Kids Cake Decorating Birthday Party - How Much?

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zoraya Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 3:30pm
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How much would you charge for a kids cake decorating birthday party? Its for a close friend. Here are the details...
She'd like each girl (about 10 of them 8 years old) to have an iced 6" round that they can decorate. I would make the cakes, ice them, and teach them some techniques at the party. I will color the icings and have bags ready for them to use. She's going to buy the supplies needed such as boxes, boards, icing, etc.
Any words of wisdom on this as far as pricing, how to run it, and what to watch out for would be much appreciated! TIA

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Mac Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 3:34pm
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I do these and they are very successful. I charge $20.00 per child. Includes cake and take home box.

ccr03 Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 3:38pm
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Wow! You are more gutsy than I ever would be!

I think before you figure out the pricing, how many kids would there be at the party? And would each girl for her own supplies, so would everyone share? (i.e. one bag of red icing vs. 10 bags of red icing)

Those are just some things I thought of to consider.

notjustcake Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 4:12pm
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Hey I'm getting ready to do one of these parties for the first time for my daughter I can only help you by telling how much work really goes into it!

zoraya Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 4:19pm
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ccr03 - there will be 10 girls, I will supply everything for their use. Figure I'll have 2 bags each of 4-5 colors and they share them. Only thing they will take home is their decorated cake in a box.

mac - more details please!! I would love to hear from experience. Did you provide everything? Are you able to buy in bulk so you get lower prices? I'm a hobbyist so I get everything at my local AC Moore and Michaels. So other than coupons, I don't get discounts. Please share your knowledge.. icon_cry.gif

cakedecor - how did you do? Am I really asking for it here? Sounds like fun to me but I'm sure its going to be a lot of work for me. Thats why I want to be sure I get paid fairly for it.

Thanks everyone!!

fmcmulle Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 4:20pm
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I also charge $17-$20 per child. I supply the icing,cakes and pictures. They learn different borders and ideas on how to decorate them. The kids just love it. icon_biggrin.gif

jovigirl Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 4:28pm
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For the poeple who are doing this, do you have your own space where you hold the party or do you go to where the party is being held? This is something I have been thinking about this for a while as there is nothing like this around where I live. Also what age do you start this as my daugter will be turning 5 in April & I would live to do something like this but not too sure the kids would be old enough...

notjustcake Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 4:45pm
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Sorry forgot to mention her party is not until January 27th I am now in the proccess of just buying my supplies and I will let everyone goes how it cause so check back on the 28th I will share all the details and email pictures if you like it will definetely be a good party and a lot fo work

fmcmulle Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 6:15pm
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I think the 5 year olds would have a great time doing it. I think it will go a little slower than the older kids. Maybe for the younger groups just do a 4" cake insted of the 6". I think the best ages are around 7 and up. My daughter is turning 12 in Spetember and she wants me to do one for her and her friends. thumbs_up.gif

zoraya Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 7:13pm
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Originally Posted by fmcmulle

I also charge $17-$20 per child. I supply the icing,cakes and pictures. They learn different borders and ideas on how to decorate them. The kids just love it. icon_biggrin.gif

Faye - details, details, please... I want to know everything you can share icon_lol.gif

Did you provide everything? Are you able to buy in bulk so you get lower prices? I'm a hobbyist so I get everything at my local AC Moore and Michaels. So other than coupons, I don't get discounts. Please share your knowledge..

SILVERCAT Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 7:16pm
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Originally Posted by zoraya

Are you able to buy in bulk so you get lower prices? I'm a hobbyist so I get everything at my local AC Moore and Michaels. So other than coupons, I don't get discounts. Please share your knowledge.. icon_cry.gif

Thanks everyone!!

Just athought for you if you are looking into buying bulk. Do you have a Sam's Club, BJ's or Costco, you could buy some of your supplies there. I just bought my powdered sugar at BJ's for next month, and it was $2.50 for a 4lb bag of Domino's 10X bag! It equals out to two 2lb bags of wal-marts brand but it is name brand your getting here! Good Luck and I can't wait til my kids are older I have already thought about doing this for them! I think they will have a blast!

fmcmulle Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 9:02pm
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I supply everything for the party that they will need. I buy as much in bulk as I can to save money. I order off the net alot. I also have a cake supply store about a half hour away so that helps alot also Sams has some of the items that I like.

I have only done a couple so far and the kids are just fascinated. I have several bags with different colored icings ( I only do the buttercream). Then they choose the tips and I have pictures for them to look at just to get them started. OH, the main thing is I have the cake already iced for them.
I try to get and accurate count from the parent and if time allows I let them pick the base color, that would be totally up to the parent. Other wise they are all white.
They normally last about 1 1/2 to 2 hours. I do most of the clean up at my home. I hope this helps you some. If you have any more questions pm me and I will try and answer. thumbs_up.gif


mitsel8 Posted 11 Jan 2007 , 9:27pm
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I can't help with prices, but I did do this type of party for my daughter when she turned 6, two years ago.
It was very successful. There were 8 girls all together. I made cheap chef hats out of poster board and tissue paper. I wrote their names on the hat: Chef Taylor. They painted plain aprons that I had outlined with a sharpee marker. I drew a simple outline of a 3 tier cake(just like the wedding cake cookie cutter). Unfortunately the aprons were too wet to wear, but they had a nice apron to take home.
I baked a 2 tier cake(6" and a 4") for each of them. To keep the icing simple, I just had a sky blue BC for the base coat. The rest of the icings were all pastel colors in the bags with assorted tips. They had a great time. I took a picture of each of them with their cake and chef's hat and sent it in the thank you cards.
To finish it off, I found these great clear plastic cake boxes(Stew Leonards), I also typed out stickers on the computer that said: Allegra's Birthday Cake Bakery to put on the top. Then wrapped it up with a pretty ribbon.
Sorry this is soooooooooooo long.


zoraya Posted 12 Jan 2007 , 7:49pm
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Thanks for all the answers everyone! Lots of great info and I appreciate all the feedback.

Leslie - you were so creative with your party - sounds great!

Faye - Thanks for the info. I was wondering if you provided the iced cake in your price since thats what I'll be doing. Thankfully I will be doing this at their house, not mine, so cleanup will be more of a joint effort with the mom of the birthday girl.

Silvercat - I have a COSTCO and I buy my shortening and powdered sugar there. I was mainly wondering about boxes in bulk I guess since I can only purchase those 1 at a time.

Sounds like $15 - $20 per kid is the running rate. I'm going to figure out how much materials will cost me, plus prep time and party time. Then I'll determine my rate.

Looking forward to doing this and I'll let everyone know how it went.

Cakedecor - be sure to tell us how it went! Good luck! I'll be doing mine at the end of Feb.

Thanks everyone!!!

Mac Posted 12 Jan 2007 , 11:34pm
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Sorry--I have had trouble getting on so this is late info.

I use the disposable bags and do 2 or 3 bags of the same colors (I limit it to 4 different colors). To speed it up, I have plugs of the frosting ready to pop in the bags. I have 15 small spatulas, and 20 of tips 104, 3, 16 and 32.

I have a minimum of 10 kids and a maximum of 15. I supply the frosting and sprinkles (here's a good tip, give the sprinkles AFTER they have almost finished decorating, or they will put the sprinkles on first and then the other frosting decorations won't stay). I show them how to make a shell or star border, changing tips, writing and how to make roses. They usually get frustrated so I end up making roses for everyone...I limit it to 1 rose for everyone. Sometimes if I have leftover royal icing flowers, I will let them use that.

Another thing I show them is how to make roses using tootsie rolls, they get that pretty quick and I can find the bags of the colored tootsie rolls at the Dollar Store.

Hope that helps--Pam

fmcmulle Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 12:34am
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Zoraya- the cakes are included in the price per person. Let me know how it goes.
Faye icon_biggrin.gif

zoraya Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 12:45am
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Thanks Pam! Great idea on using the plugs and sprinkles. I hadn't thought of that. I know what you mean about the site - I was going crazy the last 2 days trying to get on here. Thankfully its all better now!

nglez09 Posted 13 Jan 2007 , 12:49am
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That souds far more stressful than making making an entire cake within a 24-hour period.

I couldn't imagine doing that; congrats to those who can do it without wanting to run out the room screaming. thumbs_up.gif

zoraya Posted 27 Feb 2007 , 9:48pm
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Well I did it! Just did a kids cake decorating birthday party this past weekend for eight 9 year old girls. The theme was pink poodle so I made a 3D pink poodle for the party and then for each girl I brought a 2-layer 6" round cake, iced and smoothed. I then taught them how do do stars, dots and a simple border. It was a huge hit and the kids and moms liked it. I charged $17/kid and supplied everything. The birthday cake was a seperate charge. It was a lot of prep work but was tons of fun. Links to cakes..

Thanks everyone for all your help and ideas!

SheilaF Posted 28 Feb 2007 , 2:09am
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Looks like a great idea! I'm a Girl Scout Leader, and my girls ALWAYS want to do cakes for the holiday party every year. I purchased 20 #18 & 20 #21 star tips a few years ago for our first event, and we've just used the same supplies every year. It's time consuming pre-filling all those bags of frosting, but they sure do have fun and can be so creative in their holiday cake designs. Yours is much more organized having the cakes all frosted first.

nia0524 Posted 28 Feb 2007 , 2:32am
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Really nice...I've thought about this for my daughter (she's 6) and few of my friends have daughters that are interested in decorating...this may be the start of something new for me...Thanks for the ideas ladies. icon_biggrin.gif

Supermom35 Posted 4 Feb 2014 , 2:32am
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Hi Ladies


I gave my daughter a cake decorating party as well. I was through . 

It was great! The staff went above and beyond for the party. After learning how to ice and decorate the cake, the kids brought home their own decorated cake and cake pops and were so excited! The energy was great and my little girl had a blast with her friends! They weren't expensive at all, especially considering I didn't have to do anything! We had about 13 kids for her party, I don't remember the exact prices but you should check their site for pricing. 


Good luck on your search!

cakeyouverymuch Posted 4 Feb 2014 , 3:03am
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Why are you resurrecting threads from 2007?

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