Cookies And Wedding Cake...should I Do It?

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GeminiRJ Posted 21 Jun 2008 , 3:30pm
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My best friend (we go way-y-y back) has a daughter getting married in August and I agreed to do the wedding cake. I got an email from her yesterday, wondering if I could also do 250 monogram cookies for the reception. My first instinct was to say no way, no how! I still have some residual pain in my wrist from some cookies I did for my sister two months ago. I told my friend I could possibly screw up my wrist bad enough that I would not be able to do the cake, but that I wouldn't know until the week of the wedding. She said her daughter really wanted to have the cookies, but it was up to me. What would you do? I like to bend over backwards for this friend, because I know she'd do the same for me. Still...

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mcdonald Posted 21 Jun 2008 , 3:48pm
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I wouldn't feel bad if you say no. I mean... the cake will be a project in itself I am sure. That's a lot extra to do. I don't think that she would be upset... That could of a friend wouldn't want you to hurt yourself on her account.

CakesByLJ Posted 21 Jun 2008 , 4:10pm
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Do you have carpel tunnel or something that causes that kind of pain? You should not jeopardize your health for any reason, and I am sure she would understand that... If it is a question of a particular technique that causes you discomfort, consider doing something different that would be easier on your hands... and lastly, you could do the cookies way ahead and freeze them... hth

fiddlesticks Posted 21 Jun 2008 , 4:11pm
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I guess it depends on how fancy the cake you have to do is ? And if maybe you can do the cookies ahead and freeze except for maybe the monogram? And maybe you can wear a brace type of thing on your wrist ? Only you know what you feel like ! If you can freeze the cookies ahead and have a break in between that and the cake to rest your wrist ? Just some thoughts !

Marysmom Posted 21 Jun 2008 , 4:22pm
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No, I would not do it. You know yourself. Chronic nerve pain (like carpel tunnel) is awful. It starts in your wrist and begins to radiate up the nerve. It can be terrible and debilitating.

Go with your first instinct. No Way, No How!

GeminiRJ Posted 21 Jun 2008 , 4:31pm
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I appreciate the input. Maybe I just needed someone to tell me it would be okay to say no. I thought about doing them and freezing them, but I don't think I have enough freezer space. Thanks everybody!

Yomomma Posted 22 Jun 2008 , 3:38pm
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If you topped the cookies in fondant and stamped out the monogram in fondant too you'd save yourself a lot of wrist strain.

But saying no is always a reasonable option.

deetmar Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 12:28am
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I was just in the same position, and I did do it. They all went out yesterday. I will say that I was very stressed, it wasn't over the cookies, it was over the cake.

I did the cookies early, froze them, cut the packages, and printed out the labels. We had an assembly line yesterday morning and got them in the bags in nothing flat.

The cake was another matter, last minute, the bow broke, which I did three weeks ago, I was stressed to the max.

I would say that you know yourself. Had I not learned here about freezing the cookies, I would have never done it. They were beautiful and everyone loved them.

I haven't been able to upload any pictures for almost six months, so nobody can sees how my work has progressed. I have learned so much from everyone here, and I am so grateful.

GeminiRJ Posted 23 Jun 2008 , 11:53am
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Originally Posted by deetmar

I haven't been able to upload any pictures for almost six months, so nobody can sees how my work has progressed. I have learned so much from everyone here, and I am so grateful.

Ditto, that! Before CC, I hardly ever did cookies. Then I saw so many beautiful cookies here, I decided to give them a try. Hooked!

Sorry the bow on the cake broke! Last minute glitches are huge stressors, and that's why I'm already worrying about the cake. The cookies...not so much. I'm going to ask exactly what they are looking for (size, colors, how detailed). Then I will have to make my decision.

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