How Do You Store Royal Icing?

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beachcakes Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 2:25am
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I just made a batch of Royal and can't use it all tonite. How long does it keep inthe fridge? I took a cake decorating class about 15 yrs ago and I think the instructor told us to put a damp paper towel on it and cover w/ plastic wrap... but now i'm not so sure?

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Sherryb Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 3:01am
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I keep mine in a plastic bowl with the lid on, in the frig.
I have kept it for as long as a week and when I needed to use it just whipped it and it was good as new.

mrsfish94 Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 3:06am
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I thought it couldn't go in the frig. I have been leaving my out in an air tight container inside a ziplock bag.

Sherryb Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 3:39am
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You can keep it on the counter,but it will keep a little longer in the frig.

Ironbaker Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 3:53am
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I store mine in an airtight container at room temp.

Here's a good link:

tcturtleshell Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 4:38am
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I store mine in a mason jar. I cover it with saran wrap & then screw on the lid. It's better to store it in a cabinet so that sunlight can't get to it. Especially if you have already colored it. The color will fade fast when light hits it.

I have never stored mine in the frig. I always thought you can't store it in the frig. Maybe someone else will know for sure or not.

tcturtleshell Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 4:41am
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Food 911 says to only frig RI with egg whites. To store the meringue powder RI in an air tight container.

tastycakes Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 4:56am
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I was taught that Royal should only be kept in a glass or metal bowl because plastics are made with oil and you don't ever want oils to touch your Royal icing. I do cover it with plastic wrap, but only if it's not touching it, and I keep it in a dark cupboard like someone else said. Seems to last a long time.

beachcakes Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 12:20pm
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i too, remember hearing that you couldn't use plastic?

TinTN Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 12:23pm
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I have a special set of Rubbermaid containers that I use only for royal. I put a piece of Saran Wrap over the container and then seal it with the lid. Keeps fine. I do have problems with it become a bit sticky the longer it sits unused.

MrsMissey Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:00pm
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I have read that royal icing doesn't go in the fridge but that is where I have always stored mine. It's just a mental thing with me...everything goes in the fridge!

LizAnn Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:03pm
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I freeze my leftover royal icing the same way I store my 5 qt. tubs of buttercream ... in anything with a tight-fitting lid and it can be thawed and refrozen countless times with no ill effects.

beachcakes Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:46pm
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Wow - everyone has a different method, LOL. I guess there's no wrong way!

ntertayneme Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 1:48pm
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I have a clear, glass pyrex bowl that has a plastic lid that seal airtight .. I've always used this for my royal icing ..

Thanks LizAnn for sharing that they can be frozen .. I've never tried this, but I will do this now that I've seen it can and obviously does work!!

mvigil Posted 12 Aug 2005 , 2:37pm
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Thanks again LizAnn I'm learning from this Forum also!

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