Borders We Love (New)

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ac2steachk Posted 6 Apr 2008 , 10:15pm
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I'm going through my "watched topics" list and finding many that are no longer in existence due to the recent crash and don't come up in a search as already being restarted. I'd like to start a few of these again since we have had so many great ideas.

Let's start a new Borders We Love thread.

I'll share two of Cakery's that I like. These borders are always bright and cheery.

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indydebi Posted 6 Apr 2008 , 11:09pm
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I love the white, bottom border on this one, the way it climbs up the side of the cake, by cakesoutsidethebox:

tracey1970 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 12:45am
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Oh, I really hope this topic gets a lot of replies. After the Wilton courses, I find that the shell, start borders are pretty much the standards. I am always looking for new border ideas to try. Sorry, I don't have anything to offer here, but I am looking forward to what experienced decorators have to add.

kakeladi Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:16pm
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Uuuuuuuuugggggg icon_sad.gif
With all the problems I keep having that the pages of this site won't completely load for me I cannot see any of these creatons icon_sad.gif

Something I have often told my students is to take a day and ONE tip - say today's tip is 102. Now do *every* technique you know with that tip. Dots, stars, zigzag, shells and/or whatever. Now give the tip a 1/2 turn and do it all again. Some tips don't lend themselves to turning - they are the same no matter how you hold them like rounds & star tips but others will give you a completely different look.
See what you can design that is different & unique icon_smile.gif

The other tip is to get yourself a copy of "the Wilton Way of Cake Decorating" Volume 3 - often called a complete Encyclopedia. It's out of print but often available on eBay. There are pages and pages of wonderful ideas in it on making flowers and borders.

tippyad Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:34pm
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I'm jumping on the favorite borders bandwagon too...Hope to get some new ideas along the way. icon_biggrin.gif

Here's one of my favorites:

SugarBakerz Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:47pm
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my favorite border is the one CAMBO does with the big open star tip, she makes a big border and then adds sprinkles sometimes... her borders are awesome!

Here is only a sample, she does many other looks too.. I am speaking of the pink border.

yummymummy Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 9:56pm
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This is one of my favorites...I haven't tried it yet, but it's on my to do list!

allydav Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 10:01pm
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I hope Than Than doesn't mind me posting these. She posted them in the origional post. They are all so beautiful and creative!

tracey1970 Posted 8 Apr 2008 , 10:50pm
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Thanks, allydav, for posting those specific border links from Than Than. Thanks to everyone else for their input so far. I'm inspired now! Keep 'em coming!

newlywedws Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 7:59pm
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I like the leaf border in my charlie brown cake (in my pics)

darandon Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 8:11pm
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These are all great ideas. I need to make a "passed state boards" cake this weekend so this gives me some great ideas to try.

foxymomma521 Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 8:29pm
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Originally Posted by ac2steachk

I'll share two of Cakery's that I like. These borders are always bright and cheery.

OMG I love EVERY last one of her cakes. In the words Mary Maher (of one of the Cakegirls) "she's my cake crush" icon_razz.gif

BCJean Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 8:35pm
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This is one of my favorite borders to get a frilly girl look.

awolf24 Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 8:42pm
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ac2steachk - thanks so much for starting this topic again! I struggle with borders....I admit that more often than not, I am a chronic shell or bead border decorator. These links are great inspiration!

Nyma Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 8:58pm
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I have to agree with ac2steachk, Cakery's borders are so unique!! Love the way she deciarte her cakes!

ladyonzlake Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 9:00pm
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I'm always looking for some really neat borders for when I do BC cakes....Luv this!!

jen1977 Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 9:08pm
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There are a few great border ideas posed here! I can't wait to see some more new ones!

OhMyGoodies Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 9:24pm
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Excellent thread thanks for restarting!!!

ac2steachk Posted 9 Apr 2008 , 9:28pm
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I'm glad it got restarted, too (thank you to me icon_wink.gif

I've been struggling with borders...on my recent BC cakes I've felt that the design needed "one more thing" and used a border to round out the design, but haven't put much thought into the borders. Now I have a stash of ideas and the future cakes will be that much better.

Thanks to all who are sharing.

tracey1970 Posted 11 Apr 2008 , 1:00pm
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One thing I am specifically looking for is more borders that have a "masculine" feel to them. I have a cake to do for my father-in-law, with a soccer team crest on top of it, and all I can think to do for a border (don't want to use fondant for it) are shells and stars, which I seem to do all the time. Lots of the borders that have been posted are gorgeous for weddings and for more "girly" style cakes. Any ideas for borders on cakes being made for men? Thanks!

Zombiecakes Posted 12 Apr 2008 , 3:54pm
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You might try taking a look at Cakery's gallery:

I love her style and she manages to make cakes for men festive without getting too foofy. But her foofy girl cakes are awesome too!

playingwithsugar Posted 12 Apr 2008 , 4:20pm
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This thread is a great idea! And it would make a great class to teach. Thanks!

Theresa icon_smile.gif

milissasmom Posted 12 Apr 2008 , 4:41pm
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Awesome thread!!!!!

GrandmaG Posted 12 Apr 2008 , 4:47pm
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These all are so great! I'm not getting any housework done today. A lot of good threads going on.

disneynutbsv Posted 30 May 2008 , 3:44pm
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I was just looking for this thread and thought to give it a bump, maybe we can get it going again!

I love Cakery's Borders, they are so festive!

LetThereBeCake07 Posted 30 May 2008 , 3:45pm
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this is fun! thanks for the ideas!!!

mary-ann Posted 30 May 2008 , 5:22pm
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Here are some that I've saved

aswartzw Posted 30 May 2008 , 5:32pm
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I loved this thread! Thanks so much for starting it up again. It is such an inspiration for those of us less talented and less creative, like, um, me! thumbs_up.gif

shebaben Posted 31 May 2008 , 2:38am
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This thread is awesome and SO valuable! Thanks for getting it going - may it continue as richly as it has begun!

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