Ka Professional Vs. Artisian

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elsa77 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 3:51am
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Hi Everyone!! I have a question about which is the best KA to purchase. I want to decide between the professional or Artisian. I will not be selling my cakes, but love to bake. Can anyone give me advice please icon_smile.gif

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Texas_Rose Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 4:29am
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I bought an Artisan a couple of months ago and I love it. I'm not selling cakes, just baking for the sheer joy of it.

I found reviews of the two mixers: http://www.appliance.net/2007/review-kitchenaid-artisan-stand-mixer/ http://www.appliance.net/2007/sometimes-you-just-need-13-dozen-cookies/

If that helps! One thing might be to see how tall the professional is compared to how tall the space between your countertops and your kitchen cabinets is.

Mike1394 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 10:44am
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Get a Viking instead icon_biggrin.gif It's a KA that grew up, and took steroids.


dessert1st Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 10:53am
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I love my Professional. I host the family holiday dinners so the bigger the better for whatever I might get into. I'm sure you would be happy with either.

Momof4luvscakes Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:06am
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I have both, and use them for different things. If I am making lots of cake batter, I use the professional, but for buttercream I tend to like the Artisan better. It just seems to mix it better.

Arriva Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:18am
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I had purchased the Professional, but I didn't like the bowl lifter -- just my personal preference. So, I took it back and decided that WHEN I did get another mixer it would be the Artisan. Then, I found the new Cuisinart. I wanted the 7 qt, but they didn't have it in stock, so I bought the 5.5. I love it, but I still wish I had the 7 qt

yummymummy Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:24am
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I have the pro 600 series and I love it! I have a large family and being able to make 3 batches of cookies at once is great! It's also great for large batches of frosting.

I would opt for a larger model...if your going to spend the money, it's always best to be prepared for the future. You never know if you might deciide to sell some day. icon_smile.gif ...Caking has a way of being very addicting! icon_wink.gif

DoniB Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:30am
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I have the pro 600 as well, and it's a dream. It will take 3 cake mixes at once, and I can do two batches of NFSC or MMF without a problem. If you tend to bake a lot at once, I would recommend it. If not, then the Artisan will probably do you just fine.

I'll second what someone said about checking the clearance between your counter and cabinets, though. There's only one place on my kitchen counter that I can actually use mine, so it lives there, but it's not where I would have chosen to have to work. icon_razz.gif

And keep the splatter guard handy. The only complaint I have about the 600 (and I'm not sure if it's just a KA thing or not) is that it will splash up with the least little thing. And if you dare to dump more than a little bit of powdered sugar in at once... just be prepared to look like a ghost. icon_smile.gif

But I wouldn't trade mine for anything.

Mizuki Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:30am
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CUISINART!!!!!!!! thumbs_up.gif
Before you buy, do yourself a favor and check out some other machines. Although KA's are lovely, they've had a monopoly on the market and gotten complacent (imo). There are several companies out there looking to compete with KA and developing better machines with more options. I just bought my Cuisinart a few months ago to replace my dead KA. I will never, ever go back! It has a larger motor, a splash guard that fits tightly, a timer, more speeds, and the attachments are dishwasher safe. I love it, love it, love it!! Look around and see what else is out there.
Good luck! icon_wink.gif

suzylynn58 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:41am
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jam7, I have been looking at the cuisinart. Do you have the 5.5 or 7 qt?


Mizuki Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 11:48am
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The 5.5 I considered the 7, but I just don't do enough to justify it. Plus, I would have had to adjust my icing recipe.. icon_wink.gif

Mike1394 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 12:19pm
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The issue with the KA is they are no longer made by Hobart. I'm pretty sure Whirlpool makes them. This is why I went with a Viking. I got a recon with a 7qt. bowl for 300. It carries the same warrenty as new. It will handle 3#'s of high gluten bread flour.


travelingcakeplate Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 12:45pm
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This was me before my KA professional icon_cry.gificon_cry.gif . This is me now icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

ps3884 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 12:47pm
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Originally Posted by Mike1394

Get a Viking instead icon_biggrin.gif It's a KA that grew up, and took steroids.


Too funny! icon_lol.gif I have had my classic KA for about 13 years. The viking 7qt is what I want to get next. It's hard to justify when the one I have still works but, hopefully someday in the near future. thumbs_up.gif

BakingGirl Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 1:07pm
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I have both the Artisan and the KA 600 Pro. I have to say I love my recently purchased Pro, the bowl lift means that the meringue cools soo much quicker when I make IMBC compared to doing it in the Artisan that it is worth it for just that. And it is great to have the extra capacity for when you want to make big cake or icing batches. But don't get me wrong, the Artisan is great for everyday use or if you don't want to mix big batches.

AJsGirl Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 4:08pm
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Pro 600, all the way. I love the lift bowl, the large capacity, and the POWER! Makes MMF like no tomorrow. icon_biggrin.gif

elsa77 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 7:03pm
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Thanks for all of your help. Since i do not sell my cakes (I have cerebral palsy) so my hand coordination is not too good. icon_smile.gif . Is the Artisian Ok for one cake mix? I usually just do small cakes or pies for my family. I am not sure which to purchase cause I do love the bigger bowls of the professional icon_eek.gif

BakingGirl Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 10:19pm
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The Artisan is more than big enough for one mix. I have for instance often done a double batch of icing in mine. If you have to move your mixer around yourself you may want to get the Artisan as it is lighter than the Pro, still heavy and solid but the Pro by comparison weighs a ton.

HeatherC Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 4:51pm
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Can you go to a local store like Linens and Things to compare the Artisan and the Professional? Neither require much hand coordination but the tilt head on the Artisan is heavier (especially with dough on the beaters) and harder to use in my humble opinion. It really is a matter of personal preference though. I love my Pro 600! icon_biggrin.gif

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