Who Lives In Ontario Canada And Uses Satin Ice????

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Eileenscakes Posted 14 Jun 2008 , 1:25am
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Hello again London and Ontario fellow CCers!! icon_biggrin.gif For some reason I did not get any more notices that people were replying to this tread??? icon_cool.gif I am glad I checked back, there seems to be a good bunch of us here, we should meet for coffee and trade secrets!!!!

Nancy, I see you took the city course, I just finished the beginner level, who was your instructor? I was planning on taking the intermediate on Tuesday nights starting in September...but I must say I am learning a ton from this website so I am not sure now.

I have never heard of Fluffo, I will have to grab some next time I am at the valu-mart. Has anyone used sweetex or alpine shortening and if so can you buy it in Ontario or do I have to go the the US?? I am going to try to go to St. Thomas tomorrow to pick up some fondant and I think i will ask them about the hi-ratio shortening.

Well I better put the kids to bed!!! Glad to meet you all! thumbs_up.gif

ncbert Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 1:52pm
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Eileen-my instructor was Donna

I just went to Oshawa on the weekend and when we went thru TO, I actually saw the sign for Golda's Kitchen . It's on this side of Missisauga,you can see the it's sign right close to the road. I have to go back that way for my holidays and think I'll make a stop. icon_biggrin.gif

Funny the cake gods must be on my side as just a few stores down is the Harley Davidson store for my BF to go to also!

btw Eileen and others I would be into meeting for a coffee anytime!

yaadie Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 6:40pm
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is anyone EAST of Toronto?? I am in courtice Ontario between Oshawa and Bowmanville... and really just got into 'selling' cakes, but I have been making cakes fo 10 years!

phoufer Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 7:12pm
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For those who are around London, St. Thomas area. I used the Dawn fondant I got at Scoops & Cakes in St. Thomas and it was very easy to work with and tastes just like cotton candy YUMMY

the cake whole Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 7:25pm
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I live in Brooklin (East Whitby) and I am trying to get Satin Ice as well. Right now I drive all the way to Mississauga to get Choco Pan, but I wanted to try something different.

tracey1970 Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 7:41pm
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I am in Lindsay, which is eastern Ontario. I have in-laws in Brooklin and my father-in-law works in Whitby (though he lives in Lindsay). My folks are in Peterborough. Small world.

As I've mentioned, I order my Satin Ice on-line from Golda's. I don't make a lot of fondant cakes, so while it is a bit more money than I'd prefer to spend, for the small number of cakes on which I use fondant, it's OK for me to do that. Once I'm off work for the summer, I can see myself on a day trip to Toronto and an in-person visit to Golda's.

michellesArt Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 8:14pm
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i absolutely love that i replied to this thread!! i sometimes felt like an outsider not being from the states so it's nice to see so many from ontario-i'd love to get to golda's as i'm close to TO-i'm from collingwood and there is nothing here but bulk barn-if i want micheal's i have to travel to barrie (hard to do when i don't have a car!!) i use the virgin ice and maybe cuz i haven't tried anything else i LOVE it!! if it gets sticky just add a sprinkle of icing sugar, if it dries out while using it, add a bit of shortening. i really wish we could get together and pick brains (we have a lot of talent here). look forward to getting to know you all more icon_smile.gif

michellesArt Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 8:21pm
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oh and to add a bit of history...i first learned to decorated cakes about 10 years ago at Tim Horton's (yes, they did once sell cakes) it was just basic BC and flowers then the black forest kind- i loved it so much that i started buying the wilton yearbooks ( i think some date back to '96) i've pretty much tweeked(sp?) my skills through those books and in the last 2 years i've developed even farther and now that i found cc i've made leaps and bounds-love using fondant!! i'm a very creative and visual learner and this site it like overload of ideas for me (my orders definately do not keep up with what i want to test out) lol can't wait to read more about my fellow decorators!!

ncbert Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 9:24pm
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I'm REALLY enjoying this thread!

Looking forward to gettin to know everyone!

Nancy icon_biggrin.gif

MichellesArt- I use to always get myself a Timmies b'day cake,and of course a coffee too while there.lol

ChristieFinkle Posted 16 Jun 2008 , 9:38pm
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Hey there! Cambridge,Ontario here! I have and do go to Klara Johnson's, but before you head to Cambridge for the store, think twice! Klara herself is a wealth of knowledge and extremely helpful! unfortunatley, her stock is lacking! I've gone doen a few times thinking that I would be able to get specialty things and accesories, no such luck! I usually travel into McCall's in Mississauga.
Nice to see so many Ontarian's!

michellesArt Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 1:24am
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i think we should try to pick a time and meet at golda's in TO-that would be too fun!!

the cake whole Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 2:35am
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Hey is there is anyone in the East end who wants to take a trip to "Goulda's" we should plan a "car pool!" With the price of gas always going up. It is so nice to be in touch with other Ontarionians!!

ChristieFinkle Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 11:28am
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I don't know if I'm in the right spot for car pooling! But I'd love to meet up at Golda's, never been!
Let me know!

__Martha__ Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 11:50am
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Originally Posted by michellesArt

i think we should try to pick a time and meet at golda's in TO-that would be too fun!!

That would be fun! My schedule is a little crazy for the summer, but let me know if/when anything gets planned and I'll try to make it. There are a number of restaurants and coffee shops nearby - we could meet for lunch!

ncbert Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 1:51pm
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Sounds like fun...My only problem is we only have one vehicle between me and my BF,and he works just out of town and I walk to work...but hey who knows..

I see there's a few here in London,and would easily meet you's here someday!


ChristieFinkle- I actually grew up in Cambridge(Galt)...lived the end of Grand Ave.

greyhoundlover Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 2:15pm
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I am also from London. I order my Satin Ice from www.intotheoven.com and ship it to my sister who lives in upstate New York. They have great customer service and ships fast!

I also get fondant from Scoops in St. Thomas, it's sooo yummy! She also sells a chocolate fondant, it tastes like fudge.

phoufer Posted 17 Jun 2008 , 4:39pm
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Hi greyhoundlover

I tasted the chocolate fondant and it is really good, will get some of that next time. Was really happy with the dawn fondant, it was super easy to work with.

Eileenscakes Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 6:06pm
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This is awesome!!! icon_biggrin.gif Looks like there are quite a few of us from Ontario! I was hoping to get to St. Thomas on the weekend but did not! icon_cry.gif Maybe this weekend!!! (BTW phoufer I don't know your real name to tell her who sent me!!!)

MichellesArt - When I was pregnant with my second I used to drive around London looking for a Tim Horton's piece of white cake with white icing...that was all I was craving (needles to say 4 years later I am still working on getting the weight off!lol)

Glad to meet everyone, let me know when the road trip to Goldas is happening and I may be able to join in!!! thumbs_up.gif

phoufer Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 6:22pm
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My name is Karen, not sure if she would remember my name but tell her I was the one from Windsor and she probably will

cjmommy Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 6:57pm
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I'm kinda late replying, but I'm from Georgetown, just outside of Mississauga. In fact, don't be jealous, but I live a 10 minute drive from Golda's icon_wink.gif.

I love this site and it's so exciting to see so many Ontarians!

getfrosted Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 7:27pm
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I just went through everyone's pictures and I have to say that us Canadians have some talent!


Eileenscakes Posted 18 Jun 2008 , 7:42pm
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Holy cow do you ever have talent getfrosted...your cakes are to die for!!!

What fondant do you use?

wildflower Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 2:00am
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hii there christine!i live in cambridge tooo and im so glad that i have someone so close!id love to keep in contact!

giggysmack Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 2:10am
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Has anyone heard if you can get it in Port Huron I live just accross the river.

giggysmack Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 2:19am
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Originally Posted by terrylee

I know this is kinda off the subject of Satin Ice but you are from Canada.....I was wondering if you have ever seen Fluffo shortening in your stores. I heard that they might still produce it in Canada...

Anyone seen it.........

I have a German cookie recipe that only works with Fluffo, and have tried many many other things but no go.....not the same texture or flavor.

I'm in California - thought it might be worth a try to ask......Thanks.........

I've seen fluffo I think at Giant tiger if I run across it again I'll let you know.

giggysmack Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 2:35am
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Originally Posted by greyhoundlover

I also get fondant from Scoops in St. Thomas, it's sooo yummy! She also sells a chocolate fondant, it tastes like fudge.

greyhounder do you know if scoops has a website?

ncbert Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 3:12am
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giggysmack-No it doesn't ....I have been there twice and my BF has gone there to pick supplies for me too,as he works in St. Thomas..(How handy for me..)LOL. I'm sure he is the only guy that calls to pick up icing and know what he's talking about..LOL


getfrosted Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 11:03am
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Eileen - thank you for the compliments! I couldn't be where I am today with CC!!! As for fondant, I now use Goldas' Kitchen brand for white, ivory and chocolate and Satin Ice for colours. I used to use Creative Cutters fondant, but got tired of having to dig out all the little hard bits that were in it.

DuckyChickenLady Posted 19 Jun 2008 , 12:46pm
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I have yet to use Satin Ice, but thought I would post since I too, am an Ontarien! icon_biggrin.gif
Eastern Ontario...just west of Ottawa... Nice to meet you all.
* I learned to decorate cakes whilst a teen at Baskin Robbins... 20 some odd years later here I am. The kids are older, and I have a home based business.

__Martha__ Posted 20 Jun 2008 , 12:45am
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Originally Posted by giggysmack

Has anyone heard if you can get it in Port Huron I live just accross the river.

Hi Lori,

I heard rumours of a place in Pt. Huron, but I've been unable to track it down. I don't think I ever knew the name of the place, but it's located in Victorian Plaza (?????). Please let me know if you are ever able to find it. London is only an hour away and it would be a lot cheaper down there, I'm sure.

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