Grease,flour,spray Or Parchment For Pan?

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tenleysmommy Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 8:57pm
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I have always greased and floured,but just wanted to know what you guys do?

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loriemoms Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:05pm
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I used to grease and flour, but thanks to Indydeb, I now use CK pan grease..I brush that stuff on and use a parchment circle (I buy them bulk precut...saves me a LOT of time!) No more flour mess, the cakes come out with a nicer crumb, and actually do seem to rise higher!

mw902 Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:06pm
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I only use this cheapie stuff, baker's joy, from walmart. Its about 1.50/can and I have never had a cake stick when I use it.

lilypie Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:10pm
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grease only-no flour. it works great for me!

Arriva Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:13pm
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I keep homemade cake release and wouldn't use anything else. It's cheap, easy, and works like a charm. Mix one part shortening, one part oil and one part flour. Mix it well.

gateaux Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:15pm
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I use spray oil and parchment, but when I run out or not baking at home I will use wax paper with spray oil. Works good for me.

Good Luck

momvarden Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:19pm
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I use crisco flour spray, and a piece of parchment. I use to use the bakers joy and it always clogged up on me and i would lose what ever was left. With the crisco flour spray i never have had it clog. Its a little more expensive but i feel like i can use the entire can up. I have never had a cake stick with either product though.

tenleysmommy Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:19pm
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Gosh,guess my Grandma didnt know everything! icon_lol.gif
I have wanted to try the spray and parchment,I hate the flour mess.

Tallmama Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:23pm
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I use the pampered chef pump spray bottle and parchment and have never had a problem. Using the pampered chef spary bottle saves money on buying spray cans from the store too.

leepat Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:25pm
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Home made cake release is what I use ...never have a cake stick/

Win Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:26pm
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I grease and flour then line the bottom with parchment. It takes me little or no time to do so. Old habits die hard, but I know when I do this I have no issues with release. I know the home-made cake release is great, but have not gotten around to trying it --somehow to me that just seems like work to prepare a batch of it. icon_biggrin.gif

DoniB Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:26pm
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I used to swear by the Wilton Cake Release (and still do... great stuff, but expensive!) But when I ran out in the middle of the night and the middle of a large multi-cake project, I made the home cake release. I'll never go back. This stuff is quick, easy, cheap, and works like a charm. icon_smile.gif Just stir it up, brush it on, and batter up! icon_smile.gif

have_your_cake Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:35pm
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can you keep the homemade cake release or do you mix just enough for the cake you're doing?

DoniB Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:39pm
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I've got it in a rubbermaid container on my counter. I never saw anything about refrigerating it or anything. I make a 1 cup each mix at a time. icon_smile.gif No problems so far. If you just want to try it out, make a small amount. I've seen somewhere in another thread that someone makes it by the tablespoon/each every time she needs it. No storage required, and that's a good amount to experiment with.

The one thing to remember is to not let the cake sit in the pan too long. You want to take it out while it's still warm, or the stuff will congeal up and it will be harder to get out. icon_razz.gif (ask me how I know! LOL)

MessiET Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:39pm
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I grease and flour the pans unless I am making chocolate cake, then I also use a parchment circle.

tracycakes Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:44pm
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Baker's Joy and parchment paper. I've used Baker's Joy for 18 years and love it. I just started using the parchment about a year ago and it just works perfect - no more worries about the middle of the cake sticking.

Jocmom Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 9:47pm
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Just parchment on the bottom of the pan - nothing on the sides. For shaped pans I use just a light coating of Crisco.

indydebi Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 10:49pm
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Cakes rise higher with no flour ... the flour actually "holds down" the batter.

I grease-only-no-flour and have been for 30 years. My "grease" of choice, in order of preference: CK Brand Pan Grease, Wilton Pan Release, plain 'ole Crisco. Never use Pam ... makes the cakes crusty and lots of air holes on the sides.

arnab Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 5:47am
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I use the Wilton Bake Easy. Is a bit pricey but you do not have to use anything else. Just do a quick spray and thats all. Love it.

AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 6:09am
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i HATE cutting parchment circles. can anyone tell me if my cake will stick if i just grease the pans? and no i can't find pre cut parchment circles icon_sad.gif thanks!

arnab Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 6:13am
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You need to have a combination fo grease and flour. If you put only grease it might stick. There are some spray oils with the flour already mixed. They work good and no need for parchment circles. I do not like cutting them either.

indydebi Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 1:56pm
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Originally Posted by cupcakeshoppe

i HATE cutting parchment circles. can anyone tell me if my cake will stick if i just grease the pans? and no i can't find pre cut parchment circles icon_sad.gif thanks!

No it will not stick if you use just crisco. This is what I used for years, before I became a cake decorator, LONG before I discovered CK Brand Pan Grease. I still use this in an emergency when I'm out of Pan Grease.

Grease only works just fine.

butterflywings Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 2:20pm
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i like the wilton cake release, but it's expensive. i've used the Baker's Joy spray and it works well, too. However, I've started making the homemade cake release (equal parts flour, shortening & oil) and it works GREAT! I will never use anything else ever again. It's cheap, quick to make (and as long as you use the same measurement for all 3 ingredients, you can make any size batch) and easy to use.

poshcakedesigns Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 2:27pm
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I use homemade release and parchment paper.

andiesweet Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 2:38pm
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I mix crisco and flour in equal parts and brush it all in the inside of my pans. If making chocolate cake, I also spray with PAM too.

lutie Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 2:54pm
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This is what I use... would not use anything else. I put it on the bottom of my pans and cover it with parchment... always, always use parchment... 100% guarantee that you will never have anything stick.

In your mixing bowl, place
1/2 cup corn, canola, or vegetable oil
1/2 cup vegetable shortening, room temperature (Crisco is my choice)
1/2 cup AP flour

Beat until mixture has increased in volume slightly and looks like fluffy marshmallow cream.

Place in a plastic container and you can keep it on your counter (yeah, like your counter does not have enough stuff on it) or in your cabinets.

In hot weather, you can stick it in the refrigerator, but you should take it out to become room temp for easier spreading. Of course, I always forget, so I spread it with my fingers.

The mixture tends to separate slightly after a while, so mix it up before using... use a pastry brush or your hands to apply it. Some people use paper towels, but I find you use too much on the paper towel.

I will never purchase any of the store-bought stuff ever again... this is the best... I have all the ingredients on hand... AND it helps save the environment! Plus... it really, really works!

darandon Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 4:39pm
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homemade cake release is all I use. I love it and it keeps for a while on the pantry shelf with no problems.

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