Using Pudding in your Cake Mix....

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stacyyarger Posted 6 May 2008 , 9:19am
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Hi All---

Question what does Pudding do to your cake mix and if I would use it how do you use it just add it to your cake mix.

thank you

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nikki72905 Posted 6 May 2008 , 9:36am
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I always put pudding in my cake mixes, I feel it makes the cakes more moist, and a little sturdier. I get rave reviews on the taste everytime I make a cake.

When you choose a flavor of cake Chocolate, Vanilla, French vanilla, etc. just choose the same or a complementing flavor and add to your cake mix.

When I do my cakes, I do not use oil and water, I use milk and butter.

Also if you take a white cake mix, and add say - pistachio pudding - you have pistachio cake, add a filling mixture of hevy whipping cream, vanilla, and white chocolate with cherry jello fondant, and the cake tastes a lot like watergate salad ... MMMMMM!

I also like using white chocolate pudding in my vanilla cakes and then ice and drizzle white chocolate ganache over ...

The possibilities are endless!

linedancer Posted 6 May 2008 , 10:05am
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I have a question. Do you all put additional pudding in your cakes when you use a cake mix with pudding already in it? I am having a hard time finding cake mix without pudding.

hwnhulahands Posted 6 May 2008 , 10:34am
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A friend of mine said that she does the cake mix according to box and just adds a box of instant pudding to make the cake moist"er". I have yet to try it.

nikki-how much butter? is it melted or just softened?

Mandica12182 Posted 6 May 2008 , 10:52am
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I just add it after I have mixed everything else in. Sometimes I do like nikki and use milk and butter..sometimes I don't have butter and I'll use oil and milk..just depends on what I have on hand..I always put pudding mix in though.

vickymacd Posted 6 May 2008 , 11:22am
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I have just started using pudding mix in my cakes. I think it makes the cakes a little heavier and baking time is definately longer. Made a bundt cake recently and personally, thought it to be almost like a pound cake. But everyone else thought it was delicious!

Yes, melted butter. I used margarine and it was fine. But this was for my family, not a paying person, which may make a difference to decorators. I am not.

AKA_cupcakeshoppe Posted 6 May 2008 , 12:11pm
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can you add instant pudding to a cake mix with pudding already?

nikki72905 Posted 7 May 2008 , 4:26am
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Yes, you can add pudding to any mix that already has pudding in it.

Before CC, I baked a cake for my family (my husband hates cake, because it is always dry no matter where he gets it from) That being said, I baked this cake, Chocolate cake... (already had pudding in the mix)

I added 2 boxes of butterscotch.... and the cake was very yummy... The cake was sort of Jiggly because it had so much pudding in it, it was extremely moist, and my family loved it. However --

Now that I know a little more, I could have just added the 1 box of butterscotch for flavor and texture, butter, and milk and I would have gotten a much better cake, that I could ice, and decorate much easier.

As for how much butter- It is melted - and it is normally half a stick to a stick of butter ... I sort of feel and taste my way through it. ... When I taste a batter and it is really good, I know it will be a good cake.

I used the Wasc recipe as well and added pudding - My cake was more like pound cake, but there was not a dry mouth in site...

Hope this helps!

Chrisl121070 Posted 7 May 2008 , 10:37pm
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So you don't need to add any more liquid or anything, just the box of pudding?

stacyyarger Posted 8 May 2008 , 5:51pm
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Thank You All Very Much for your Help

lovetofrost Posted 16 May 2008 , 12:03pm
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I saw in a lot of recipes that people add sourcream or butter milk. Would you do the WASC recipe AND add the pudding or just add pudding instead of sourcream or buttermilk. I'm getting so confused...

MosMom Posted 16 May 2008 , 1:01pm
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I was playing around with a boxed cake mix and here is what I did...

1 box Walmart Devil's Food
1 box instant chocolate pudding
1/2 C. Sour Cream
1/2 stick of butter (melted)
replace water with milk
3 eggs

Very very verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry good. I've never had a better chocolate cupcake.

pastryjen Posted 16 May 2008 , 1:28pm
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I add the pudding, 1 c milk or water, 4 eggs and 1/3 cup oil. I love it!

aswartzw Posted 16 May 2008 , 4:01pm
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You can just add the pudding mix to a cake mix (I just did this and the cake turned out super moist) or you can make your own extender. The extender is when people add extras like milk, eggs, flour to the cake mix. This is what the WASC is so don't add another pudding mix to that.

DaisyLisa17 Posted 17 May 2008 , 2:49am
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My pudding extender is similar to pastryjens...

Chocolate cake mix (Devils Food...yum)
1 box vanilla pudding
1 cup milk
3 eggs
2/3 c oil

Its easy and I've never had someone who didnt like it! Its delicious!

gscout73 Posted 8 Mar 2014 , 7:47am
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To a basic recipe, I add pudding mix (1/2 small bx) + sour cream (1/4 cup) + dream whip (1/2 pouch) + melted choc (1/3 cup) (I add white to any flavor other than choc cake) or grated Bakers (block choc) = moist cake

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