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twistedsplinters Posted 7 Jun 2008 , 11:17am
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My last two stacked cakes have ended up not up to par with me.

about lets say an hour after icing and decorting them i will go back and check and there is some sort of HUGE bubble in the icing like a balloon is blowing up the is the second time this has happend. does anyone know what is causing this and how to stop it from happening????

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MadPhoeMom Posted 7 Jun 2008 , 3:00pm
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that's happened to me a couple of times...i felt like i was on that 3 stooges episode....
VERY frustrating...

mine seemed to be linked to my cake being cool....and what i assumed to be 'not cool enough' before i frosted it.?

but i'd love to see what everyone else says...


Luby Posted 7 Jun 2008 , 3:09pm
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I don't know for sure as I've heard conflicting answers, but the one I've heard the most is too much air incorporated into the icing. Don't stir your icing in a circle after it's mixed-take your spatula and "slap" your icing on the side of the bowl (does this work-who knows?).

When I get an air bubble I take a toothpick and poke the bubble in the middle to release the air and then take a hot metal spatula and smooth the area again.

TexasSugar Posted 7 Jun 2008 , 3:30pm
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I've heard people link this to freezing or keeping the cake in the fridge then icing it before it was room temp. I have had this happen to me before and the cake was neither in the freezer or in the fridge.

I think what it is from is the air that is in the cake and ask it settles, which it will after you torte and fill and let it sit. After the cake settles that air is pushed out and there for gets trapped between the cake and the icing.

I'm not sure there is one right or wrong answer for it, but did you crumb coat first? If you crumb coat you can let your cake sit for and hour or two and settle before you ice and hopefully that helps.

twistedsplinters Posted 7 Jun 2008 , 6:33pm
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yeah i do the crumb coat 1st, It is just weird to me bc i have never had it happen before and with the last two stacked cakes its like clock work exactly almost an hour after icing it with the final icing layer. hmmmm Im kinda getting worried bc i have a wedding cake in two weeks and I DO NOT WANT THIS TO HAPPEN TO IT. UGH

vdrsolo Posted 10 Jun 2008 , 12:39pm
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I have only had this happen when I was in a hurry and did not let the cake settle after filling and crumb coating. I normally let them settle for several hours or overnight. Thankfully it wasn't a wedding cake!

costumeczar Posted 11 Jun 2008 , 7:19pm
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That happens when air in the cake, most likely from between the layers, comes out and creates the bubble. I can see how it would happen if the cake was frozen or cold when it wsa iced then warms up, too. It mostly happens to me when I've stacked a cake and the pressure from the top one makes a bubble appear on the lower one.

When you put the layers together make sure that you press down on the top layer to get rid of any air pockets between the layers. When you do the crumb coat, make sure that you really force icing into the crack between the two layers. If you leave a pocket of air in that gap it can make its way out later.

twistedsplinters Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 12:04am
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well i had another stacked cake this past weekend. I made sure that the layers were level and pushed the icing in any cracks that were there. and NO ICING BUBBLE!!

indydebi Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 2:05am
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Originally Posted by TexasSugar

I've heard people link this to freezing or keeping the cake in the fridge then icing it before it was room temp. I have had this happen to me before and the cake was neither in the freezer or in the fridge.

The only time I've had this happen is when I iced a cake that was "too" frozen. I can crumb-coat while it's mostly frozen, but I let it sit awhile to (a) settle and (b) thaw more.

Others have said they've iced totally frozen cakes with no problem .... so maybe I'm doing something wrong. But this was always the common denominator when I got the bubble.

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