Help Finding Oven Proof Bowls... For Boobs?!

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andromedaslove Posted 15 May 2008 , 1:23pm
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Ok... Here's the plan. I have 3 girlfriends that are ALL celebrating their birthdays at one big bash in June. They can get a little crazy... so I have decided to bail on the actual Girls Night Out... but I wanted to leave these cakes in the hotel room for when they arrive. Two of the girls have had some "work" done on their "girls" so I thought I would make the first cake for them, and the other girl has always made comments about her rear, so I thought I would make the second cake for her. As I was reading Debbie Brown's book "Hot Cakes" I saw that in order to get the shape for the breasts and butt that I needed a 1 litre oven safe bowl. I have no clue of where to find an oven safe bowl. I have just (and I literally mean JUST) started to decorate cakes so I know this is gonna be a bit of a challenge, so I will take any advice you guys can give!! Thanks.



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tiptop57 Posted 15 May 2008 , 2:28pm
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Any pyrex bowl should be the ticket or the small sports ball pan. Remember you will have to use heating core or rose nail to conduct the heat in the bowls. With pyrex you will still have some carving to do as the bowl has a little bit of flattened bottom.

andromedaslove Posted 15 May 2008 , 3:10pm
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You know what?! I didn't even think about needing the heating core for those. Thank you very much. I am sure I would have hated to see how the cakes turned out if I had tried without one!! If you don't mind me asking... what's the difference between a heating core and a flower nail. I have a flower nail, although I have yet to learn how to make the roses on it!! icon_redface.gif Does one work better than the other?

Also, since sculpting of the cake will be required is there a specific cake I should use? I have always used a mix, and to be honest never tried something from scratch (well I have tried scratch cinnamon rolls and we won't go there again!!). So, I am a little intimidated to try the recipe for the Madeira Sponge Cake suggested in the book. Any suggestions?

Edited to add.... I know the difference between a heating core and a flower nail!! icon_redface.gif That sounded a little silly. I meant the difference in the way they work as a heating core for the cake!! Thanks!!

tiptop57 Posted 15 May 2008 , 4:18pm
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Okay my two cents. I would use the small sports ball and I think it actually takes one full cake recipe if I remember right. Carving something round is tough to do.

I'd use a heating core on the bigger cakes for little cakes like this one a heating nail uses less space and you don't have to mess around with plugging the cake hole with more cake baked in the core. Remember to spray Pam on it!

Then the very best cakes for sculpting in the USA is pound. Maderia cakes tend to be too dry for our tastes and they have box mixes for those. You can turn a cake into a durable cake for carving with the recipes in the recipe section also. All it is is adding more eggs and oil to make it more dense.

HTH and let us know how it turned out.

sharon57 Posted 15 May 2008 , 7:39pm
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I have used the sports ball pans for boobs quite a few and times, it always worked great. Never used a heating core or flower nail, just used DH cake mix with a box of pudding and an extra egg.

Angelfire3 Posted 3 Jun 2008 , 2:39am
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Hello, I was reading your post and thought that I would help out. I JUST started making cakes too. Here is a direct link to "adult" cake pans. I ran across this site while browsing through the naughty cake gallery. Here is the link:
They have penis cake pans and breast cake pans.


Nicolle711 Posted 25 Jul 2008 , 2:52pm
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Hi Andromeda!

I got this same book and wondered the same thing! I have a bachelorette party coming up in September and want to do this cake! Please keep us posted on how things turned out for you. icon_biggrin.gif

msgwinn Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 1:07am
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Hi I am not sure about a oven safe bolw but you can check on Ebay for the bowling ball pan it is 2 half pans that are 4 inch pans I just did the boobie cake the picture is in the galleries on the top row pink and black with the silver dragees. It was fun and pretty easy

MaisieBake Posted 29 Jul 2008 , 8:09am
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Pyrex is oven safe. Easy, cheap, readily available, and you can use it for other stuff.

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