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jibbies Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 2:46am
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Last fall some of you that have been on here for a while may remember that I started a thread that had members tell about their Avatar. It was really fun to read. I went back and tried to pull up all of the posts but on some of the pages it says it does not exist. I was absent from CC for about 4 months this spring/summer and I have read that there was a crash, I have no idea what happened, would love to be filled in. Anyway I was able to look at some of the posts and some have changed their Avatars so I thought it would be fun to start over.

My Avatar is our oldest chihuahua, Peajib (we have 3). She will be 6 this November, That picture was taken when she was 6 weeks old, she weighted 8 ounces.

Jibbies (That's actually what we call her most of the time)

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MeMo07 Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 2:53am
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Right now mine is just a picture of a LOST logo....because I LOVE LOST! icon_biggrin.gif


I want to photoshop it to have a cake in the center.... icon_wink.gif

jibbies Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:07am
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Is that the LOST TV show that you are talking about?


janelwaters Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:09am
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My avatar is generic b/c I'm not smart enough to figure out how to make my picture of my daughter meeting her hero Pooh into an avatar.

MeMo07 Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:12am
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Originally Posted by jibbies

Is that the LOST TV show that you are talking about?


Oh yeah, it is. icon_smile.gif

PinkZiab Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:15am
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Mine is me with Chef Jacques Torres.

jibbies Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:16am
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Janelwaters, if you go to it will take you through step by step.


janelwaters Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:34am
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THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Look how darn cute she is!!

It took a couple tries, but i finally got it!

So, we took MacK (my daughter) to Disney during the ICES convention in Orlando and she LOVES LOVES LOVES Pooh - can you tell?????

dragonflydreams Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 3:41am
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. . . Hey Jibbies . . . nice to see you back again . . . (where were you, we missed you) . . . yes there was a big crash and the only thing lost was about 4 or 5 months (can't remember exactly) of posts from around the end of October . . . it happened during an update . . . . very sad (but could have been much worse) . . . this thread has sprung up in the mean time . . .
. . . so hopefully you will get a chance to catch up . . . and like I said welcome back . . . we missed you . . . icon_biggrin.gif

. . . here is a post that speaks to the crash (just an fyi) . . .

jammjenks Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 11:45am
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Not that it really needs a lot of explanation, but my avatar is of my two daughters. They are 4 1/2 and 6. The pic was taken on a Sunday afternoon in the edge of a cornfield that borders our property.

Bijoudelanuit Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 12:16pm
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My avatar is my rabbit, Midnight, smelling the flowers from my sister's wedding. I was really just trying to use up the film in my camera by taking pictures of the flowers and he just jumped into place! It's one of my favorite pictures of him icon_smile.gif

SugarBakerz Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 7:12pm
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my little man Noah, this is how he smiles when he sees the camera.. he is now 17 months!

TheCakerator Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 8:54pm
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my avatar is of my cat Cheddar who passed away suddenly a year ago. My dh and I looked for two years for a male orange cat that we could name Cheddar Colby Jack. In the pic he is about six months old, six months after that he passed away in his pile of toys from what we can only guess a heart disorder. I took it really hard and miss him still very much a year later. To some people cats are just pets, but to my dh and me, they are our furkids.

sari66 Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 3:11am
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Mine is the pup I learned to make watching aine on her website!

Mac Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 4:21am
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Well, mine is a frog that I found online. I love frogs AND turtles. Have 2 frog tats on my ankles. Met TCturtleshell here one day and started talking--told her that I loved turtles and anyone that had a turtle avatar was OK with me. Found that she lived only an hour away and we have been friends ever since. LOVE MY TURTLESHELL!!!!

mw902 Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 4:30am
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Thanks to this topic mine is now my son hiding in his stuffed dog collection! He is obsessed with dogs!

lynda-bob Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 4:41am
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icon_smile.gif This is fun. Mine is of my love hehehe actor Jeremy Sisto. Of course, he doesn't look like that anymore, but I still think that man is sooooo hot. Especially that voice! icon_razz.gif

NikkiDoc Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 4:46am
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I found a free cat silhouette avatar (I'm a cat person.) that I liked. I was going to use one of a cat holding a cupcake, but it was too big. I used it on my cafemom website. I am a black cat lover and the sihouette reminded me of my cat Zeus. He was my bestest cat ever. He was our first "baby". He "talked" to me and followed me around the house. He didn't really like anyone except for me and my husband (and only one of my DH's friends). He was a weirdo kitty...he liked to play in the water and drank water directly from the tap. He liked cucumbers, watermelon, strawberries and tomatoes!

He had to be put down in January of 2004. He was in terrible pain and there wasn't much they could do for him (recurring problem with crystals in his urethra). It was the hardest decision I've ever had to make and I felt terrible guilt for the longest time. II stayed by his side until he was passed. Two weeks later my grandfather died. It was terrible. Took me years to cope.

roxxxy_luvs_duff Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 4:51am
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My av is of the sexiest cake decorator ever...hehehehe.........and one day when he decides he wants to marry me I told my hubby I will have to divorce him icon_smile.gif

SweetPea0613 Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 5:46am
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I think I found mine on Photobucket and the cake is my hubby and I'm the ice

get it....we go together like cake and ice cream???

icon_lol.gif I know, I'm lame, but I dont care! icon_lol.gif

SweetPea0613 Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 5:46am
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Oops double post! icon_redface.gif

kellertur Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 11:10am
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My avatar is my husband, 3yr old daughter and myself (when we went to Storyland in May.) It was taken at our favorite Bed & Breakfast in Intervale, NH.

floophs Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 4:43pm
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Mine is of my first and only cake that I've uploaded on CC. I've been admiring cakes on CC and reading the forums for a year now and I finally decided that I need to start decorating cakes instead of just learning about them. It was for my son's b-day. It was a big hit. I see all the flaws but my son and his friends were speechless. The moment was priceless. icon_smile.gif

MamaBerry Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 7:13pm
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I've been here a while but I've recently changed my name to match the new name launch of my online chocolate biz.

I had a graphic designer take my idea for my new company, Conjure Chocolate, and create the logo.

Sidenote: For our Halloween wedding years ago my husband, a potter, created 3 cauldrons that were used at the reception to hold beverages.

I found it fitting to use a cauldron as my logo since all things magical represents me and my pastry. Chocolate is Magic.

abslu Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 7:53pm
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Mine is my celebrity crush that I've had for half of my life-time. I'm only 26, but still!!! Christian Bale!!! I've "loved" him since i saw him in Newsies. My husband of 6 years is very understanding when I drag him to movies just so I can watch Mr Bale! icon_lol.gif

Bettycrockermommy Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 9:06pm
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My avatar is the yummy Kenny Chesney!

lynda-bob Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 9:17pm
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Originally Posted by abslu

Mine is my celebrity crush that I've had for half of my life-time. I'm only 26, but still!!! Christian Bale!!! I've "loved" him since i saw him in Newsies. My husband of 6 years is very understanding when I drag him to movies just so I can watch Mr Bale! icon_lol.gif

thumbs_up.gif Mm-mm-good I think we've discussed this before, but I'm a Bale-head, too! He's my other man (my main man is Jeremy Sisto) icon_lol.gif I'm constantly cheating on them both with the other! Yeah, right! In MY dreams icon_biggrin.gif

jibbies Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 2:07am
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I'm so glad that people are responding to this thread, I think it's fun and I love reading about everyone.
Thanks for welcoming me back dragonflydreams, it's nice to be missed. I had surgery, my husband had surgery, we had our first grandbaby, we started a new ministry at church of meals on Wednesday night and I took over as food service manager/head cook. we feed 200-250 each Wednesday. So basically life!
Keep posting!


TheCakeGirl87 Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 4:16pm
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My Avatar is a cake that I made for a 4th of July party. It was my favorite cake that I have done and also the most time consuming!

GeminiRJ Posted 7 Aug 2008 , 5:33pm
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It's something of an inside joke. Our secretary at work is positively freaked out by clowns, so I put up a photo of my 3D clown cookies. When I brought a bunch of different 3D cookies to work, she refused to go into the lunchroom until all the clowns had been eaten.

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