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shellshell Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 1:19am
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The Bride is allergic to Chocalate and the groom is allergic to yellow but they want a champaine colored cake. icon_sad.gif

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Karema Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 1:48am
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Is the groom allergic to yellow dye? Or just yellow cake mix? If he is not allergic to the dye I would make a white cake maybe with a buttercream filling or fruit and the icing I would use like a light brown or ivory to make it look a little like champaigne. That's a hard one good luck! The WASC recipe sounds perfect.

dydemus Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 6:09pm
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Unless he tells you what in the yellow he's allergic to, it's hard to get around that. I usually make white cake, but with egg yolk, so it ends up being a light yellow.

TooMuchCake Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:01pm
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Wow... that's a tough one. Can you do the whole-egg white cake and add some extra vanilla extract to give it more color?


DoniB Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:09pm
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Why not just do a white cake and use Ivory or golden yellow icing color to tint it to the right color? I've done that before with both cookies and cake, and it works like a charm. You're not using enough to affect the recipe, either.

Just a thought!

cupcakemkr Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:10pm
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is he allergic to eggs? milk? glueten? or the color yellow? icon_biggrin.gif

if he has a dairy / egg allergy you can do a vegan cake...

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:22pm
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As other posters have said, you need to find out specifically what he's allergic to - what ingredients in yellow cake. Personally, I would be very careful as allergies are no joke. I know that some people who have nut allergies are so sensitive that if another person eats peanut butter and stands within a certain distance to them, they can have a reaction from that. Please get specific information and bake accordingly or else refer them to a baker that specializes in allergy friendly cakes.

pinklesley1 Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:36pm
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yeah as SugarPlum said... allergies suck.. i have several... i am one that is allergic to chocolate... but i am not allergic to white chocolate...
i am also allergic to MSG (like cant even go near it at the food supply place i go to get my supplies...
and i am alleric to something in tomato sauce and ketchup, that they still do not know what it is... and it is not the tomato, bc i can eat a cart full and noting, but a tsp of ketchup and im done for...
so you need to find out exactly what he is allergic too... but there are ways of making white into yellow without using dye... like someone said... use WHOLE EGGS....

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:44pm
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Originally Posted by pinklesley1

yeah as SugarPlum said... allergies suck.. i have several... i am one that is allergic to chocolate... but i am not allergic to white chocolate...

That one is actually the norm, by the way. Many do not realize that white chocolate is technically not chocolate at all since it does not contain any cocao solids like chocolate does; it contains milk, sugar and cocoa butter, but not the solids. icon_smile.gif

pinklesley1 Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 7:49pm
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i know it is... but like you said alot of peopel dont realize that... you can do white chocolate.... with people that have chocolate allergies...

shellshell Posted 9 Sep 2008 , 3:29am
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The groom is allergic to yellow dye. I ended up making a white cake and I used bcf. I used butter crisco to tint it yellow.(There is no yellow in it)

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