Kansas City Cake Decorators-I Need Your Help!

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iamlis Posted 15 Aug 2008 , 12:30am
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Hi, I am in a total bind-My husband and I are putting our home on the market as we are trying to move closer to State Line and my husbands office. We are tearing out our basement commercial kitchen and turning it into a bar to help sell our home...so I will be out of a kitchen to bake cakes. Do any of you know where I can find a commercial kitchen to rent for about 6-9 months until I can rebuild the commercial kitchen into our new home?? ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED! I have about 10 large children's party cakes a week...any thoughts?? THANKS!

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iamlis Posted 15 Aug 2008 , 2:10am
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BUMP icon_smile.gif

ccr03 Posted 15 Aug 2008 , 5:53am
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have you check craigslist? I can't think of anything locally.

charlieinMO Posted 15 Aug 2008 , 12:39pm
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Don't know of anything right now but I will keep my ears open and let you know if I hear of something. Good luck on selling your house also!!

iamlis Posted 15 Aug 2008 , 2:15pm
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THANKS GUYS SO MUCH, I will check into Craigslist-as if just doing cakes wasn't stressfull enough icon_smile.gif Now trying to plan satelite decorating icon_smile.gif Thanks for the help so far!

iamlis Posted 15 Aug 2008 , 9:51pm
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BUMP! icon_smile.gif

melodyscakes Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 1:16am
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when would you need access to the kitchen space?

sorry comp. is acting up.

nyyankeeinkc Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 5:47am
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PM me- I think I have something for you. I have a contact with a new restaurant on 39th St. in Midtown and she is willing to rent her kitchen.

iamlis Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 7:16am
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I am thinking about 20 hours a week, I could work around anyone's schedule-I am a baker after all-I require no sleep icon_smile.gif

melodyscakes Posted 16 Aug 2008 , 1:25pm
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if the restaurant suggestion does not work out, I may think about renting out my kitchen to a fellow cc'er.

I'm in Kansas City, Ks. off I-70...easy drive from Ind.
I can make plenty of storage room, so you won't have to pack stuff back and forth.
but, and this is big, I'd have to watch you work occasionally because I really like your style...and I love to watch other cake "artist" work. icon_smile.gif
maybe we could work something out, and learn something also.

just a thought


charlieinMO Posted 17 Aug 2008 , 7:21am
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OK, that is just one of the nicest things I have seen in a VERY long time!! Melody that is just so sweet of you!

iamlis Posted 17 Aug 2008 , 7:25am
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Melody! How sweet! I am sorry I have not been on to respond-I have been in cake hell this weekend! LOL! If you can think about an arrangement that might work for you too and let me know the details...I am "shopping" around icon_smile.gif I have gotten a couple of bids...where are you located too?? THANKS! YOU ROCK!

melodyscakes Posted 18 Aug 2008 , 2:37am
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I talked to land lady today...and I guess it wouldn't work out after all, darn it.
good luck with the other places your looking at.


iamlis Posted 18 Aug 2008 , 3:36pm
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Oh darn Melody, that is ok! THANKS FOR CHECKING WITH YOUR LANDLADY THOUGH! Sorry to yell! LOL! Thanks alot-I know that you tried and i really appreciate that!

iamlis Posted 19 Aug 2008 , 6:03pm
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nyyankeeinkc-Do you know if she is renting at an hourly rate?? If so, do you know how much? THANKS!

nyyankeeinkc Posted 20 Aug 2008 , 2:24am
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iamlis- YGM! icon_smile.gif

iamlis Posted 21 Aug 2008 , 3:44am
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Melody-I am trying to put a spreadsheet together, IF your landlady HAD let you allow a renter, for the KC area-what do you think is a fair rent price? I am just wondering if there is a going rate, mainly a flat monthly amount? Or hourly? I know there is a MAJOR cost factor to an owner, and lets be honest icon_smile.gif it is a competitive market so I can understand some shopowners being apprehensive to share space icon_smile.gif So saying that I know it is hard for someone to open their doors to a renter-I can't say that I would ever be able to do that! HAHA! But for a price point wadda ya think?

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