Hot Pink ... Are You Kidding Me?

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mkolmar Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:14am
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I have a bridal shower cake do at the end of August. Her colors are brown and hot pink. She wants as close to hot pink as possible. The question is though is it possible to get this color? If so how?

Thanks in advance.

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momshobby Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:26am
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I think that the Wilton paste colour that comes in the decorating kit comes out a hot pink colour when lots of colour is put in. I looked up the colour in Wkipedia, and it looks as tacky as some people's cakes in my Wilton 3 course when they used the standard pink colour. I would confirm exactly what is meant by hot pink.

Bijoudelanuit Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 12:48pm
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I agree, the Wilton Pink is very BRIGHT!

MnSnow Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 1:35pm
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try Americolor's electric pink. It gives a hot pink color

mkolmar Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 3:38pm
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Thank you. I have some shopping to do now. Yep, this is a great excuse to go shopping for cake supplies.

tastyart Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 3:44pm
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I used the wilton pink once with store bought frosting and it was increadably bright! I don't know what it was about that frosting but it was much brighter than my buttercream. The same thing happened with the leaf green and orange - totally neon.

beth2027 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 3:55pm
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Just a note: the pink tastes bad from Wilton. I've never tried it before, but I hear that Americolor doesn't taste funny.
Just thought you'd like to know that the Wilton has a taste to it. It's kind of chemically.

ladybuglau Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:00pm
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the wilton pink is definitely NOT a nice light soft pink, it's very bright and I've used it for hot pink lots of times. This is the color that came out without having to use tons of color. I personally like hot pink and brown icon_rolleyes.gif

becky27 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:06pm
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i think she may mean a deep pink....chefmaster has a "deep pink" that comes out "hot pink"!!!

Kim_in_CajunCountry Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:08pm
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I consider this hot pink and it's just regular Wilton Pink, I just used more than normal. Or it may just be really, really, bright pink, but not "hot" pink?! Hot pink may require the use of a neon pink color. You probably need to show her some samples to make sure you have the color right, even mixing 8 oz. or so of icing to show her. Color is very subjective. I've always said that one person's avacado green is another person's "cat poo"!


BellaSweet Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:15pm
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Americolor has a hot pink. They call it Electric pink. I Looooooooove it!!! It actually looks like a pair of shoes I just bought.

jenmac75 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:19pm
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I just made a cake for a baby shower using brown and pink.

I don't know if you are using fondant, but the Satin Ice fondant in pink/vanilla is a very bright pink. I had to mix white fondant with it to tone the color down. But it is very bright and you don't have to keep adding color to it. The picture of the cake is in my photos if you want to see the pink I used, but again, I altered it a little.

MacsMom Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:26pm
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The Wilton pink is every bit as bright as the Americolor electric pink.

bobwonderbuns Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 4:26pm
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Chefmaster liquid paste color called "Baker's Rose" is the best and prettiest hot pink color out there (in my humble opinion...) icon_rolleyes.gificon_biggrin.gif

mkolmar Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 5:48pm
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Woo-hoo, more options. See this is why I love CC.

It's going to be a sheet cake for a bridal shower. All buttercream. The future bride wants brown with hot pink scroll work.

I want to make it nice since it's for a girl who HATES all cake and her aunt forced her to try a piece of cake that I made at one of her parties. She cringed and acted like she would gag but tried it anyways. She actually like it and ate another piece. She made her mom cancel her bridal shower cake and order from me instead. (The MOB was ticked about that by the way)

This will also be my last cake possibly for sale. I have no more on the books and I will no longer be using the kitchen I am currently using to be licensed from, so unless I find somewhere (which seems to be impossible right now) then I'm done. My last cake for profit is going to be a sheet cake icon_cry.gif

No going out with a bang here. Oh well gives me more time to practice.

cassi_g16 Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 6:07pm
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The tinkerbell cake in my photos has Hot pink on it I used Americolor Electric pink

bobwonderbuns Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 8:15pm
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Here's a pix of a practice cake I did with one of my students using the Chefmaster liquid paste "Baker's Rose" color. Now keep in mind my camera photographs everything darker, so the roses were about two shades lighter than this. But everyone knows that buttercream darkens over time so if you want it vibrant, get it to the color you want and let it sit and it will darken and become more vibrant. Hope that helps some! icon_biggrin.gif

KoryAK Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 10:08pm
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Satin Ice pink is very bright. If I have to color something myself, I'll use red and pink.

mkolmar Posted 30 Jul 2008 , 10:47pm
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I have to color this myself since it's for BC. I have the Americolor Electric pink, but I have not opened it yet. Good to know it's very close to what I'm looking for. I'll check out the "Bakers Rose" color too since I'm now extremely interested in it.

Thanks again for the help.

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