Yet Another Arghhh Family Post..arghhh Family

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sweetcravings Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 4:31pm
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icon_mad.gificon_sad.gificon_evil.gif I just needed to vent and knew all of you would understand. I see these types of posts all the time and i guess it's my turn to vent a little.
My sister is turning 40 on the weekend. I started questioning with my family a week and a half ago when we were going to celebrate it. I do this because i want to have time to prepare. I seem to be the 'cake' lady for all the bday parties. I knew this weekend would be difficult to do a cake being that i have a party to attend on saturday and i am bringing decorated sugar cookies and cannolis. I figured by asking everyone a week and a half ago i could prepare and make the icing/cake ahead of time. Well, at that time everyone was saying 'no' to celebrating this weekend as everyone was busy...great i thought! thumbs_up.gif I still hadn't gotten her present either.
Now fast forward to this morning. My dh calls and says my sister approached him and said we are now celebrating on Sunday since the date we originally set (next weekend) is no longer good for her. icon_cry.gificon_mad.gificon_eek.gif She then proceed to tell him."I was hoping Suzanne could take care of the cake". My husband says,"well, i dunno, she's pretty swamped with other baking". She says, "oh" He then says, "would you be ok with a basic sponge cake and strawberries?' She says, "sure".
Ok so he tells me all this and i'm thinking, even a sponge cake will be work i hadn't prepared for. icon_mad.gif It's not like i have icing etc..cake hanging around. Now i have to grocery shop, get a present on top of everything else. I'm flippin angry right now. I probably should be upstairs baking but i'm too upset.
I know they like my cakes, but they also tend to throw in the fact that they don't know where to buy a cake that is 'safe' for my son.(he has nut allergies), I'm thinking, hell buy a cake somewhere, I will take care of my son. I know they are trying to be considerate but it's starting to irritate me because their poor planning always leaves me in a bad spot. Now i have to come up with something on such short notice. I feel bad too because my sister deserves a 'cool' 40th cake but she's not gonna get one now. They don't pay me for any of it, so that just puts the 'icing on the cake' so to speak.
Normally i enjoy making the cakes but this time i'm irritated and feeling taken advantage of. Arggh family! icon_evil.gif

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DollyCakes Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 4:50pm
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People just truly don't understand the amount of planning and work that goes into a great cake. I'm sorry they left you with only a few days notice. But I'm sure they'll be thrilled with whatever you create!

Pookie59 Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 5:02pm
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Duplicate post

Pookie59 Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 5:03pm
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Sometimes waiting on family to get their act together and made decisions on these type of celebrations is maddening. Next time why don't you just go ahead and make a cake at your convenience and deliver it to Sis on her actual birthday. Then when the family finally calls about the celebration, say you're swamped with other baking and refer them to Walmart for the cake.

sweetcravings Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 5:09pm
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You all hit the nail on the head. They just don't understand what's involved. I knew i should've made that icing last week but i figured why rush it if the party is two weeks away.

After taking a breath, i've calmed down a bit. My family really aren't picky, theyll eat about anything. It's just i wanted to do something special for my sisters 40th. I feel bad about that. Plus i guess i put undo pressure on myself to make great creations for all the parties and when i can't, i feel like i'm not representing myself fully..crazy i know. I've gotta work on that. I am not defined by my I'm just gonna have to make what i can make. I don't want to go nuts trying to make icing, coming up with a design so i'm just gonna make a simple cake of some sorts. I'm leaning towards an ice cream sandwich cake. The reciepe is wicked easy and can be done in a flash. I just don't have time for the decorated type of cake. Oh well. I need to relax. It always works out in the end.
Gotta go, have a hair app't. That should make me feel better.
thanks for all you support

Mac Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 5:33pm
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The dreaded PACOOMA disease strikes another family icon_razz.gif

sweetcravings Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 9:38pm
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Originally Posted by Mac

The dreaded PACOOMA disease strikes another family icon_razz.gif

"PACOOMA" ???? icon_smile.gif

sweetcravings Posted 13 Aug 2008 , 10:40pm
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OMG she has the exact same problem. PACOOMA syndrome is going around i see! icon_rolleyes.gif Family

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