legally out of our restaurant. Things to keep in mind, the restaurant is licensed to serve food, not liquor, but they do serve desserts, mostly made in house italian specialties. It seems obvious but does anyone see any issue with me having my book there and selling out of my industrial licensed kitchen versus my house? Thanks CC'ers!

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JoAnnB Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 8:07pm
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you probably need a separate inspection for 'your' business at that address. It is quite easy

OhMyGanache Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 8:08pm
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If you are a separate business, you would still need to go through the licensing process - if you are using their kitchen.

If they are willing to start selling your cakes as part of THEIR business (that you are baking in THEIR kitchen), then you don't have to deal with that.

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 8:10pm
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I don't see why not. As long as the kitchen is licensed and has passed inspection by the Dept. of Health, it sounds as if that's the perfect solution. I'm assuming, of course, that you'll be using that kitchen to bake. But from what I've read (requirements) from my town's Dept. of Health the restaurant sounds like its exactly what you need to become a licensed baker, but you should check with the Dept. of Health that inspects the restaurant.

Good luck!!

littlecake Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 8:18pm
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i don't see why not the people who rent space have to have the health dept come again, if the place has already passed?

you might need to take a food safety class and take a test.

they are less strict on cakes...around here anyway.

OhMyGanache Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 8:20pm
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I bake out of a licensed kitchen, and I was required to get my own permit - which included the HD visiting the kitchen once again.

misserica Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 8:33pm
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These are all things I was thinking of too. I have not been official at all, mostly family and close friends receive my cakes, for free. I would be using the restaurant kitchen and name, I do not have a business name or anything like that as of yet. Basically, my parents would give customers a book with my cakes in them for parties, on premise baking, just like a catering hall on a smaller scale. I am going to check with the Dept. of Health though just in case. And for those who rent a kitchen, is it in a restaurant? How does that work?

littlecake Posted 29 Aug 2008 , 9:09pm
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it figures they'd wanna come again.....more$$$$$$ for them.

FromScratch Posted 30 Aug 2008 , 2:09am
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If you are running a separate business then yes.. the HD will come in and inspect for your business, but from what you are saying you are going to be working for them basically and offering custom cakes from their place under their name. I'd call, but I don't think they will have to come out for that. You are lucky to have that option. icon_smile.gif

vww104 Posted 1 Sep 2008 , 2:18am
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In NJ, you cannot get licensed to sell food out of your home. Also, I don't think that NJ licenses individuals to sell, rather the retail kitchen as a whole would be licensed. So you may be in the clear. Please double check all of this, but I think that this is how it works. Good luck!

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