Deeply Hurt By Fellow Decorator, Having A Hard Time

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handymama Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 7:37pm
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I'm just getting started and as some of you know have been working extremely hard for months now to get my new, licensed, attached-to-the-back-of-the-garage bakery built and in business. In fact, as I write this I'm covered with paint smears.
My number one wish list (but can't afford) items were silver cake plateaus in both square and round. A few weeks ago I saw a new ad by someone who is going out of business and had plateaus for sale. I called both her numbers immediately and said I wanted them, but didn't hear back and assumed I hadn't called fast enough.
A couple of weeks later she called and explained that she'd been out of the country and was just getting back to people. Most of what she'd had was no longer available, but she did have one square plateau that she hadn't listed and was now going to sell. I was elated!! I told her I definitely wanted it and asked if she had any other items. As we talked she remembered a large round plateau that she should sell, too. Elated again! I told her I would definitely take both of them, and since she's in another state offered to send immediate payment with paypal. She declined, and said she wanted to look and see what other pans, etc. she had and what she wanted for them and would get back with me. When she called back the end of last week she said although she had the plateaus, etc. boxed up for me she had a wedding coming up and didn't want to try to total everything and figure out postage until the beginning of this week. I told her again how excited I was to be getting the plateaus and offered again to make a Paypal payment so she wouldn't have to wait for a check. Yesterday she called while I was painting and left a message that she wanted to get things finished and mailed out. I called back and her husband answered and said she was on the other phone with her daughter and it might take awhile for her to call back.
This morning she called and said "I'm sorry, but I sold the plateaus to someone else and there's nothing that can be done about it. She had expressed an interest in them earlier but had never gotten back to me, then yesterday afternoon she just showed up and wanted to buy them. I have a good reputation here locally and I wanted to protect that so I guess I just felt cornered."
I'm a strong, unflappable person who can handle pretty much any emergency or amount of stress, but I'm sitting here right now with tears streaming down my cheeks and I just don't seem to get past this even though it's been hours now since the call. I feel so betrayed, and feel such a huge loss as well. I've even eaten a whole Payday and extra large Hershey bar, but to no avail. I know there isn't a thing that anyone can do to make this right, but I thought at least my CC friends would allow me some venting. Thanks for "listening".

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awolf24 Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 7:43pm
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I'm sorry to hear this happened to you! I think she felt backed into a corner but she still should have explained to that other person that since she had not heard back from her, she had already promised to give them to someone else. Please try not to let this bother you so much! Be comforted that you know you would never treat someone else this way...sometimes, you just can't explain or excuse other people's actions.

Best of luck with your new business! icon_smile.gif You do beautiful work - I'm sure you will be a success!!! And you'll find other plateaus...check around ebay or craiglist or other online sources....hang in there. thumbs_up.gif

KHalstead Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 7:52pm
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Look, you have no idea what REALLY happened. For all you know she had NO plateaus and was set on ripping you off and decided against it. Everything happens for a reason and you may be out more than a couple off priced plateaus you may have been out the money too!!! Just focus on something else, another opportunity will come up when the time is right. You have enough other things to worry about right now. ((hugs))

jessieb578 Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 7:58pm
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Oh No!! Don't you dare get all upset over someone who has no class! I agree with KHalstead and awolf24, things happen for a reason - maybe those plateaus were all beat up and you would have paid money for something that wasn't so great. You don't know what really happened and it all works out for the best.

Trust me, don't shed any tears, that money will be well spent on something else for your shop!!!

Keep up the great work!

smoore Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:06pm
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I agree ...

Wait for some of that Hershey bar to digest and everything will work out. You may need to make that Hershey bar a double, though! icon_smile.gif

cheeseball Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:08pm
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Vent all you like...better out than in icon_wink.gif. Sometimes when I have myself set on having something it just seems like the ultimate insult when it doesn't happen the way I planned. But then sometimes, things are actually working for our benefit and something better than what we planned comes along. My Mom and I like to say to each other when it looks like things aren't working out, "If it's for me, it will be for me".

onceuponacake Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:10pm
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although ths is upsetting, maybe you are feeling it more becuase of the stress of getting the shop up and running?

ive been through worse with other decorators like those who talk behind your back not realizing they are talking about you in front of people they don't know are your friends and worse!

so cheer up! im sure you'll find your plateaus eventually and just think you'll have your own shop up and running in no time! icon_lol.gif

Marysmom Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:11pm
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Ugh! How awful. I hope you feel better soon.


patrincia Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:21pm
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Ouch! I had something similar happen, only it was a piece of furniture for sale on Craig's List. I know how disappointed you feel!

If it's any consolation, they probably weren't in very good shape after all the years she used them. Save your pennies and you'll be able to buy nice new ones before you know it!

EMMANORTH Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:22pm
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I'm so sorry! Everything happens for a reason... I agree check out Ebay!

Swede-cakes Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:29pm
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Aw, sorry this happened to you! It stinks when you feel like you lost out on something you wanted so much!

Have you checked in your area, or perhaps a larger metro area and see if the seller would be able to ship to you if necessary? There's a beautiful silver 18" silver round for sale on the Boston CL, but I don't know if she'd ship. Just a suggestion...hth.

You'll find something, don't worry!! icon_smile.gif

Aliwis000 Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:31pm
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There is not reason for you to cry! You did nothing wrong. I dont mean to sound crude but you are better then this! Yesterday I was hit by someone who ran a stop sign and now the insurance company is giving me hell for something that WAS NOT MY FAULT AT ALL!!! A-holes are A-holes they stink so get away from them as fast as possible.

wendysue Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:35pm
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That really does stink. She doesn't sound like a reliable business woman to me at all, which might explain why she's going out of business.

On the upside, at least you hadn't sent her money via PayPal... who knows what would have happend if you had. I mean, would she have made good on that sale? Doesn't sound like someone I'd want to do business with.

Have you thought about listing on Craigslist to see if anyone has stands in your area? I think you can list items wanted as well as items for sale there.


tiptop57 Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:43pm
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You win some and you lose some - it is a business you know. So buck up and keep your eyes peeled. There is something better down the road for you.

Remember the saying a door closes and a window opens..... icon_wink.gif

alicegop Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:46pm
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That is jerky! I'm sorry that happened to you.

I recently bought square and round cake plateaus on ebay and I love them! I got EIGHT plateaus for $300 (I got the round set and then I got the square set)

I don't know who this guy is, but was VERY happy with not only the plateaus but very good customer service. I realized after I paid that there was a cheaper shipping option and he very quickly refunded me the extra shipping.

Seller is platinumsingh

I noticed he has the same sets still for sale! Maybe his prices are less than what this lady was going to charge you.... They are really awesome looking!

Round Wedding Cake Stand Set NEW silver Platter Plates

CakeWhizz Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:46pm
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Sorry this happened to you. Allow yourself to wallow for a day or so and afterwards pick yourself up and focus on the positives in your life. Be thankful for having the space to build your bakery in the first place (I live in a city in the UK where believe me space is at a premium and I would have to be as rich as Martha Stewart to be able to afford to build a commercial kitchen next to my garage!). Be thankful for the skills you have in creating beautiful cakes. Be thankful for the hordes of customers that are soon to come your way. Be thankful for the money you could have lost if you had paid by paypal and didn't get the plateus. Be tthankful for supportive CCers. I could go on and on but big hugs to you and do let us know when you hopefully track down other plateus and post the pictures please.

Sugar_Plum_Fairy Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:49pm
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I agree with KHalstead. Maybe this happened for a reason and you'll find a better deal in the near future. Chin up and lots of {{{{{hugs}}}}}. Hope you feel better soon.

wendysue Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:54pm
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Grace, What is cake camp?! I have to know! lol


this-mama-rocks Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:56pm
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Repeat after me:

Time wounds all heels, time wounds all heels, time wounds all heels.

Mike1394 Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 8:59pm
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That sucks. Sorry it happened.
Do you have a picture of what your looking for? If you do PM me.


mayamia Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 9:01pm
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don't feel bad, you dont even know this person she really did not wanted to hurt you she has no reason, I think she just felt pressured to sell to the other person

wgoat5 Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 10:48pm
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Please don't feel down icon_sad.gif

Chin up.... I have 2 plateaus ... 1 I found at TJ Max for .. now get this...... 35.00!!!! It's not REAL silver but it's beautiful ... it's only 14 " though... the 2nd my mom found at Kohls... for 60.00 .. that one is a 12 " ... you can find better deals icon_smile.gif


handymama Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 1:11am
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alicegop--I've looked at those sets on ebay but was concerned because they're aluminum. Do the two larger ones look sturdy enough to hold a very heavy cake--say a 5 tier fondant covered? Did they come with instructuions that told how to keep them shiney?

Ironbaker Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 3:33am
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Chin up and push forward. You're building your own kitchen! You have much to celebrate and be happy about. Better things are coming.

wgoat5 Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 3:41am
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oh oh oh THANK YOU Ironbaker icon_smile.gif

alicegop Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 5:46am
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Originally Posted by handymama

alicegop--I've looked at those sets on ebay but was concerned because they're aluminum. Do the two larger ones look sturdy enough to hold a very heavy cake--say a 5 tier fondant covered? Did they come with instructuions that told how to keep them shiney?

Check out my picture gallery. The cake I made the other weekend (5 tier cornelli) is on that cake plateau. Held up WONDERFULLY and I got sooo many compliments on it! I am extremely happy with the cake plateaus.

No instructions, but I have another cake plateau and I've been using windex or stainless cleaner or silver polish. all work.

Ironbaker Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 1:51pm
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You're welcome! thumbs_up.gif

Housemouse Posted 22 Jun 2008 , 4:00pm
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If that woman was being straightforward then she just has questionable judgement.

On the other hand if she stuffed you without a second thought then Karma will surely prevail and what goes around will come around!

You know how things should be done so am sure you will be a huge success. Good luck with your business.

handymama Posted 22 Jun 2008 , 7:37pm
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Thanks to all who replied. I've recovered but of course dearly wish I had the plateaus. I checked on the one on craigslist in Boston as soon as it was mentioned, and the seller replied saying "I'm sorry, but someone is coming for it this weekend." Now that's the honorable way to have handled it!! I've checked every craigslist in my state but didn't find anything, and of course we all know what they go for on eBay.
I believe the woman I was dealing with was genuine and accurate about the quality and condition of the plateaus that she had--she said they were Warwick, a brand I'm not familiar with. She's in her 60's and seems fairly frazzled with the details of closing down her business, so when this person showed up at her door and said all the right things to pressure her she just caved. But for Pete's sake they were already boxed up to send to me! I think that even as she was completing the transaction to "save her reputation locally" she knew she wasn't doing the right thing. Now she and I both have to live with the consequences, but I'd rather be in my shoes than hers.

handymama Posted 22 Jun 2008 , 7:51pm
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Also wanted to thank those who prayed. The peace that comes only from that came within an hour after my posting.

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