Got My Cake Dummies In! Yay! Got A Few Questions....

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aprilcake Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 2:20am
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So cake dummies are here! I have a 6, 8, 10 whimsical...a 6,8, 10 round, a 5,8,11, 14 round and a 6, 8 square on top of a 10 round. So four altogether! I was thinking two more fun/whimsical colorful and two more elegant/wedding like...what do you think?

Can I just put criso on top of styrofoam and then the fondant or do I have to put buttercream down too? I just dont want to waste buttercream if I dont have to! I still need to dowel them or just one through the middle or none at all?

any of tips? thanks so much!

April :0)

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daisy114 Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 2:43am
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I just used crisco and it worked like a charm!

Kyleen Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 2:49am
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No, you dont need to dowel every tier, just the one center dowel once the tiers are stacked will do the trick. I glue the tiers together with royal icing. I use piping gel to "paint" on my styrofoam and then cover with fondant. I hear some use water. Have fun.

CoveredInCake Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 5:11am
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I'm sp glad you asked. I had the same question! You all are so helpful!

indydebi Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 11:56am
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I don't think you have to dowel styro's at all. The icing acts as a glue to hold them in place. I have about 30 decorated styro's and no dowel rods in any of them. They've traveled 150 miles to bridal shows and they've gone to a number of high school demo's that I've done.

aprilcake Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 2:37pm
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indydebi...what exactly do you do at the highschools with the demonstrations? does it get you clients?

indydebi Posted 17 Apr 2008 , 6:07pm
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Originally Posted by aprilcake

indydebi...what exactly do you do at the highschools with the demonstrations? does it get you clients?

Not exactly, but that's not why I do it. I, first, always wanted to be a teacher, so doing the demos, my time I spent as a Jr. Achievement volunteer, being a volunteer with the school's Mentor PRogram .... it's all my way of working with kids and showing them what CAN be for them. In my demos, I'm always doing little quizzes.... like when I mention crusting results from the ratio of fat and sugar, I'll say, "Ratio. Now there's a word your math teacher is always trying to teach you. What does that mean?"

When I explain baking strips and how they work, I'll start out with "Here's your science lesson for the day......"

What I try to do in the high schools is show them that the things they are being taught ... the things they sit there and think "Why do I have to learn this ... I'll never use this in real life?" .... I try to show them how they WILL use that info in real life.

If any of them happen to come by for a graduation cake in 2-3 years, well, that's just a perq I get down the road.

But I don't do the demos for marketing. I do them as my community activity.

aprilcake Posted 18 Apr 2008 , 4:28am
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thats great that you do that indydebi!

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