Calling All Wilton Instructors...please Help

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mazaryk Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 2:02am
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I love to decorate and teach basic cake decorating. I decided to become a Wilton instructor to help others overcome newbie frustrations and have fun decorating. I did not do it for the money.

However, I am very sad and frustrated with Wilton at this moment because I taught classes March, April, May, and June and have only been paid for April. I submitted my paperwork 2x to them and now they want me to fax it, oh and also they emailed me to let me know that they over paid me $60 for March......ahhhhh They never paid me for March!!!

I have read that some people have taught for Wilton for years so I am praying this is not how they run their company. I am maternity leave for a couple of months and am trying to decide if I want to continue teaching with Wilton. I have put a tremendous amount of work into my classes being a new instructor.

Please any and all advice is accepted and wanted.
I am posting this on CC because I have been a member for a couple of years and have a great deal of respect for the artists that frequent the forums.

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playingwithsugar Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 11:32am
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I don't understand something here. I thought that WMIs were employees of the place where they taught, and that Wilton only refers potential instructors to the location.

At least, that's what I've been told, and have read, in other threads here. How were you employed directly by Wilton?

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Bijoudelanuit Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 11:52am
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Your employment status depends on the store that you teach through and what they require. I work through Michaels and they require WMIs to be store employees. Many others are independent contractors to Wilton.

I'm sorry to hear of your situation! I know there are often pay issues, but I've never heard of anything that awful!

I wish I knew what to tell you!


playingwithsugar Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 12:01pm
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I understand now. Thank you for explaining this to me.

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mazaryk Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 1:24pm
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I am considered an independent contractor not directly employed by Wilton or Hobby Lobby.
Hobby Lobby acknowledges receipt of my paperwork, Wilton states paperwork not received. So, now Wilton wants me to fax them the paperwork directly. I hope that Hobby Lobby store will fax for me so that I won't have to have to pay to fax.

Thank-you for posting about Micheals. Because I referred a friend to teach classes because I love the teaching part and decorating with others. I would feel really bad referring someone and then if they went through what I am going through.

sweetcakes Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 2:22pm
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ive taught at HL 10 yrs.

gather up your months invoice along with the attendance sheet everyone has to sign, do this for each month you have yet to be paid for. your manager needs to sign the attendance sheets and he will mail them to head office. always make sure you make copies. HL should have a copy machine in either the managers office or the accounts office and should let you use it. I dont know why wilton would need it as they dont pay us. your other tracking to wilton would have been mailed in a large blue envelope and a yellow envelope to your supervisor. pm me if you need other help. plus i just pmd you about a wmi only message board that can answer all your questions.

Dana8 Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 2:38pm
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Sorry about your situation!!! But I have been thinking about becoming an instructor too!!! If you dont mind sharing the onfo, can you tell me if they get paid well to be a wilton instructor? I hope thats okay to ask, If not I apologize.

TexasSugar Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 10:06pm
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Originally Posted by Dana8

Sorry about your situation!!! But I have been thinking about becoming an instructor too!!! If you dont mind sharing the onfo, can you tell me if they get paid well to be a wilton instructor? I hope thats okay to ask, If not I apologize.

There are numerous posts on what goes along with being a WMI. The pay is good for a part time, make a little extra money kind of job. It isn't the kind of pay that will pay all your bills every month.

Mazaryk, first I would contact our supervisor about your problems if you haven't already.

Second, have you joined the WMI yahoo group? It is a great private place to discuss class/pay issues with other WMI's that can offer support and suggestions.

You can join by sending an email to: [email protected] Selina will ask you a couple of questions then get you set up on the site. icon_smile.gif

mazaryk Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 10:29pm
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About the pay.....well you get paid based on the # of students you teach for each course at Hobby Lobby( the other locations ACE or Micheals might be different).

I usually have 9 students per course. I am allowed to have upto 15 students, but because of table room and the time I like to spend with each student I limit the class size to 9. My class is usually full 1 week before it starts.

So, really it depends on the # of courses taught and # of students per course.
If you were looking for more specific info on payscale pm me please.

However, this is just my one in the cake decorating business is paid well. For all the love and time we put into our art most of us are lucky to break even.

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