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angie941mx Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 10:23am
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Hi! icon_biggrin.gif

I need your help plissss... icon_smile.gif

I have my first order of cake (to sell) but I do not have idea the price of a cake of this kind and how many are serves?

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MikeRowesHunny Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 11:04am
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Beautiful cake! It doesn't matter how many THAT cake serves, you will need to make one to serve the number YOU need! So, how many servings do you need? Then we can advise you on the size to make! I personally would charge $4 per serving for that cake in fondant, plus another $20 for the booties on top!

angie941mx Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 8:00pm
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Thanks bonjovibabe for your help...

It's true you need more data for help me , My client has 40 guests
is this cake big enough for 40 serves?.

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OCakes Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 8:13pm
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If you go to, they have a wedding cake cutting chart. I think a 10" bottom tier & a 6" top tier would serve at least 40. That is a very sweet cake!

LeckieAnne Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 8:24pm
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10" serves 38
6" serves 12
Equals 50 servings

I can't help with pricing, as I don't sell cakes. icon_smile.gif

Danielle111 Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 9:04pm
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The number of servings you will get depends largely on how big your servings are. The Wilton chart is for 1x2x4", but my serving sizes are a little larger at 1x3x4", so I won't get as many servings per cake as someone using the Wilton charts would. As for pricing, you should probably do some research as to the prices per serving in your area. In my area, it's common to have your beginning price for fondant at $4.50, then add anywhere from $.25 - $.75 per serving for the decor, $5 for the decorated presentation board, and then an additional $35 for the booties. Type of cake and filling would also affect the price, increasing it an additional $.25-$.75 again. That being said, this cake for 40 people in my city would run from $230 - $280.

I hope that helps!

susieq76 Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 2:45am
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Where in NC are you? People bust my chops here about my $2.50 per serving price!

aliciaL_77 Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 3:01am
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the hawaiian cake in my pics is a 6 and 10 inch served 40 plus.

mamajan61 Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 3:29am
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Don't be afraid to price your work generously. There are a lot of different little things going on with this cake... booties... decorated board... etc. etc... These are all time consuming and obviously not something someone can go pick up at Kroger. At the same time, you have to find a happy medium... you don't want to scalp people... due to the fact that EVERYBODY is having to watch their $$$ now... so just take all of the different opinions/advice you're getting from your CC family... and then sit down and come up with your own pricing...

Danielle111 Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 3:33am
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Susieq - I'm here in Raleigh... need to be firmer with these people! icon_smile.gif The way I look at it, if they don't want to pay for my time, they can go somewhere else! icon_lol.gif Plus, if you call around to the other local bakeries (pretending to be a potential client, ahem... icon_twisted.gif ), you'll find that most of them are charging $3+ for buttercream and $4+ for fondant, and $5+ for carved cakes... You may want to raise your prices! icon_smile.gif

angie941mx Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 10:43am
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1000 thanks sweetgirls


Your tips are very usefull for me.
** I love CC ** always I found great people and advices.

I hope to make a good deal... icon_biggrin.gif

susieq76 Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 10:57am
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Thanks Danielle. Glad to meet another decorater here in Raleigh! Hi!

maude Posted 26 Jul 2008 , 8:44pm
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Love the cake, can you tell me how you made the booties? Did you use a mold? Thanks

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