Who Lives In Ontario Canada And Uses Satin Ice????

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__Martha__ Posted 3 Jul 2008 , 11:04pm
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Well, I will either be going to Golda's or to Create-a-Cake next week. I won't know which until Thursday morning. icon_biggrin.gif

My daughter has been in Europe all summer and is coming home on Thursday. Even though we are in London (mid-point between Detroit and Toronto), it was several hundred $$ cheaper for us to drive her to Detroit so she could fly to Toronto to catch her flight to Europe, than it was to just catch the same flight in Toronto. Stupid airlines. So, she's going to try to get her bags checked just to Toronto and then not take the last segment. If that works, I'll be going to Golda's and also to McCalls. If not, I'll swing by the Port Huron shop on the way to Detroit airport later in the day. Either way, it's all good!

I am anxious to know how the Golda's brand of fondant is. I should try it, as it's much cheaper that the Satin Ice. The one thing that they have at McCalls that I want is edible gold flake. I got a container of it years ago and just ran out. Just a little sprinkling on cupcakes or a cake or brownies really is pretty.

For those in the London area, I noticed that Bulk Barrel (not Bulk Barn) in Westmount carries McCalls fondant. I haven't tried it though. I just wonder how long things like that sit there on the shelf, as that mall is pretty dead these days. I guess it would be dated though. They carry several different colours.

SUELA Posted 3 Jul 2008 , 11:47pm
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I used the Bulk Barn Virgin Ice at first, now I use The McCalls fondant...I am in Kanata so I stock up when in GTA. McCall's is better than the Virgin
Ice...myself and another instructor did a taste test once.

tracey1970 Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 12:09am
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I've used the Virgin Ice too as the Bulk Barn is one of the few food shops in my small town. I found it not too horrible taste-wise (better than Wilton!), but I found it very goopy. It was very "wet", and I found it hard to handle, hard to work with. I made a bow out of it, and what a mess! It didn't hold a shape and didn't dry well at all. I ended up mixing it with gumpaste to make the bow. So while I would prefer it for taste over Wilton, I didn't care for how it worked up.

the cake whole Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 12:33am
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So if you drove to Golda's from Lindsay how far would you say the drive was??? I know that when I went to the place where I got the Choco Pan it seemed a little off the beaten trail, and I am not very good when driving in unfamiliar places!! But if you say that Golda's is an easy find off the hwy than I may have to take a little drive.

Where in Brooklin do your parents live?

ebear Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 12:40am
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Hi..Golda's in Mississauga is South of the 401. Once you get off the hwy I think its the first light past the 401. You make a left on Argentia and its just past the hotel on the left hand side. Keep an eye out for it because its in kind of an industrial strip mall..Across the street is Home Depot.

HTH.. icon_smile.gif

tracey1970 Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 1:36am
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Yes, Golda's is right off the 401. I think the exit we took was Winston Churchill, and it was almost right there. Detailed directions are available on the website. It took us just over an hour and a half to get there in good traffic. It takes us about 40-45 minutes to get to Brooklin, so you'd shave that off your drive. We had no trouble finding it following their directions from the site.

It's actually my brother and sister-in-law who live in Brooklin. I've only ever been to their house directly from Lindsay, so I have no idea, in relation to the rest of Brooklin, where they actually are. There is a Catholic elementary school just down the road and a rather large, new daycare centre just a block or two away from the school. I can't even remember the name of the school! Sorry I can't remember more. They live in one of those somewhat newer labrinth type subdivisions that you need a GPS to get into and back out of. I don't know if I could find the house without my husband driving.

SUELA Posted 4 Jul 2008 , 11:12pm
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Oh, tracey1970 we share a similar "baby" mine is Geilo born June 2001.

tracey1970 Posted 5 Jul 2008 , 1:28am
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Is Geilo a Weimaraner too?! You must see more of them in a big city like Ottawa than we see in tiny little Lindsay - ? Otto is something of a town "celebrity" because it's so rare to see a Weim here. He's a 'princess' because of all the attention he gets, and he loves every minute of it. He's the most mild-mannered dog, and we love him so much. Is your a male or a female?

ncbert Posted 6 Jul 2008 , 11:08pm
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Hi everyone!

I just got back from a week of holidays at my friend's in Oshawa. It was a rough week of lounging poolside and and only stress was decicing on the next blender cocktail! icon_razz.gif
On the way back to London,we stopped at Golda's and did some shoppin'. I got the Wilton 2009 book, 2lb. of "Golda's" white fondant ($7.50), Satin Ice black fondant 2lb.($15.50),nut cups and some other odds and ends.
Nice store, but I think I still like the prices of Scoops and Cakes in St. Thomas and Create a Cake in Port Huron. Not that I will never go back to Golda's just what I prefer,so far!

Glad to see this post has still being kept going!

__Martha__ Posted 7 Jul 2008 , 11:09pm
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Those are the three things on my list for Thursday - the new book, black and white fondant. I am sure a few other things will hop into my basket though. icon_biggrin.gif I won't know until Thursday morning whether it's east to Golda's or west to Create a Cake. Either way, it's all good! icon_smile.gif

Eileenscakes Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 12:39pm
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Hello Ladies! Welcome back Nancy, nice to hear you had a good vacation.

I have a strange question for everyone; what paper towel do you use for the "viva" technique of getting your buttercream smooth? I cannot find any non patterned paper towels!!! I have been using the Costco ones and then just smoothing it with my hand to get the pattern out.

Thanks thumbs_up.gif

Happy shopping Martha!! Create a Cake is awesome!!! icon_eek.gif

tracey1970 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 1:26pm
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Eileen, I use a clean page of computer printer paper (thanks to Sharon Sugarshack). Obviously, it has no pattern on it. Also, I use the Melvira roller method. Canadian Tire sells high density foam rollers.

Boy, Martha, that sounds like quite a dilemma to have! I wish I lived close enough to either place that I had to make such a decision - have fun!

ncbert Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 2:12pm
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I bought Viva's in Port Huron at the Meijer's. I bought the largest package of 8-12 and use them sparingly. Love using them! It makes it sooo easy!
They seem about the same as the blue shop towels. Which I did try but found it left left some blue fluffies icon_cry.gif.

I have also found the small density foam rollers at Dollarama,after I had paid more than a buck icon_cry.gif at the hardware store.


Eileenscakes Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 4:42pm
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Thanks Tracey and Nancy.

I have tried the computer paper and found it stuck to the BC but maybe I just did not wait long enough before smoothing...I will try it again.

I am going to PH this Friday and will pick up some Viva...along with other fun stuff!!!

PS...has anyone seen a coupon for Michaels this week?

tracey1970 Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 5:23pm
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No coupon yet ...

phoufer Posted 8 Jul 2008 , 6:11pm
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Canadian Tire has towels called Shop Rags they are blue. That is what I use, never had a problem smoothing since.

__Martha__ Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 3:13pm
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I went to Golda's last week and stocked up. I bought both the red and the black Satin Ice, as those are impossible colours to make. I can't wait to try them!

Also bought the new Wilton book, which I thought was a waste of 12 bucks. thumbsdown.gif

tracey1970 Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 4:21pm
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Martha - when you use the red fondant, would you mind taking a pic of the cake and posting it on here? I would be interested to see what the red looks like. I say that because I ordered the pink fondant on-line, expecting it would be more of a "baby" pink. You can't really tell the colour from the "swatches" on Golda's site. However, as is clear in my photos (the "present" cake), the actual colour was more of a fuschia, quite bright, almost neon. I gather that black is pretty much black, but I'd love to see the shade of red. I'd appreciate if you could show what the red looks like. Thanks!

the cake whole Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 5:38pm
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Just a quick question...
Have any of you tried mimac glaze delux ice rolled fondant???
I found a supplier in Brampton and apparently once you have tried this fondant you will never go back to what you were using before!?! I currently get Choco Pan from a supplier in Mississauga and it would be nice to try something else!


tracey1970 Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 6:29pm
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ohare - never heard of it??

the cake whole Posted 16 Jul 2008 , 6:39pm
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I may order a 10lb pail, as I seem to be busy and am slowly running out of Choco Pan. The supplier gave me a price to ship it from Brampton to where I live in Brooklin and it works out to be the same amount that I spend on Choco Pan. The only thing with the Choco Pan is I have to drive into the bowels of Mississauga to pick it up! That supplier is conveniently only open mon-fri 9-5, go figure.

If I order some and try it out I will let you know what it is like!

__Martha__ Posted 17 Jul 2008 , 10:35am
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Originally Posted by ohare

I may order a 10lb pail, as I seem to be busy and am slowly running out of Choco Pan. The supplier gave me a price to ship it from Brampton to where I live in Brooklin and it works out to be the same amount that I spend on Choco Pan. The only thing with the Choco Pan is I have to drive into the bowels of Mississauga to pick it up! That supplier is conveniently only open mon-fri 9-5, go figure.

If I order some and try it out I will let you know what it is like!

That sounds interesting! Our son lives in Brampton, so we are up there at least once a month, so I could save on shipping. Can you share the name of the supplier?

the cake whole Posted 17 Jul 2008 , 11:18am
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The supplier is Essence Cakes. I believe the website is www.essencecakes.com

Eileenscakes Posted 17 Jul 2008 , 12:56pm
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I spoke to this supplier a few weeks ago and she said that their product was made by another popular named fondant (she would not say but I am thinking it is satin ice??) and that they just put their label on it and sell it. When I priced the cost of shipping it would have worked out to be the same as a pail of satin ice including the shipping. ohare I too would be interested in hearing how it is if you do order some. I ended up not getting any from there because I had a trip to Port Huron already planned and bought the fondex down there.
Martha - I too just bought some black and red because I am sick of trying to get the colours right!!! I have not used the red yet but the black is great!!

the cake whole Posted 17 Jul 2008 , 3:40pm
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The fondant is made by Mimac Glaze and is sold under the name Deluxe Ice Rolled Fondant. I'm not sure if that is the same as Satin Ice! I will definately let you know how it is when I order some. I still have 1/2 a 10 lb pail of Choco Pan to go through. Now that is good fondant!! The supplier for Choco Pan is in Mississauga.

tracey1970 Posted 18 Jul 2008 , 12:29am
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Hey Everyone!

I got a new Michael's coupon today - good until July 26th. It's for 20% off an "entire regular price purchase" so not just one item. As usual, it's no good on sale items, but I haven't seen them do a coupon for an amount off an entire purchase before - ? Anyhow, Here's the link if you want to print it off and use it.


ncbert Posted 18 Jul 2008 , 1:34am
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I just came back to my puter and saw a new post here and a Micheal's coupon. icon_biggrin.gif Yeah, not as good as 50% off ones,but I guess if I buy a few items it might work out as good or better!



rltmeng Posted 21 Jul 2008 , 12:32pm
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Hi All,

I am looking for some advice. I am doing my first wedding cake, carrot with cream cheese icing and covered in mm fondant. Someone wrote in another post never to use cream cheese icing under fodant because it makes the fondant melt ( I really don't want that to happen). Any words of wisdom from anyone would be really appreciated.


kels_bells Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 9:23pm
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Hey all.
I'm from Cambridge Ontario. Just made my first trip tp Goldas last week and really liked it.(a little pricey) And luved using Satin Ice for the first time.
Has anyone ever purchased Sweetex here in canada?
And the Mccalls wharehouse is it open to the public? Is it worth the mmbership?

annacakes Posted 22 Jul 2008 , 9:33pm
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Kels...I think it's worth it. Mostly because of availability tho. The prices were good but what I liked was that you could get just about ANYTHING you were looking for. Liked that.

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