Summernoelle's Fondant Animal Instructions

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summernoelle Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 12:43am
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After receiving lots of requests the past year on how I did my animals, here is a quick tutorial that I hope will help!

1. Make a ball a little larger than a golf ball with fondant. Try to mold it into a more oblong shape-this is going to be the shape of the body. The ones I make are usually about 2 and 1 inch wide. It's OK if they look "chubby".
2. Make a ball half that size for the head. Depending on what I am going to do, I will use a veining tool for the eyes and mouth a nose. If your animal is a girl, make eyelashes above the eye holes.
3. For the legs, roll out 2 sausages, about an inch long and a little thinner than your index finger. Do whatever width looks right-for elephants I make very chubby legs, and other animals will be thicker. Use your own judgment.
4, For the feet, I flatten one end of the sausage and thin it out into a circle, the size of the tip of my finger. I will also use the veining tool to make little marks in the feet for giraffes and elephants-for cats I make tiny little pink pads out of fondant.
5. Do the same thing for the arms, only shorter and thinner. Use your own judgment to keep things in proportion.
6. For animals that have hands(monkeys), I made the hands separately and then attach them to the ends of the arms. For animals with hooves or paws, I make them the same way I do the feet.
7. For face details, I will use pinpoint size balls of black fondant for eyes, and also different colors of fondant like pink for the noses. Sometimes I will use an edible marker for eyelashes and eyes and mouths.
8. Make the ears. This part is very easy, but for the elephant, cut out a very thin oval from fondant, then gather one end to "bunch" it up, to where you will join it to the head. For other animals, embellish with some pink fondant to make it look more like ears. For an elephant's nose, make it the same way as the legs, only much smaller. Use the veining tool to make nostrils in the trunk.
9. For a lions mane, I roll out orange gumpaste and cut out a small circle with a fondant cutter. I then cut the circle again, to make a crescent moon shape. Next, I take an exacto knife and make the moon jagged. I make three of these and then place it behind the ears of the lion.
10. For girl animals, I make tiny bows and flowers for their hair. People love that extra touch.

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jenbashore Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 12:51am
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Thanks for the tutorial. This is fantastic!!!


Omicake Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 1:05am
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Thanks for sharing.Good tutorial!

joyofcakes Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 1:20am
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Thank you so much for taking your time to do this for all of us

JanH Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 1:50am
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Too Cool. icon_biggrin.gif

Thanks so much for sharing. thumbs_up.gif

YALANTZI Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 2:03am
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Wow!! that is a great tutorial, Thanks for sharing.

wgoat5 Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 3:26am
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Thank you sooo much Summer icon_smile.gif

Always so helpful!!!!

revel Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 3:37am
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How cute are they! Thanks!

summernoelle Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 4:08am
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You're very welcome. Please ignore the messy kitchen in the background! This was done for a friend a while back, and I just didn't feel like redoing the photos, LOL.

ladefly Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 12:32pm
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This is awesome, Thanks!

Creative_chika Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 1:34am
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Beautiful!!! Thanks!

ClassyMommy Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 1:48am
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Those are so cute! Thanks!

maimai16 Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 4:17am
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thank you so much summernoelle... these are great! =)

kmoores Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 1:25pm
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Thanks so much!

FlourPots Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 11:30pm
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Thanks so much for sharing....they're adorable!

2txmedics Posted 27 Feb 2009 , 11:59pm
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This is AWESOME!!! Thanks for sharing it, but I went to print it, and it wont show the pictures with it...Im a visual person, if I dont have something to compare it with, I feel like a dummy....

can you trying mailing it to me?
[email protected]

THANKS!!!!...unless you can find away for me to print, let me know.

nanatrucker Posted 28 Feb 2009 , 4:44am
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Awesome! Thanks a bunch for the tutorial.

jjbrink Posted 2 Mar 2009 , 2:26pm
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thanks for showing how you make them. my first attempt is going to be this month with a jungle theamed baby cake. i have only used fondat once, and never had to make anything 3d with it. i am looking foward to it though icon_smile.gif

can i just get the wilton's fondant from the store and use that? if so, so i need to add anything to it and how far in advance do you make them?


MsLadyCakes06 Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 3:48am
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This is so awesome I'm making these this weekend....yikes!! so how far inadvance can you make them?

erikamj Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 5:22am
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Thanks for the info

cylstrial Posted 20 Mar 2009 , 1:55pm
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That is awesome!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

Annabakescakes Posted 29 Jun 2009 , 6:01pm
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bump! thought others would like to see this!

Peridot Posted 29 Jun 2009 , 6:14pm
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I wish she would have finished the animal - it would have been great to see how she did the face. Great animals - so very cute.

KeltoKel Posted 29 Jun 2009 , 6:19pm
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Awesome, so cute!

miny Posted 29 Jun 2009 , 6:24pm
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Thanks Summer!

gatorcakes Posted 29 Jun 2009 , 7:25pm
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Those are really cute and so well done! My son loves elephants, I may need to attempt one of those.

cakeaddiction Posted 29 Jun 2009 , 8:25pm
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Thank you very much for doing this. I have been wondering though, when you do the figures is it just fondant or do you add gum tex or mix 50/50 gumpaste? What is the best method for making figures to go on cakes.
Thanks a bunch in advance.

CakeRx Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 2:34am
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Thank you so much for sharing this! Much needed tutorial! icon_smile.gif

CakeRx Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 2:35am
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Thanks so much for this tutorial! Much needed and appreciated. icon_smile.gif

diane Posted 29 Aug 2009 , 4:35am
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thanks for the complete tutorial!! thumbs_up.gif

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