Ideas For A Jameson Whiskey Cake?

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Swede-cakes Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 6:26pm
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Hi all,

I have to do a cake for a young man's 21st birthday...his girlfriend says he loves Jameson and wants that on the cake or AS the cake. I guess I could just shape the cake like the bottle and decorate as such. Anyone have any other ideas?


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playingwithsugar Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 11:21pm
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Well, seeing as how that's a blended Irish whiskey, a leprechaun on a ladder, standing at the top of the bottle, sucking on a straw which is strategically planted in the bottle neck, would work well.

And please name the leprechaun Pete. That was my ex-boyfriend's name. He's also a fan of Jameson, would probably drink it with a straw if he could.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

Swede-cakes Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 3:08am
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ROFL! Pete, huh? Ok, Pete it is!

I really like your idea. I would love the chance to make a tall 3-D bottle, but I don't know if that would be too big for their party. I could still make Pete though, out of fondant. Maybe a normal looking round birthday cake but then KA-POWIE! The top half of a fondant JJ&S bottle coming up thru the top of the cake at an angle. I could prop Pete up there next to it with a bendy-straw! What a mischievous little leprechaun he is! Lol!

I'm going to call the customer tomorrow and see what she wants to do about design.

Thanks for responding!

sarahpierce Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 12:32pm
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You could make the cake taste like an irish car bomb (jameson, Baileys, and Guiness). Baileys would make an excellent tasting buttercream. Maybe subsitute some Guiness and Jameson in the actual cake instead of water. I would defentily try it out first though, you don't want it too strong. Good luck, and let us know how it turns out.

playingwithsugar Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 12:35pm
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There is a chocolate guinness cake recipe in the archives. I tried it, but I didn't really taste the stout. I guess I'm just too used to the taste, since I make my own version of drunken chicken with it.

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Swede-cakes Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 1:20pm
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I know this is CAKE Central...but I'd love to know what Drunken Chicken is!
Sounds yummy! icon_smile.gif

vickymacd Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 1:26pm
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Sorry I don't have an idea, but I was laughing thinking...
"How would a young man who CAN'T legally drink yet, have a favorite alcohol?" Ha, ha

sadiepix Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 8:18pm
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Jamie is my drink of choice too! (I am way over 21 tho! icon_biggrin.gif )

I like the bottle top bursting out of the cake-top! You could do the cake like a whiskey barrel, or in an Irish theme....

There is a big post on the Recipe Tips and Ideas section where I just posted about a dozen boozy cake recipes including my 2 stout cakes, and my whiskey cake. The first stout recipe would be firm enough to stack.
I can never taste enough of the booze in recipes I find, so I usually tweak them so I can!

Drunken Chicken....yum!
You can also pour a Guinness over a pork loin or beef roast and braise for a few hours. (With onion and some worcestershire, S&P) WONDERFUL!

Guinness has some great recipes out there, as does Jameson. I use 1/3 of a bottle in my BBQ sauce!

DO post the cake once you make it!

playingwithsugar Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 9:43pm
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Drunken Chicken - Theresa's Recipe

Ok, I don't make drunken chicken the way others do. Normally, it is made by shoving an open can of beer into the body cavity of a chicken, and setting all that on top of the grill - yes, standing upright!

I am not a fan of barbecue sauces which use tomato as their base flavor. This sauce is best on the leg parts of the chicken.

I make a barbecue sauce out of stout which has been reduced to about 1/3, some molasses or honey, depending on my mood, and spices - ground cumin, ground ancho, ground pasilla, minced garlic, paprika, salt, pepper, chinese 5 spice, Bell's Poultry Seasoning. I don't measure, I just do it by taste, a little bit of each at a time. If I need to sweeten it some more, I add orange juice concentrate. And if I want a bit of zing, I add a bit of seeded and deveined, finely chopped jalapeño.

I heat the liquid ingredients to a boil, then add the spices, boil 1 minute, then allow to cool completely. I bake my chicken in the oven, or broil it on the gas grill. When it hits about 150 degrees F, I slather the sauce on both sides, then bake/broil it until it starts to blacken. I remove it and cover it with foil, to let it rest and cook the rest of the way with carry-over heat.

For variety, you can add some Jack Daniels during the cool-down (I use Maker's Mark) and have Boilermaker Chicken.

If you try this recipe, please PM me with your feedback.


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sadiepix Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 9:56pm
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I have never considered beer-can chicken "drunken chicken", though it can be tasty!
I think drunken chicken is a fun general term so each chef/cook can make their own yummy mix to become a specialty.
Your sounds delicious, and I will try it out for sure!
Thanks! (For letting me butt in/hijack too!) could totally put 'shots' around the cake too! Either all icing, or cake and icing, or a fun complimenting custard/filling etc.

vickymacd Posted 3 Aug 2008 , 12:19am
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Talking about different shots around the cake....what a cute idea!
I LOVE pudding shots!!!!

Swede-cakes Posted 3 Aug 2008 , 11:50am
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See? I knew if I posted here, you guys would let your ideas flow! icon_biggrin.gif

I talked to the GF last night, and she wants a "cake carved like a real bottle" because she's watched Ace of Cakes and is amazed by that kind of thing. So I said," You know, he charges a minimum of $1000 for his cakes, right?" And she says "YEAH, I KNOW!!! I watched the XYZ episode and though to myself I've GOT to find a decorator in my area that does that kind of cake but not at a $1000 of course."

So I'm doing a bottle cake for her, which will be easy and quick for me because of the size she needs. I'm just going to use the Wilton guitar pan I bought for my husband's birthday, and slice a little off to make it bottle shaped. Bottle-green cake, ivory fondant label, red fondant cap, and BC piping for details. And no, I'm not getting $1000 for it. icon_cry.gificon_wink.gif

That's ok; it'll offset all the round cakes and girly cakes in my portfolio! I'll post it when I'm done with it, but that won't be until Aug. 23rd.

Thanks so much for throwing your ideas out there. And thanks for the delicious sounding recipe, Theresa...we're going to use it for our Labor Day cookout!

Swede-cakes Posted 24 Aug 2008 , 9:38pm
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Update: I dlvrd the Jameson bottle cake today and nearly had heart failure. I posted a pic in my gallery. (of the cake, not of my heart attack!)

The client's father answered the door, and when I handed him the cake box he looked thru the box window and said, "Oh My GOD." So I asked him if it was satisfactory and he goes, " Honey, I didn't order this, my daughter did. And when she sees this... (my heart had already stopped for a good 10 seconds by now)...she's gonna LOOOOOVE IT!" Well, I didn't know if I should smack him or hug him, neither of which I ACTUALLY did, but you get the gist! LOL!

Anyway, the woman called me on my drive home and expressed her gratitude for the cake. This made my day!!!

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