Another Cookie Packaging Question

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smartsexystylish Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 7:00pm
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Hi Fellow CC'ers!
I've been following a lot of threads but barely speak up on here.
I'm wondering what type of packaging should I use to pack my cookies. I hear so many different terms and things but I wanted to know what would look like the below link:

I am doing some fundraising for Breast Cancer Awareness next month and I will be making some breast cancer cookies and bringing them to my work. However, I am not a fan of "put your hand in the container and grab a cookie" and would prefer to have it individually wrapped! The wrapping used looks so crisp and nice. That's why I am inquiring what to use to wrap it. Also, how would you seal the packaging closed?

Thanks so much in advance!!!! icon_smile.gif

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thedessertdiva Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 7:16pm
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Those are darling cookies.

I use the clear gift bags, I order them from paper mart. I have a sealer that seals the bag shut and then I print off my own tags/labels and attach them with a stapler. Add some bows or ribbons, place them in a lovely container or basket and off you go!

Hope this helps some.


smartsexystylish Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 7:49pm
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Hi There,
Thanks for you're quick reply.
The thing is, I don't have much money for a impulse sealer so I was hoping to find a less expensive alternative to having to buy the machine in addition to the bags.

I searched previous threads and saw a topic abotu someone using a curling iron? Does this work? I couldn't access the threads as alot of them seem not to be working (not of file or something like that came up)
I have a Michaels near me but what would the bags be called? (I live in Canada, and I wish I had a hobby lobby or other great stores like you guys do in the states!)

bakinccc Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 7:56pm
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Just go to the Wilton section of your Michael's and you'll find the bags there. And as far as not using a sealer...can you just roll the bag over a couple times and staple? I've never done this type of packaging myself but it seems like that might work.

smartsexystylish Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 7:59pm
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Hi Bakinccc,
I'm going to go check out Michaels tonight. Thank you!
I was thinking as a last resort I will fold and staple the bags. I just thought having them sealed may lock in their freshness better!

rreed6263 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 8:16pm
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In my local Wal-Mart, in the craft section (which is right where the cake
decorating is) they have different sized clear bags that have a zip top.

I don't remember which aisle, but it could have been where the beads were.

kimsmom Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 8:16pm
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I'm doing ribbons this week as well for Trisomy 18. (A rare birth defect).
I'll be packaging them in a clear bag, folding down the edge a couple of times and sealing them with a address label size sticker with info on the cause.
Just another way to seal them. Hope this helps.

JenWhitlock Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 8:19pm
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I have done the rolled edge and staple and it works well, however folks have told me that heat sealing is better.

TracyLH pointed me to the Eurosealer at Bed Bath and Beyond for $8.
it works very well, but I find it's not perfect.
I am loving my cookies bagged this way.

I make my own cardstock tabs on the top too, it's not tough - I actually use MS PowerPoint.
(the last ones that I did I just used nice cardstock with a ribbon instead of printing and I really liked it)

smartsexystylish Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 2:44pm
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Many thanks to all of the awesome people who have helped out with ideas and more!
I have ordered some packaging from the states (hopefully I don't get dinged heavily by customs!) and also picked up a couple of baggies locally to use with ribbons as a closure.
I'm just having trouble coming up with the cards/labels to place on it thanking them for their donation and support. I have no idea where to start and what to do on the card. (Can you tell I have never done a card/label before on my packaging?) Ugh!

PJ37 Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 7:37pm
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Here's what I did for a Go Red for Women meeting for Heart Awareness...I used Microsoft Publisher, found the heart Association website and downloaded the design (Hope it was legal, but they are trying to get the word out). I put it on cardstock, folded over the cellophane once or twice, stapled the card on the inside, and then glued the top down.(As others have pointed out, you would not want to use staples if children were going to be consuming the cookies.) Hope this helps!

PJ37 Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 7:55pm
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Here's a thought!

smartsexystylish Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 8:22pm
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PJ37 - WOW!
The Red Heart cookies look awesome and so does the card. I think it's a nice touch!
Thank you so much for the idea! That looks fantastic. The only thing is (and I am really ashamed to ask!!) how would I imput that to make cards or labels?

pood Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 8:34pm
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I also use the clear bags. For the labels I use scrapbook paper and cut the label the width of the clear bag and twice as long as you want the label to be. I fold the clear bag over, fold the scrapbook label over and staple it all together. Works like a charm!


PJ37 Posted 1 Aug 2008 , 9:08pm
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Originally Posted by smartsexystylish

PJ37 - WOW!
The Red Heart cookies look awesome and so does the card. I think it's a nice touch!
Thank you so much for the idea! That looks fantastic. The only thing is (and I am really ashamed to ask!!) how would I imput that to make cards or labels?

I think you could do a left double click on the picture to enlarge it. Then do a right click and click "save picture as" (and you would have to decide where you want to put it on your computer).

Then when you want to make your labels, go to your pictures wherever you filed this and copy it and paste it to whatever program you are making your pictures on....

or, just copy the picture here and paste it to whatever program you use...e.g. word, publisher, etc.

Hope that helps!

TracyLH Posted 2 Aug 2008 , 8:57pm
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My Eurosealer died a sad death after 12 years of service, and as I couldn't run right out to get another, I used JenWhitlock's idea of using a hair straightener. Worked much better, but I just had to unplug it a bit, plug it back in to keep the temp cool enough so the cello didn't wrinkle. I know someone uses a Foodsaver to seal, but I haven't invested the money yet.

Jen is right. The Eurosealer isn't perfect. A fact I see now that I have used the hair straightener with better results.

SugaredUp Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 1:08pm
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I just iron them closed with a regular iron.

TracyLH Posted 5 Aug 2008 , 1:12pm
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Thanks, Sugaredup! I will give that a try and stop gumming up my hair straightener!

AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 6:34pm
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do you use the hair straightener or iron directly? won't the plastic stick to it and burn?

Kim_in_CajunCountry Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 7:35pm
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That's my question, too. How do you keep the iron from sticking to it.

Also, am I understanding correctly that I could use my Tilia vacuum food saver to seal the bags?

TracyLH Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 7:39pm
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I personally do not know if you could use your vacumn food saver. I just saw that someone had. When I use my hair straightener, I try to keep the heat low by plugging in and unplugging it to it doesn't melt the cello to the straightener as mine does not have a temperature adjustment feature. Admittedly not the most effective idea under the sun, but it works until I figure out something else.

Kim_in_CajunCountry Posted 6 Aug 2008 , 7:49pm
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Ooohh! My straightener does have a temp control so I'm going to try it at the lowest setting and work my way up! If that works, I'll by a cheap one exclusively for cookie use!


SugaredUp Posted 13 Oct 2008 , 7:47pm
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Sorry, I haven't checked back in forever! Just iron it right on there. It won't stick. Put your setting on a relatively low heat, though.

TracyLH Posted 13 Oct 2008 , 11:43pm
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Try not to laugh at this one. I use my hair straightener that does not have a temperature adjustment, so I do it myself... plugging and unplugging it periodically. It is admittedly not the best use of time, but until I get one with a temp. adjustment, it does the trick! (Okay - you can laugh! icon_lol.gif )

tljkids Posted 15 Oct 2008 , 7:54pm
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For those of you that use an impulse sealer, do you find that heat sealing the cello bag leaves a "melted plastic" odor in the bag? Maybe it's the shrink wrap cello I have? I bought a roll of 3" wide and can use the sealer to make the bag any length I want.

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