How Do I Make A Wedding Cake Out Of Rice Krispies Treats?

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psmith Posted 18 Sep 2010 , 3:02pm
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Originally Posted by tonedna

lol..brides are so funny...did you suggest to her to just do RC one for her and the rest of the people can eat cake.. I would be so disappointed to not eat cake in a wedding. Anyways..You have to cover the rice crispies like dough said...I f you dont it shows through the fondant.
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I agree! Some folks don't like RKT either.

When I did a large RKT project, I covered it in a thin layer or melted chocolate (the wafer melts) which held it together so it didn't droop. Then I hot knifed it smooth and covered with fondant. It turned out sturdy, tastier and smooth.

carlamac Posted 18 Sep 2010 , 7:07pm
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Yes I do plan on using dowels like I would for a cake. So you agree that with dowels using RKT would in fact offer much more support. I was just having trouble with my bottom cake getting weighed down too much even with dowels. I may not have used enough dowels?? I was thinking and thought abouth the RKT. I have researched until I am blue in the face, all of the forums I read are for either sculpting/molding or an entire cake out of RKT, I haven't found any Q&A about using the RKT specifically for a base cake. I thought of something else today. I know that using crisco in your butter cream is good for stability, if I replaced a small amount of the butter with crisco and added a little butter flavor, do you think this would add to the stability? I am not extremely concerned about the flavor, I am going to experiment a little bit. I am trying to come up with a filling idea, (BTW thinks for that suggestion great minds think alike, I was just pondering that idea today) though PB does sound good I don't know that I am completly sold, what do you think about a chocalate filling that would firm up? Ganash on top sounds great too, I have also read about using a white chocalate covering. Could I just do a melt and pour for the chocalate? I appreciate all oft he suggestions. I'm going to experiment today. Oh BTW I will be using buttercream frosting

soupercb Posted 19 Sep 2010 , 7:03am
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I did a layer of rkt on one cake because I didn't need as much cake as I wanted tiers. The layer of rkt was actually really tasty with the buttercream and fondant. It disappeared from the party as quickly as the cake. If you wanted to put filling in the middle, I would "smoosh" one layer into your baking pan, then do another layer then put the filling in between just like you would for a regular cake and then stack them. I wonder if the filling wouldn't make them get soggy though. I didn't have that problem with just putting a thin layer of buttercream between the layers to keep them together and "crumb coating" them. Good Luck!

carlamac Posted 19 Sep 2010 , 7:46am
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Soupercb: Thanks for the info. Yes I would think that a filling would cause the RKT to get soggy. I am thinking of doing a ganache filling. I will let it cool until I can spread it, so I can spread it like a frosting and it will still firm up some more.

soupercb Posted 19 Sep 2010 , 7:42pm
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P.S. Fruity Pebbles make delicious RKT. Maybe you could also do cocoa pebbles for another layer for variety icon_smile.gif. Also, what about mixing chocolate chips or other things into BC for the filling?

7yyrt Posted 19 Sep 2010 , 11:12pm
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I make Day of the Dead skulls with MaltoMeal's DinoBites. Very sweet and fruity; cheerful, too!

jlynnw Posted 19 Sep 2010 , 11:48pm
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I recently did a cake of RKT using white ganache filling, crumb coated in white chocolate with white chocolate fondant. It would not be my favorite but the party loved it. I did both cake and RKT. I had cake left but needed more RKT. (made cake for all servings and RKT as a "dummy" cake)

carlamac Posted 20 Sep 2010 , 6:15am
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I agree 100% on the fruity pebble treats...yum..That is another idea we have been thinking about. I tried the RKT today. Went great. They turned out very dense and firm just like I had hoped they would. The buttercream made them even better. Even though they were dense and firm they were not difficult to eat (I have read this as a con side to RKT) not as soft and gooey as the regular but very yummy. thumbs_up.gif
And yes the Malto Meal dino bites work great and at a fraction of the cost icon_smile.gif

tinygoose Posted 20 Sep 2010 , 6:41am
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Yeah I would definitely do a ganache. I would skip the fruity and chocolate pebbles, it's bad enough that they are serving rkt, but to make them with fruity or chocolate pebbles..well, just seems more like a 2 year olds bday. Personally, I dislike the whole idea of rkt in lieu of cake, but it's her day.

I mean they're great for a BBQ, and yes I can eat on whole pan of them in a day, but at a wedding....yes, it's unique, but not in a good way.

sister340 Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 4:08am
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I have done two wedding cakes lately where the bride wanted the bottom tier to be RKT. I've decided that is not an option I am offering anymore. I felt it was much more expensive than cake. I coated the second one with melted white chocolate (expense there too) and still wasn't pleased with the texture under the fondant. I used alot of chocolate and found it very messy and hard to smooth. But I could still see the "bumps" under the fondant and didn't feel good about sending it out. So, for me, no more RKT layers.

kseevers Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 5:47am
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I just finished a cake where the top two tiers were RKT. I packed the cake pans with them. It was my first try at it. I had no idea it would take so much to pack them in tight.

7yyrt-I do love the idea of letting the RKT show!

weezercakes Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 6:16am
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My family does a spin on the RKT instead of marshmellos we use 1C peanut butter, karo syrup and sugar. melt them all together tham add the RKT. As a topping we mix 12oz choc chips and butterscotch chips, Everyone that has tried them loves them. Just a thought for a diff. flavor. HTH

weezercakes Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 6:19am
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Also the choc/butterschotch topping gets really hard and wouldn't make the RKT soggy, any chip combo would work.

7yyrt Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 4:18pm
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For a wedding, I'd probably go with the regular pale treats, but you can put one small pack dry jello powder in each batch for different flavors, too.
I haven't done it myself; but have eaten them, and they weren't gritty at all.
This photo uses the normal recipe, but adds an entire pack of dry KoolAid.
I'll need to do orange pumpkins this year for Halloween, now that we have the grandson.

jqorso Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 4:40pm
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I went to a wedding were the main dessert was rice cereal treats. (They had a small cake to cut into for pictures). They were gourmet (think flavors like key lime, turtle, cookies and cream, etc) and delicious. Everyone really liked them. Maybe you could incorporate something like that if you are going to do a full wedding cake for them. Then not cover it in fondant and just have chocolate drizzles or something on the outside. It will be visual interesting and guests won't be disappointed when they realize it's not cake under the fondant. Just a thought.

7yyrt Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 4:59pm
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jqorso, have you seen this website?
There are quite a few variations in the comments.

jqorso Posted 21 Sep 2010 , 5:47pm
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Originally Posted by 7yyrt

jqorso, have you seen this website?
There are quite a few variations in the comments.

I *LOVE* that site (I'm an engineer), I just haven't noticed they had rice krispies. I love the detailed explanations and pictures. Oh and on a side note, the recipes for brownies and chocolate cake are amazing.

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