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heycupcake Posted 10 Jun 2008 , 9:08pm
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Doing a wedding cake in 2 weeks and MUST have the SPS! haha

Thanks y'all!

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tiggy2 Posted 10 Jun 2008 , 11:41pm
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Here's a link to Oasis http://www.oasisupply.com/Products/Products.asp?Page=5&CategoryID=65 Global Sugar Art also carries them.

chrissy410 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 4:52am
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if you order from oasis supply make sure to indicate that you need it shipped immediately because I ordered May 31st which was a weekend of course but I just got mine today. Global sugar is a little faster.

CakeDiva73 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 4:55am
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Not sure about prices but when I ordered mine thru GSA, they shipped them literally within 2 hours of me placing my order.......

milissasmom Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 5:19am
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Global Sugarart is phenominal at getting things out ASAP! Order it from them...

Children Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 5:42am
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I've heard amazing things about this system. How exactly does it work? What does SPS stand for because I couldn't find it on the website?

CakeDiva73 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 5:59am
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It stands for Single Plate System ( I think icon_smile.gif ) and it basically has plates in different diameters and you snap 4" legs securely onto them and push them into the cake. They have a little nib that sticks up from each plate, which you use prior to placement to put a small hole in the corresponding upper layers' cake board.

Then when you are ready to stack, they just sort of 'snap' into place. You have to bake your layers to 4" or order the larger ones and fuss with cutting them so most people say to just be sure all layers are 4".

Leah will probably come along with proper explanation and directions....... I used mine for the first time 2 weeks ago and it was like magic. icon_smile.gif[/list]

LeanneW Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 1:22pm
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oh my goodness, I am not saying you shouldn't order Bakery Crafts products but let me tell you my little experience with them...

I filled in thier signup form (on thier website) so I could login and see the pricing for the SPS system. After filling it all in I get an email saying that I have to provide my Federal tax ID # to get a customer #, then I can log in and see the prices.

so first I am annoyed b/c I was just checking it out at a friend's house and don't carry around my entire business in my handbag, but I understand that they don't sell to the public and need it to verify that I am a business owner.

I kind of roll my eyes but what can I say, I filled out a form when I wasn't prepared.

OK, so here is where the experience starts... I get another email from a diff. person at Bakery Crafts titled "HOUSE WIFE EMAIL". no joke.

The email goes on to explain why they need my tax ID # and asks me to reply with the info. So I reply by saying I think the subject line is totally offensive, how can they just say that a baker interested in thier products is a house wife if they don't have a tax ID #. What about men who are hobby bakers, what about hobby bakers who are the furthest thing from "house wives".

First of all I believe that being a woman who is a home maker and/or mother is very respectable so I really resent thier stereotype.

I wrote to them telling them how I felt (2 weeks ago) I coppied all the email address I could find for thier company and I still have not got a response. No apology, no explaination. I am totally offended and told them so.

I would like to try this product but I am really turned off by the professionalism of the company.

If there is a suitable alternative I would gladly pay more money to not have to order a Bakery Crafts product.

wgoat5 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 1:27pm
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you can order this system without the tax id number...

I LOVE this system... I do ALL my stacked cakes with this if I am traveling pretty good distance with them. And I get them back (but they are so cheap you really dont have to)

I absolutely swear by this system!!!! icon_smile.gif

I drive like a bat out of .. well you know what with a cake in the back and it doesn't move LOL

LeanneW Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 1:37pm
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Originally Posted by wgoat5

you can order this system without the tax id number...

I was trying to order them directly from the manufacturer Bakery Crafts.

when I was looking on other sites like GSA I found that some of the pieces were out of stock so I thought I could do a one stop shop at Bakery Crafts. But now I am stunned at thier arrogance and thier lack of apology once I told them how offended I was.

wgoat5 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 1:40pm
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I'm sorry Leanne icon_sad.gif

Did you try the www.oasissupply.com site?

I need to read more LOL

I hope you don't give up on this system

jessi01 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 1:54pm
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I was checking and compairing prices and such.. I found them on oasis but could not find these on globalsugarart.com How am I missing it?? aIs there any other good sites to get these from??

leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 2:05pm
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SPS = Single Plate Separator.

I'm stunned at BakeryCrafts response as I have ordered from them for years and found them to be courteous and helpful. Sometimes they will put me on hold to go physically check the inventory for an item that I really, really need.

They are wholesale only and will not even talk to you if you don't provide the Fed tax ID number up front. I suspect that they've been bombarded with inquiries.

However, Oasis sells the SPS parts at the same price that I can buy them "wholesale" from BakeryCrafts.

As always, if anyone wants the instructins, PM me with with your email. Please don't forget to include your email.

jessi01 Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 10:08pm
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do you have to order the plates and legs seperatly or do they come as a set??

leah_s Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 10:25pm
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You order them separatley. Order just what you need or build up your inventory.

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