The Food Network's Birthday Cake Surprises Challenge

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amytracy1981 Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:06pm
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Did anyone watch this? It was on yesterday, they were making a birthday cake for a little boy about 8 years old.
What the heck was up with the cake that was supposed to look like the little boy playing soccer??? Am I the only person that thought that cake was absolutely horrible???? tapedshut.gif My DH even said "I could make that and I don't know how to decorate a cake". What was the deal with the soccer uniform??? Why did it have splotches of food coloring all over it??
Oh and the face icon_eek.gif !! It looked like one of those blow up dolls that you buy as a gag gift for a man. tapedshut.gif and then at the end she decided to slap a big chunk of fondant on top of the painted on nose and call that a nose!!! What!!
At the beginning of the show they show all the decorators and cakes that they are know for. The decorator that made the awful "boy" cake had some really beautiful cakes. What happend?? Were those really her cakes at the begining of the show? After seeing the one she made on the show, I would say I don't think so.

She was sick, she had laryngitis. Maybe she was on some sort of medication?

Sorry so long.

If you didn't see it here is a link. The cake I am talking about is the 3rd one down. Unfortunately it only shows a view of the back of the cake.,2495,FOOD_20077_45141,00.html

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lilmiz Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:32pm
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I thought the same thing. Maybe she was a little over ambitious for what she could actually do and what the time allowed. I guess I am just used to a certain standard watching these challenges.

Also, was it just me or is it a little yucky to watch someone that ill make a cake icon_sad.gif !!!

amytracy1981 Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:46pm
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I certainly wouldn't want my cake made by someone that is sick.

Oh and the all chocolate cake was really good, but did he really think that it looked like something for a child?? It seemed pretty adult to me. JMO

doreenre Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:52pm
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uh, yeah, I saw it yesterday too and was astounded at how unprofessional it looked. I was kind of embarassed for her.

cakesbyamym Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:53pm
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I missed it!!!! icon_sad.gif I'll have to catch it when it comes on again. I'll definitely be looking for the cake that you're all talking about. icon_smile.gif

lepaz Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:57pm
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Whuuaaatttt!! Someone must have messed with my TiVo cause I didnt' get a Challenge show on my recorded list. Umkay, I gotta go kick someones TiVo messing butt!

MessiET Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:59pm
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It didn't look like a little boy playing soccer... it look like a woman!!!! It was horrible looking.

amytracy1981 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:02am
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You gotta get a Tivo or a DVR. They are the best! My DVR records all the Food network Challenges for me, I never miss one. icon_biggrin.gif

fondantgrl Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:03am
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I saw this last year...

That Soccer Cake was so horrible.. Is this where the head was facing the wrong way ? It was so horrible looking that I think other people were actually embarassed by it.

doreenre Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:08am
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Yes, it was an older episode, so if you were recording food challenges and weren't set up to record old and new, you probably would have missed it.

Head on backwards..just bad overall.

amytracy1981 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:12am
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Yea it was the one were she stuck the head on backwards.

I was thinking how in the heck did this lady even get invited on the show? I thought you had to be talented? It looked like it was the first cake she ever made.
I thought you were supposed to get better with each cake you make, not worse.

terrig007 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:29am
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I saw that again last night. I remembered it because Norm had won it. My husband walked in and asked if the contest dealt with things that go to a bachelor party since he had only seen that particular cake. I explained it was for a birthday party for a little boy who liked soccer and he asked if a blow up doll was part of the decorations. Men! icon_lol.gif
I agree though, I wouldn't want a cake by someone who needed to be at home in bed either.

amytracy1981 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:38am
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I explained it was for a birthday party for a little boy who liked soccer and he asked if a blow up doll was part of the decorations. Men!

I guess my mind was in the same place as your husband's. Because I also thought it looked like a blow up doll icon_surprised.gificon_lol.gif

jadak Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:45pm
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OMG...that was the worst cake. I was embarassed for the decorator. Kids can be so honest and I was wondering if the little boy was going to say something bad about the cake. If he did, they edited it because throughout the show, everyone was gracious, which I was glad to see.

Norm's cake was cool. I liked the gray castle a lot too. The chocolate one was very cool and looked delicious, but didn't seem too 8 year old-ish. I felt the same way about the one with the fantastic sugar work. It was a great cake with beautiful elements that required great skill. I just didn't think it was somehting an 8 year old would love and appreciate like an adult would.

I'd never seen that one before. I LOVE it when a Challenge is new to me!

tracycakes Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 5:18pm
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I had seen it before but we watched it again. I was also just completely embarrassed for her on that cake. Even if the head had been put on correctly in the first place, that face looked like something a child did. Did you notice that the nose that they stuck on didn't match the color of the rest of the face? Maybe when it dried a little, it did. That was just so bad.... she could at least tried to carve something. The rest of the cake didn't really look to be much - it was all boy. girl? supposed to be a boy?

edited to add: The birthday boy was really gracious through it all and handled it well. I don't know if they gave him any lines because some sounded quite adult, but he did a good job.

summernoelle Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 7:37pm
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Originally Posted by amytracy1981


I explained it was for a birthday party for a little boy who liked soccer and he asked if a blow up doll was part of the decorations. Men!

I guess my mind was in the same place as your husband's. Because I also thought it looked like a blow up doll icon_surprised.gificon_lol.gif

Me as well. That was my first thought!

staceyboots Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 8:03pm
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i watched the cake challenge on sunday nite and could not believe my eyes when i saw the looked ridiculous!

the "body" of the cake had no shape at all and the arms were just too skinny and dangly. the facial features left me dumbfounded goodness...the hair!!

and for crying out loud, she could have at least used the Wilton ball pan for the football...i am still trying to figure out what shape it was; and the slapped-on buttercream with the fondant stars on it just weren't cutting it.


amytracy1981 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 8:08pm
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I know when I saw the sketch, I was thinking that's awful. Then I thought well maybe she just does'nt draw that well. But the cake was even worse than the sketch.
I kept asking my husbad "how in the world did she even get on this show?"

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