Fondant Surprise! Advice Please!!

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Shola Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 1:03pm
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So I decided to have a little test with the fondant I bought,(its the companies own brand) but this stuff is practicly a goopy liquid! icon_surprised.gif As soon as I dug a glob out it was just stuck on me like glue! I had to knead in a about a cup of icing suger to this tiny blob just to make it so that I could roll it! Only thing is the taste was fairly bland at the begining but after it was just soooooo sweet no one could've stomached it! I'd love advice on how to remedy this, should I use corn flour, will it taste worse if I do? (I will be adding some flavoring) What is the optimal texture of this stuff?

Sorry I'm a real beginner I had pictured fondant as something of a slightly sticky pastry texture! So now I'm panicing!

One good thing though I tried a bit of turquoise americolor gel in it and got a fantastic colour! Lol! thumbs_up.gif

Really I'd love to post a pic of this stuff straight out of the pot it can't be the same as the stuff you guys use to make those pristeen cakes!



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tiptop57 Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 2:45pm
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I see you are in Bangkok so the products are probably very different then the States. It doesn't sound right. It should feel like play might want to try making your own.

Shola Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 4:25pm
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Ah, PlayDough, if only that was edible, I can get that here!!
I hope there's a remedy as I don't wanna make my own, it's just another thing that could go wrong! I'm already worried about the cake and BC, I'll be doing a practice one before though icon_smile.gif
BTW TipTop I thought your avatar was actually a displayed necklace untill I saw the cake in the gallery, really amazing!

tiptop57 Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 5:12pm
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Thank you for the compliment.

Hmmm just try adding Powdered Sugar as it is the only remedy I know of for sticky fondant......

playingwithsugar Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 5:30pm
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Sounds more like candy fondant than rolled fondant, to me. The type used to make chocolate cordial cherries and creme centers for chocolate bonbons.

Please post the ingredients list, and one of us will tell you if there is something to add to it (gelatin, etc) which will turn it into a rolled fondant.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

tiptop57 Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 5:33pm
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Ohhhhhhhh Playingwithsugar - you're right, I hadn't thought that it could be poured fondant. icon_confused.gif Some days I am so dense. icon_lol.gif

allee Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 5:34pm
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I had put off working with/making fondant for the past few years, until yesterday. I made a batch of MMF from a recipe on here. First, it tastes SO good! Second, it was so much easier than I would have ever thought. From beginning to end, it was easy and fun! Especially after I dumped it out on my mat and kneaded the rest of the sugar in. It was like one of those stress balls. So much fun! I let it rest for about 5 hours, then rolled out half for a cake that was a gift for my BFF Michele. It turned out pretty good for my first try. I will definately be making more of it. Give it a try, it's super easy!

playingwithsugar Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 5:42pm
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Do they sell marshmallows in Thailand? MMF might be the solution to your current dilemma, considering the time frame involved.

I would not knead anything into it until after you let us see the ingredients.

Theresa icon_smile.gif

Shola Posted 19 Apr 2008 , 9:38am
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Haha! well this being Thailand there is no ingredients on the box just the companys sticker! I spose I could give them a call and ask, but I can get Marshmellows here, one supermarket has the 'Jet Puffed' ones from the US so if I can't remedy this I'll have to make my own.

My hubby just called them and they don't have the ingredient list but said theres suger and lime in it??! I don't know, but they said it's for cakes, although it does remind me more of the candy center stuff.

I don't have corn flour but I have ordinary flour do you think I should try a 50/50 mix of flour and icing suger so it's not so sweet?? I've got 3Kg of the stuff so I really hope I can use it!!


Shola Posted 19 Apr 2008 , 2:07pm
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Ok Update on the fondant saga!

I took a large blob this time and found it seemed a bit dryer than before? I think maybe it had seperated a bit and gone a bit slimy on top??

Anyway I used a mix of about 75% all purpose flour and 25% icing suger and kneaded it in, I also added a drop of vanilla, orange and lemon extract, I can't say the taste was great but if the cake's yummy then it would definatly be edible, also the consistancy was great I managed to roll out a nice circle (used some crisco on the rolling pin) and lift the fondant and it was very pliable and would've gone on a cake well I think! I cut out a few shapes to test in my air con again but luckily through the gracious help I've got on CC I have someone in Bangkok that can help me out with some gum-tex (Thx Roger!) so I will try that as soon as I get it! icon_biggrin.gif

One Q, once I've rolled the fondant it's very floury and dusty, is it ok to wipe it with a damp cloth or tissue after to make it look clean again?

alanahodgson Posted 19 Apr 2008 , 10:00pm
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If you're going to wipe it with anything, don't use water, use clear alcohol, like vodka. Water is likely to leave streaky shiny marks. I use my airbrush with vodka and that works perfectly. Another option is to rub some white vegetable fat into the fondant to clean up the dusty spots.

Shola Posted 20 Apr 2008 , 12:30am
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Right will do Thx! icon_smile.gif

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