Police Retirement Help!!!

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butterflywings Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 3:03pm
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Hi all.

I've been asked to make a cake for an officer who is being medically retired from the force. (He was injured a couple of years ago on the job and it's been a rough road for him since). They are having a surprise party for him in 2 weeks at the local FOP. All I know is that I want to make the cake really special, not the typical flat sheet cake w/the dept badge on it. Once I know how many servings, I'll know how big I need to make it. I'm just trying to get some design ideas right now.

Thanks for any and all suggestions, help, etc.! icon_biggrin.gif

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butterflywings Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 8:03pm
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Ok... so this has turned into a bigger deal! LOL

I've been asked to make a cake for 100 for the surprise party at the FOP, in either a Cleveland Browns or Cleveland Indians theme (apparently these are his favorite teams). I don't really think I could incorporate them both into one cake, since one is baseball, the other football and their colors I don't think would coordinate well (blue & red and then orange & brown ).

Now, I've also been asked to make the cake for his official retirement reception the following week, also for 100. For this one I'd like to incorporate the departments logo and the badge (they have a neat hornets nest design), maybe some police related items, handcuffs, radio, hat, car.. I dunno. I'm thinking navy & white for the colors with accents of silver. But the design is alluding me. I thought about maybe doing the bottom tier as the Charlotte skyline, including major buildings around town & our football stadium (maybe). But I'm kind of stuck...

I've spend most of the afternoon going through the galleries looking at police cakes & ble themed cakes and just haven't really been inspired yet! HELP!!!

Doug Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 8:38pm
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1st cake -- a big sheet for the servings...top look like carpet or wood flooring

big TV with edible image Pic in Pic on screen. Main pic is baseball, smaller inset football.

man in recliner -- sleeping? -- newspaper on floor turned to sports page.

remote in one hand, beer can in other. If he has one, a dog asleep too.

he can be wearing the baseball cap and a football jersey.


or It's SSS time -- Sports, Suds, Sleep!


for second -- what was in rank? his last assignment? any special accolades or awards he received over the years? any special activities on behalf of the force? (like athletic league, etc.)?

how about a memory cake? edible image pics of his career that go around each tier and on top a trophy or the badge w/ a "retired" ribbon across it?

butterflywings Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 9:00pm
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Ok, I LOVE the first idea!! Might tweak it some though, as we didn't want a big sheet cake, but your ideas help!

I thought about the memory cake, and I might go with that on one of the tiers. The tough thing for me is that I know he doesn't WANT to retire. Since he was shot 2 yrs ago, he's been out on disability leave, but working to return back to the force. But unfortunately, he's not going to recover 100% from his injuries, thus the medical retirement. I've emailed the coordinator of the party to find out about specialized units, etc so I can incorporate that as well.
Thanks for your ideas, Doug.

Any others are appreciated as well!

Dawanka Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 9:08pm
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Dougs idea for the first cake is great. The second cake you could do a sheet cake and make the car cake pan on top of it and use the rest of the space on the sheet cake to put a badge and the PD logo.

butterflywings Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 9:14pm
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hhmmm... great ideas.. but we're trying to stay away from the flat sheet cake idea.... we're going with 3 tiers stacked

Doug Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 9:27pm
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on tv/recliner idea....didn't clearly state that it would be a 3D tv and a 3D recliner, 3D figures (man & dog)...not a flat image.

The sheet under it is just to make sure enough servings and would look like the floor of the room.

tv and base of recliner could be cake as well. (and if talented at building/stacking the back of the recliner also)

if really wanted to go over the top - -the dog too could be cake and icing instead of a fondant/gumpaste figure.

butterflywings Posted 2 Jul 2008 , 9:35pm
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D'oh!!!... I see where you were going now, Doug! Sometimes, it takes reading it again to understand... I'll have to see if I can find anyone locally to do an edible image of the pic in pic idea... I don't have an edible image printer yet (its on my wish list). Unless anyone wants to offer to do one for me and sell it to me?? icon_biggrin.gif (j/k.. kinda.. sorta.. maybe)

butterflywings Posted 3 Jul 2008 , 2:41pm
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ok... so i just found out that there is a very real chance the retirement party (the official one) will end up on the news.. which means my cake could end up on the news!! EEEKKK talk about pressure!!!

so i've come up with almost a complete idea for that one... 3 tiers, bottom tier being various buildings from the charlotte skyline (yes,this idea came from ace of cakes LOL), middle tier containing the logo/image of the dept and the different areas he worked, the top tier is giving me fits b/c i just don't know... and the topper will be a 3d replica of their badge (it's so pretty, silver w/gold accents, looks like a normal police badge but has a hornets nest design to the silver)

i need help with that top tier... i'm not opposed to changing this idea, i still have time (and complete artistic control (i think i hate that) to do what i want

Doug Posted 3 Jul 2008 , 3:13pm
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top tier:

edible image of honoree framed w/ dates of service?

or words of congrats?

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