How Do You Bake An 18" Round Cake In A Regular Home Ove

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SweetDreams Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 1:17am
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I have a wedding coming up and it's a biggin.....ha ha.

The base of the 6 tier cake is going to be a 18" round. Well, I just figured out that there is no way that this pan size will fit in my oven. How do you bake this size then, do they make half round pans? And if they do make those, will the cake still be as stable for the upper tiers?

Any other ideas?

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PinkZiab Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 1:25am
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They do make half pans, and they will be fine... the dowels/support system support he upper tiers, not the cake.

lisascakes Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 1:42am
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They make a half round - you just have to bake 4 of them. When you stack make sure that you do 2 one way & then the next 2 go across them. This way there is some extra support and the cake doesn't pull apart in the middle. I hope this makes sense. I also LOVE the hidden pillars for support of the upper tiers.

Molly2 Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 1:50am
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I make the 18" round and I use the half pan the pan I have is a deep pan so cake is pretty thick I've never had a problem with it splitting in the middle


jules1719 Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 10:52am
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Baking isn't the problem... do you have refrigeration for tiers that large?

APrettyCake Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 11:26am
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Originally Posted by jules1719

Baking isn't the problem... do you have refrigeration for tiers that large?

Oooooh - good point. Probably would not fit in a side-by-side, let alone all of the tiers in one fridge. THAT is a LOT of cake! icon_eek.gif Time to borrow the neighbors icon_lol.gif

BabyBear3 Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 11:46am
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yeah my husband and I are about to build a house and one of the things I have "requested" is a fridge in the garage specifically for cakes so they don't have have to take up my fridge!

Thatis a lot of cake!

Molly2 Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 12:06pm
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I don't know how big your fridge is but when I make that size mine fits at the bottom above the veggie drawers


SweetDreams Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 5:43pm
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Thanks for the comments everyone,

now at least I know i am over one hurdle of being able to order half round pans. As far as refrigeration, I never put cakes in the frig or the freezer. I bake them, wrap them and put them on the counter until they cool down and are ready to frost, so frig space is not a problem.

My next concern I have to come up with a solution for is transporting all of this cake. I will end up having 12 cakes total (6 for main cake and 6 side cakes on stands around main cake). I am afraid to transport any of them stacked (don't want to chance anything). I am thinking to put them all together at the reception hall, which might take me LOTS of time to put together there. I can tell that I am going to be sweating bullets over this cake as it gets closer to go time icon_redface.gif

JodieF Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 9:52pm
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Just wanted to suggest that you call your local cake decorating store if you don't want to buy the big pans. My store rents them....3 days for $3. I just rented a 1/2 18 inch square and a 16 inch round for the cake I'm doing this weekend.


Molly2 Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 10:22pm
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I travel a lot with my cakes I use the rubber mate containers with the lids I put the rubber mate mats under my cakes so the want move around during the travel and cover them with the lids so I can stack them I have not had any problem if you look at my pictures you will see the UT stadium cake I went over 130 miles with this cake a couple of weeks ago with no problems and another tip is I travel early morning so the heat doesnât get to them


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