steffla Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 1:21am
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Okay so I know there have been forums like this in the past but I haven't seen any recently. I know people got a kick out of posting their worst cake ever but how about posting our favorites! I am not sure which one is my favorite but I just finished one that I love so here it is...

the guitar from the Guitar Hero video game

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2sdae Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 8:39am
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one of my recent favs.

Shamitha Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 8:55am
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Here's mine. I just love this cake

bambuf Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:05am
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one of my faves because it was so well received and appreciated!

MikeRowesHunny Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:10am
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Great cakes ladies! Well, I hated every minute of making this cake, I was hideously underpaid (my own stupid fault), but it turned out so beautifully and made the bride cry (in a good way!), that it has to rank amongst my favorites so far:

dragonflydreams Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:20am
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bonjovibabe . . . your link didn't work . . . which cake is it???

BarbaraK Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:27am
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bonjovibabe, that is a fabulous castle. It is no wonder the bride cried with joy. Whatever your charged for it would not have been enough coz it looks like it was a tremendous amount of work. thumbs_up.gif

YummyFireMummy Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:34am
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This is my recent most favourite cake...very simple but exactly what the bride wanted and one of the only cakes I have actually not been looking at going oh look at that imperfection...and this one...and this one lol. The picture makes it look a bit leaning but it was actually straight...bad camera angle

karennayak Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:35am
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This is my favourite.

It was a surprise cake for the groom. He works as a designer for Nike in Amsterdam, and this shoe is his all-time favourite... The Nike hi-top Vandal.
He was speechless...
Thanks for looking,

bashini Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 9:46am

Hi, here is my recent favourite. This is my B'day cake. It cake out really well, more than I thought.

Its the Shoe box cake in my photos, in case the link doesn't work.

MikeRowesHunny Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 10:03am
Originally Posted by dragonflydreams

bonjovibabe . . . your link didn't work . . . which cake is it???

Reposted it in my original post, should work now! BarbaraK, I charged 450 euros for the castle (served 120), but I also did a Cinderella carriage in cake and a gumpaste Cinderella slipper and package keepsakes (also in my photos), I charged 525 euros for the whole package - the ingredients and supplies cost me 230 euros and I spent a total of 50 hours on that cake! After I gave my quote (which the bride was horrified at, but reluctantly agreed), I asked the only other place in town who could do this kind of work what they would charge - they quoted 1200 euros for the castle ALONE icon_eek.gif . I have since discovered a few other places that will do English/American style cakes (but not in the range of scratch flavours I offer!), and the cheapest cakes start from 8 euros per serving!!! So, a hard lesson learned, but I no longer undervalue my work!

karateka Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 10:09am

Here is mine...I made it for my mom's 60th.

DoniB Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 10:18am

My favorite so far is this one. I think because it speaks to the girly girl in me, and because of the wonderful memories associated with it. (My wedding cake was only my second favorite, believe it or not. Shhhh Don't tell my hubby!)

hwnhulahands Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 10:30am

Those are all beautiful. I have so many that are my favorite. I'm trying to post them but will not let me attach. Will try later.

FromScratch Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 10:42am

Oh goodness.. I guess that would have to be my sister's baby shower cake. Still to this day it is my favorite because it was my very first topsy turvy cake and it was for such a special occasion.. and as of today it has been saved by 1000 people.. I am speechless and I never expected so many people to like the cake so much.

lara3teach Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 10:48am

Great cakes, everyone! You're all so talented!! thumbs_up.gif

Here's one of my recent faves. It's not incredibly detailed or difficult compared to many posted here; but it was the first time I finished a cake and was completely happy with it. A few firsts for me too with the detailed piping on the Wrigley sign and having the cap actually look like a baseball cap. icon_surprised.gif

SusieHazCakes Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 11:02am

Gosh, ladies, all your faves are so aweseome! icon_biggrin.gif And, jkalman, that one you posted is actually one of my all-time favorites on CC.

Here's my favorite so far. It's the only one I had any sadness giving away. icon_cry.gif

Molly2 Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 11:13am

I have two but if I have to pick one it would be this one


mommak Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 11:35am

Mine would have to be my first tiered cake for my sons graduation. I learned TONS from doing this cake. And by the way everyone...beautifully done on your cakes thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif

rebekahjohnson81 Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 4:48pm

i hope i'm doing this right, i'm not sure exactly how to post pictures on the forums ... my husband and i made this cake on saturday for his 26th birthday ... he's a chainsaw fanatic (he owns 59 of them) so it was natural we make this for his birthday ....

Bellatheball Posted 7 Apr 2008 , 6:18pm

Jkalman, wow that cake is stunning! Just gorgeous.

These are all beautiful cakes. I can see why everyone would be proud.

Here's mine...I'm not sure if it's my favorite cake but it's my only cake. icon_smile.gif I made it two weeks ago for my daughter's third birthday. It was so much fun to make. Normally I stick to decorating cookies but this project has me thinking about cakes icon_biggrin.gif

steffla Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 2:14am

seaqueen that cake is exquisite!

jkalman, i am one of the 1000!

karateka, he is soooo adorable I couldnt stop staring at him!

Thanks for posting, this is so much fun...keep em coming!

PennieK Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 5:08am

Here's mine. I made it for my DD's 13th B-day.

shisharka Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 5:56am

Well, my favorite cake is not anywhere near the exquisite designs already posted, and since that one, Iâve done much better, but nonetheless, the one in my avatar is still my favorite â maybe because it was âdifferentâ and marked the beginning of my cake decorating frenzy⦠The whole dragon:

ladij153 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 6:01am

Gosh everyone, your cakes are all so creative and amazing!

Here's my favorite that I've done....I worked so hard on it. It was my first county fair entry for cake decorating.

amytracy1981 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 6:23am

Here is my favorite. I just made it a few weeks ago for my SIL baby shower. The first cake that I was completely happy with.

sasporella Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 8:38am

I have 2 favorites but this is my latest cake. i had some problems, made some mistakes but have learned a lot from doing this cake, that is why i have chosen this as the one i am most proud of.

Cmaysa Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:02am

Hey everyone! Great cakes! This is my favorite .. i just love nemo!

Cmaysa Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:08am

sorry something went wrong with the attachment

miss_sweetstory Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:10am

I just can't get over the talent and creativity on this site.
My favorite is a Debbie Brown cake that I made for my daughter's 2nd birthday. I call it, "Slightly Tipsy Bear on a Big Cupcake."

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