Who Is Your Avatar?

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JenWhitlock Posted 12 Jun 2008 , 5:46pm
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mine's my kids.
it's a year old -- they get big so fast! -- but I love this photo.

tenleysmommy Posted 12 Jun 2008 , 6:05pm
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Thank you SugarBakerz,I got her name from Tenley Albright the first woman to win a gold medal in figure skating.Her middle name Bleu is from gone with the wind.The only bad thing is you cant find a meaning for it anywhere,if anyone sees one let me know icon_razz.gif ,
Oh and you little man Noah is adorable!

Iheartcake Posted 12 Jun 2008 , 7:10pm
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tenleysmommy wrote:

[/quote]The only bad thing is you cant find a meaning for it anywhere,if anyone sees one let me know

tenleysmommy Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 12:47am
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Thanks Iheartcake that was sweet of you to take the time to look that up.Too bad I have no clue what "old english meaning for "Dennis's field" means. icon_lol.gificon_lol.gif

CakeInfatuation Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 1:29am
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Mine is my Dad sitting on my Mom's Birthday cake.

dshlent Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 2:37pm
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This is my 3 year old son, Dalton, after his bath!!

marmalade1687 Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 7:57pm
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My avatar is a photo that I snapped of my two kids on a hike through the woods one spring - they were up ahead looking for wildlife to take photos of, and I figured that they were a pretty good example of "wildlife"!

msauer Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 8:13pm
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Right now, mine is just one of my cakes from last summer, I ike to change up my avatar as well....maybe it's time again...

Love the babies! Makes me want another one...my youngest baby will be 4 in just a few months! icon_cry.gif


coreenag Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 8:16pm
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Mine is youngest, Mercury, when he was 1. He loved to hide in boxes icon_smile.gif They grow up way to fast! I have a 15, 13 and now 3 year olds!

lilypie Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 8:22pm
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Mine is... Jesus? well, it's me... wait...
It is the tattoo of Jesus on the back of my neck.

pinktea Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 8:48pm
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My brother's 1-1/2 year old granddaughter on the playground.

seagoat Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 8:53pm
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mine is the sunsets here at the begining of the year, when the sun sets in the ocean.

Lucky me, this is my view when I sit at the computer.

JawdroppingCakes Posted 13 Jun 2008 , 9:49pm
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This is such a fun thread. I have always wondered the meaning behind the avatars each one uses. Mine is of my daughters, 11,9 and 4 years old. My middle one was celebrating her 9th birthday in this photo.

JulieB Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 10:43pm
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Originally Posted by jessfmaldonado

You know I am glad this was brought up. Every time I try to upload an avatar it always says it is too big. I even tried 3 different programs to make my pic smaller and it still wont take. Anybody have a suggestion?

I know, I know!

My son just showed me how. You just pull the picture up in paint, which on my computer is as easy as hitting "edit". Then you go under "image" and check the attributes, and they will tell you how big your picture is, say 500 x 500 pixels. So on CC your avatar has to be 110 x 110 or less. So you do some division, and that picture needs to be 1/5, or 20% of its size. So you go to "image" again, and then to "stretch/skew", and make it 20% of its size.

That may be the long way around, but it works.

My son is a genius! icon_lol.gif

ssunshine564 Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 10:48pm
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Mine is of me and Bronwen Weber. She is the best teacher I have ever had.

aliciaL_77 Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 11:02pm
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mine is one of my favorite cakes I have done.. the roses came out perfecyt and the icing was soo smooth.. I am considering changing it again

ladij153 Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 11:02pm
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Mine is my DH......you can't tell really from this pic but he is a dead ringer for Willie Nelson!!!

fiddlesticks Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 11:03pm
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I Love this thread ! Mine is of my very first fondant figure ! I loved making him !And he reminds me of myself..Always seem to be in a tangled mess tring to figure out this cake decorating stuff !

miny Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 11:03pm
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Mine is McQueen, this cake cost me blood and tears up to the uploading! icon_mad.gif My sis helped me to do it, I have no idea how but she uploaded it, icon_confused.gif I wish I had that shrinking website before!. Anyhow this cake was so hard that I wanted to share it with everybody who shares my pain!....... and passion for cake decorating. icon_lol.gif

southerncake Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 3:28am
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I have really enjoyed this thread and have read every single page!!! I love all of you avatars!!

Mine is pretty boring -- around here we bleed Carolina blue!! I think of DH every time I see my avatar since he is such an avid Carolina fan!

Jenn123 Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 11:02pm
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This has inspired me to put up a new avatar! This is me making my first masterpiece in my grandparent's bakery in 1978.

just_for_fun Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 11:22pm
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Mine is my three dd's dressed as bakers. It's 1 1/2 yrs old, I have to update it to include my son who is 4 months old now.

southerncake Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 11:40pm
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Originally Posted by Jenn123

This has inspired me to put up a new avatar! This is me making my first masterpiece in my grandparent's bakery in 1978.

I love this one!! What a great picture to have!

1nanette Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 11:47pm
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These are my nieces London and Daji. At the time, October 2006, London was 5 and Daji was 4. They were flowergirls at my cousins wedding.

cwcopeland Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 11:50pm
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First of all, I think that CC has the most beautiful babies and kids around! I love cruising along in the forums and seeing all the pictures of the kids.

My avatar is my Chihuahua, Gracie. She's a typical Chihuahua shivering all the time even in the summer. This was taken last summer when I was doing laundry. She loves the laundry when it first comes out of the dryer. She comes running when she hears the dryer door slam. She got overheated from sitting on the hot clothes and started panting. She never pants because she never gets hot. I thought she looked like she was smiling.

bobhope Posted 15 Jun 2008 , 11:59pm
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mine is the flag of the Philippines!..where i come from...will change it soon though to my favorite cake i did w/c is also on my business card icon_smile.gif

DaisyLisa17 Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 12:05am
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Wow, I love this thread! I just had a plain-o smiley face til I read through here. Now my avatar is me and my hubby at a friends wedding in January.

Thanks!! I've been wondering how to do that!

playingwithsugar Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 12:17am
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Mine is an embroidery pattern I found online, which I thought went well with the serious cupcake thread that has entertained us for the past few weeks.

I added the caption via MSPaint.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

patrice2007 Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 12:23am
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Mine is my 1st carved and fondant cake I ever did. It is my favorite.

fiddlesticks Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 12:23am
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DaisyLisa17.. Nice to SEE you !

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