Individual Cakes?

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Jealena Posted 30 May 2008 , 9:11pm
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Does anyone know how far in advance you can make individual cakes if you apricot glaze them and then use the poured cookie icing over them. I saw in the wilton yearbook but does not say how long they will last or how far in advance you could make them???/ Please sons wedding in July and I will have a house full of company so would like to do these all in advance about 100. What do you think? Any help would be appreciated!!!! Please??????

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gateaux Posted 31 May 2008 , 6:17am
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I am going to guess a couple of days. you probably dont want these to be any longer then that.

I hope this will get you more anwers.

Good Luck.

johnson6ofus Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 6:16am
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thicker icing= better "seal" and longer shelf life

Syrup soak the cakes a bit, so they stay moist

Fruit use cuts down shelf life, so maybe consider another option/ recipe.

refrigerate for longer life.

Make in stages. make cakes and freeze (wrapped) . Thaw and decorate.

Make a batch for practice, eat one each day and see what loss of flavor you get/ tolerate.

Jealena Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 12:14pm
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Thanks do you know of a recipe that pours well instead of the cookie icing? I am going to do some trials and want to try some different ones/favors etc. Would like something that has a real finished look like the hardened cookie icing but does not have to be since will be on the cakes. I am open for suggestions. Thinking of baking this week to see how they come out... Any ideas are appreciated.... Thanks ahead of time for any help! icon_smile.gif

gateaux Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 2:38pm
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I wonder if you could use the Toba Garrett icing and adjust the liquid to meet your needs. You will probably have to pour twice to get the right tickness and I would suggest using some whitener in your icing before you add color to get the proper coverage as well. You are basically making petit fours.

HTH Good Luck.

confectioneista Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 2:58pm
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How about Peggy Porschen's poured fondant icing? It looks glossy but has a thinned RI consistency. I think that would give your cakes a couple days of shelf life. And she uses simple syrup on her cakes to keep them moist and add flavor so you wouldn't have the issues with the fruit. HTH

Jealena Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 2:58pm
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Thanks, Yes the petit fr's are exactly like what I am doing. Which toba garrets icing? And yes I do think I will need to pour twice or maybe 3, have never done them??? What do you mean whitner? Will that help w/ coverage? I have never used that? What and where would I get it from? Is it Wilton whitner?? Does it change the consistency?

Jealena Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 3:14pm
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Thanks!! Do you have a thread for Peggy Porschens recipe? I also like the idea of the simple syrup to add shelf life. Where can I find out how to do this. I have never done before, only standard cakes that have been eaten right away and standard crumb coat. Dont want to do that on these small cakes..... icon_smile.gif

confectioneista Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 3:18pm
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Jealena, I don't know if there's a thread on here for Peggy Porschen recipe. I have two of her books (which I love) so I can PM the recipes and the how-to's to you. You can get her books probably at any bookstore (Barnes and Noble for me) or on Amazon. I'll send the info along to you shortly! icon_smile.gif

dandelion56602 Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 3:25pm
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I love this link--I use to hate petit fours until this link. I also like using a 1 oz or 2 oz ladel to pour the icing. And I've done step 2, wrapped well & frozen for 2 weeks w/ no change in taste or flavor (just make sure your freezer doesn't have smelly stuff)

Here is a link that has a couple of recipe. I use wilton's recipe& don't have a problem w/ it. Just Don't let it get hot (I don't leave mine on the burner for more than a few seconds)

Whitener just make the icing more white. Wilton will work. It is pretty watery so I would put it in first. You can also color w/ paste colors. I've never had any luck w/ pouring more than 1 layer on the cakes. It always seems to not run over the cakes as well & I end up w/ run marks down the sides & too thick of an icing. They aren't suppose to have a thick icing b/c it's rich as is.

Jealena Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 4:59pm
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Thanks, you have all been so HELPFUL!!! Don't know how I would get some of these things done withou your help!! I will await the info on Peggy!! Thanks again.....

dandelion56602 Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 5:51pm
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Have any of you tried her recipe w/ homemade fondant instead of store bought?

confectioneista Posted 2 Jun 2008 , 5:54pm
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Originally Posted by Jealena

Thanks, you have all been so HELPFUL!!! Don't know how I would get some of these things done withou your help!! I will await the info on Peggy!! Thanks again.....

I'm typing it up now! icon_smile.gif

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