Omg! My Weight Is Out Of Control

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adonisthegreek1 Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 1:50pm
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I have been underweight all of my adult life, only 92 pounds. When I had my first baby, at 9 months pregnant I only weighed 125 pounds. With my 7 and 5 year olds my weight ballooned to 162 pounds. I lost only 20 pounds after those pregnancies. I stepped on the scale this morning and topped out at 162, which means that I have gained 4 pounds a year for the last 5 years. I am so depressed.

When I worked, I was constantly buying fashion clothes. Now being a SAHM, I wear a lot of sweats, because I was always with the kids getting there was no need to dress nice. I did not realize how much fat I was hiding in these sweats. It's disgusting, but I have gotten my "wake up call." The diet starts today! I want to get down to 115. I am going to post my weight every Friday. Any words of encouragement now or in the future are greatly appreciated.

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michellenj Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 2:02pm
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I know what you mean. Last Aug. I started to seriously try to lose the weight I gained after having kids, and it's not easy! Now I am doing Weight Watchers and it's helped me learn to make smarter food choices, and exercise smarter, too.

My non-scientific opinion is that baby weight is like super fat, and it is much harder to lose than regular old fat. icon_lol.gif

TheDomesticDiva Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 3:52pm
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I'm right there with you... Good luck!! You can do it... For me, the hardest part has been cutting out excess sugar and not getting up and snacking at 9PM. But everytime I pass the checkout stand in the grocery store and don't grab a candy bar or anytime I choose water over soda or sweet tea, I feel so proud bc I'm actually doing something about my goals! icon_smile.gif My goal weight is alo 115. I was 107 when I got married, and after two kids, I'm now 132 lbs. I don't need to be 107 again. I'd settle for 115!! I havent weighed myself in 2 weeks, but I can see the difference in how my clothes fit already. So good luck!! I think its good getting it out there, so you can have a support group to try and hold you accountable and cheer you on! icon_smile.gif

Katie-Bug Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 6:11pm
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Oh, I feel you and then some!!

I am 23 years old, no children, and weigh 140!!!! I gained 20lbs last year!!!! My doctor doesn't seem concerned, and my habits haven't really changed.

I bought a bunch of summer stuff on clearance the week of Christmas, and I have already out grown them. I never got to wear em'! I have been so worried and depressed about this.

I hope that your diet works good for you! Good Luck and we know that you can do it!! thumbs_up.gif

jen1977 Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 6:55pm
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I'm glad to see a wight loss thread for people who don't have tons to lose. I was 112 when I married, and two kids later, I'm around 136. I have a small fram, don't carry weight well. It literally goes t omy hips, butt, and thighs. We are leaving for Disney on Saturday, and when we get back, I'm starting back on a diet and exercising. I figured it's pointless to start before we leave, especially since we havressies at lots of good restaurants for vacation, lol.

springlakecake Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 7:11pm
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if any of you are interested we have a group going called 'putting down the cake club II" (II is because of the crash!) But there are maybe 10 of us regular members and we weigh in on Thursdays and write goals. We try to do a weekly "cheerleader" and that person's job is to come up with new ideas, challenges and just to keep everyone motivated. It is more than just weight loss, exercise thread, I think we have become friends (I hope I dont sound dorky!) but we talk other stuff besides weight too. anyone is welcome to join us!

indydebi Posted 30 Mar 2008 , 12:47am
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Growing up I was one of those annoying people who could eat anything and not gain weight. "Knobby Knees" and "Stick Girl" were just a few of my nicknames.

Age, having kids, lots of things contribute to weight gain. But I found out my thyroid is practically shut down and that is why I've gained and why I can't lose weight.

What ticks me off is I know EXACTLY when the thyroid started shutting down. But no one ever says to us, "Boy you're gaining weight, you better see a doctor and see what's wrong!" No, the only thing we are taught is that if you gain weight, it's because you're "letting yourself go" and you're a gluttonly slob and it's all your fault and you're not trying hard enough.

If I was LOSING 5 lbs a month, all my friends would be dragging me to the doctor to find out what was wrong. But since I was GAINING 5 lbs a month, well, I must be eating out of control! icon_mad.gif Had I realized that weight gain could be a medical problem, I may have been able to put this in check a few years ago and saved myself some poundage!!

So please know that gaining weight is ALSO a sign of a potential medical problem and you should talk to your doctor ..... and if he/she blows you off, then you either demand the tests or find another doctor!

An inactive thyroid had multiple side affects that I'm dealing with. At least rule it out as an issue.

susies1955 Posted 30 Mar 2008 , 9:22am
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Hi everyone,
I too am glad to see a weight loss thread for people who don't have a lot to lose.
This has been the very first winter that I can say has BEEN SO LONG and the first winter that I have become sad.
I weighed 114 when I got married 34 years ago. I have always tried very hard to stay right around there. I try on my wedding dress every October on our anniversary as an incentive to keep the weight down. I won't be getting it zipped this year if this continues. I DO gain about 10 pounds every winter but normally get it off every spring/summer.
I love to walk outside when it is nice but living here in northern NY we have 6 months of not nice so I sit. The treadmill just does NOT call my name anymore. I've GOT TO CHANGE MY THINKING.
I use to be 5' 3" but have shrunk. I am 5' 2 and 3/4". icon_smile.gif
I weigh 132 and would like to challenge you gals that are interested to lose 10 pounds by June 1st. A tad over a pound a week is easy right? icon_smile.gif
I have a goal weight of 120. 114 at my age with my face drooping make me look so drawn.
So on to the treadmill today and eat less. I'm NOT going to have an eating plan. I've done the low fat, low calorie, and low carb ways of eating and I'm just not interested in that. I just want to MOVE MORE and EAT LESS!
My weight gain is pure and simply from sitting and becoming sad and eating more.
Any one up for the challenge?
Susie in cold 13° northern NY

adonisthegreek1 Posted 30 Mar 2008 , 4:30pm
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Originally Posted by susies1955

I weigh 132 and would like to challenge you gals that are interested to lose 10 pounds by June 1st. A tad over a pound a week is easy right? icon_smile.gif
Any one up for the challenge?
Susie in cold 13° northern NY

Ok Susie, the challenge is on. I am highly motivated, so I think I'll lose 10 pounds before June 1st. icon_razz.gif

Indydebi, thanks for your advice about having my thyroid checked. I have a physical every year, but I will make sure my doctor specifically checks my thyroid.

Thanks so much to everyone who has responded. I truly appreciate it more than you know.

susies1955 Posted 31 Mar 2008 , 8:11am
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adonisthegreek19 (name?),
Glad to hear that at least one has joined my challenge. icon_smile.gif
I'm pretty motivated too so I may be down by the 1st of May instead of the 1st of June.
I started yesterday. I weighed in at 132. I did the treadmill for just 15 but will increase it when I think best.
I weigh in everyday. I've done that since I was born I think. LOL! This morning I was down 2 pounds. YEHA.
How's it going?

adonisthegreek1 Posted 31 Mar 2008 , 1:44pm
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susies1955, I just weighed in. I am down 1.5 pounds since my OP. I didn't work out this weekend, but plan to start today. I usually do 20-30 minutes on the treadmill. I hope to do more walking if we ever really get spring like weather in Michigan.

Congrats on your first 2 pounds.

susies1955 Posted 31 Mar 2008 , 1:54pm
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Good Morning adonisthegreek1 ,
My name is Susie. Do you not go by your name on forums? Just wondering. It is ok but I don't know what to call you. icon_smile.gif
Congratulations on the 1.5 pounds down.
I plan on upping my treadmill I think to 20 tomorrow.
I can't wait for Spring to really hit here too. It is snow/raining right now. Suppose to get close to 60 tomorrow but rain all day. It is 33 right now.
Thanks for congratulating me.

susies1955 Posted 1 Apr 2008 , 10:36am
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Just thought I would report in for today. I just got off the treadmill. I did 20 minutes. I think I will stay at that for a bit.
I'm trying to increase my water intake. I use to drink about 80 to 90 ounces and I'm drinking about 40 right now.
I only take Calcium and Vitamin E but would like to take a Multivitamin. Any suggestions on a great one that doesn't upset the stomach??????
Have a great April Fools Day,

Katie-Bug Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 1:29pm
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I can't take a multivitam either!! My doctor keeps telling me to try this brand or this one, but they all hurt me. well except my nephews.

My doctors suggestion was to buy a bottle of all vitamins, taking one at a time, that would cost a fortune!!!! Anyway, my nephew takes Scooby chewables, he is 3, and I take two of those a day. They don't bother my stomach.

I hate that you can't hanlde a multi-vitamin, but I am glad that I am not the only person they do this to.

Good Luck to each of you!!! I have just started another new medicine and guess the two sides affects??? Weight gain and sleepy!!! Just what I need!! Anyway. if I can just take this medicine without gaining anymore weight, I'll be happy. Great job so far everyone!!! thumbs_up.gif

susies1955 Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 1:39pm
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I can't take Vitamin C at all. I took my Calcium and Vitamin E this morning on an empty stomach and almost puked. REALLY! Geeeeesh. I'll eat first from now on.
Seems we both has sensitive stomachs. Your a young gal to be having that happen.
Bummer about the weight gain and sleepiness because of your meds.
I'm down another pound.........YEHA! icon_lol.gif

Katie-Bug Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 2:20pm
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I don't know if food will help or not, it doesn't me. I can not take the
One A Days, they are the worst!!! They make me so sick all day!!!

I have always had stomach problems, that is what my new medicine is for. From my first day of kindergarton to third grade I threw-up every morning, 7 days a week!! Doing that has caused all sorts of other things.

I am walking a couple of times a week, not enough, but when I do walk I do a mile. No weight coming off.... icon_cry.gif

susies1955 Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 2:47pm
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Wow, you have it bad. I have been taking the Calcium and Vit E all week with no problems if I take it on a full stomach.
I normally walk a 3 mile trek once a day when the weather is nice and sometime I go twice. It takes me about 50 minutes.
I'm only doing 20 minutes on the treadmill so hopefully I can up it more every other day.
Sure hope that medicine works for you.

indydebi Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 3:17pm
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Originally Posted by culinarycreations

One A Days, they are the worst!!! They make me so sick all day!!!

I tried taking those when I was in my 20's. All they did was make me eat ALL DAY LONG! I AM NOT KIDDING!! It was horrible!!

AJsGirl Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 3:56pm
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I was one of those stick-thin, eat-anything girls. I weighed 78 pounds before I got pregnant. I went from 78 pounds to 181 pounds in my ninth month!!!
After 2 kids, I still weigh 150. I have an endocrine disorder, and it's impossible to lose weight. icon_sad.gif

michellenj Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 10:33pm
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Hey Susie and Adonis, I'll take the 10# challenge, too. Are we going to weigh in on a certain day?


susies1955 Posted 2 Apr 2008 , 11:20pm
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Hi Michelle,
I started on Sun and Adonis on Mon. I guess it isn't going to be that precise of a challenge. Just lose 10#'s by June 1.
You can weigh yourself anytime you want I guess. I think Adonis normally weighs in on Fridays but can't remember.
I'm already down 3 so I'm on my way. icon_smile.gif
Glad to have you join in with us.
Is that the total you want to lose or do you have a little more. I had 12 to lose altogether.

shisharka Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 6:55am
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At 5â7â, I was 120lb, a comfortable size 6, two kids ago icon_smile.gif
I was terrified when I topped the scale at 180 (!!!) last summer and took action. Hit the gym every day, paid for 12 cessions with a personal trainer to figure out what I needed to do⦠With diet and at least one hour at the gym every day, I didnât drop a single pound for 3 months, felt like screaming⦠Then in the following two months 25 lb and 3 dress sizes just melted away, BMI dropped by 6%... Hubby was very proud of getting his fashionable wife back and I felt like a million dollars⦠And then I found out I was pregnant (so much for reliable contraception⦠) I am terrified of reaching the scary numbers again⦠he keeps saying it is just the baby weight so far, and I still try to work out but not nearly as dedicated... it is annoying to see the numbers creep up weekly⦠Oh well, at least I have lots of baggy clothes to wear, and I know I should be able to drop the weight again when the baby is bornâ¦

Since youâre doing 20-30 minutes on the treadmill, you may try an interval training session I found very effective. Can be done outdoors, too. It reverses the length of walking and running, goes like this:
Walk = 5 min â Run = 1 min
Walk = 4 min â Run = 2 min
Walk = 3 min â Run = 3 min
Walk = 2 min â Run = 4 min
Walk = 1 min â Run = 5 min
Total = 30 min
Cool off, stretch, etc.
You can start with a short version, 3-1-2-2-1-3 and build up to a full hour eventually, it took me 3 months to get to that hour...
Good luck!

susies1955 Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 7:50am
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It sounds like you are going to try to keep thing under control with this pregnancy. I'm sure that after this baby is born you will lose the rest.
5' 7" and 120 is SO THIN though. LOL.
Thanks for the tips but I don't care to run. Maybe it is getting older or who knows what but it is rough on the knees, it shakes everything up and makes me want to pee. LOL!

michellenj Posted 3 Apr 2008 , 11:28pm
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I packed on the weight during pregnancy. Well, back in 2001 I had a miscarraige, and I think that it kind of messed with my metabolism, or maybe I was sad and making myself feel better with wine and chocolate icon_lol.gif , but my weight went from 117 to 135. So I started my pregnancy with dd heavy, and when she delivered I was 200#! One week I gained 11 pounds, and the next I gained 9, the next 4. Same thing happened with ds, I just ballooned and MOST came off, but not all.

This past Aug. I started Weight Watchers and running 3-4x per week. I'm 5'3 and weighed 143. Got down to 126# by Christmas, then stopped running b/c it's soooo cold here in PA, gained back up to #134, now I'm back to #126ish. My goal is #116, but I'd be happy with #120.

It's hard not to snack with a 3 and 5 yr old around. French fries here, Cheezits there, it adds up!

susies1955 Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 12:44am
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Wow, you have quite a story. It sounds like you are on the right track now so that is good.
I also stop moving 6 months out of the year. I MUST make friends with the treadmill when it is not nice outside. icon_smile.gif
I'm at 129 right now and want to get to 120. I'll race ya. LOL!
Good going,

adonisthegreek1 Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 1:54pm
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I had no idea you all had been responding. I was not getting any updates. I'm glad Susies and I have someone else joining us in the 10 pound challenge. I just weighed in and I am down 3 pounds from last Friday. I am going to try really hard to lose at least 3 again by next Friday.

I am doing 30 minutes of cardio 4 times a week. I hope to increase that soon, but sometimes exercising is a shock to my body LOL.

michellenj Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 2:08pm
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You'll win that race to 120, Susie. It takes me forever to lose one pound. I think my body like being heavy. icon_lol.gif I ran 5 miles on the tm yesterday and lifted weights and I'm taking today off b/c my right leg hurts. My running shoes don't feel right and I think I need a new pair, I think that's what's wron w/ my leg. Tomorrow I'm going to run 6 m outside (I have a route that's exactly 6) and Sunday is my 10 m day. That will put me around 30 miles for the week.

I've got the exercise thing down, now I just need to control my eating!

susies1955 Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 2:30pm
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I check my watched topics once in a while to make sure I'm getting updates. It has happened more than once that I didn't know people were responding.
I'm UP a pound. Two pounds down though since Sunday is good.
Congratulations on the 3 pounds down.
I'm just walking on the treadmill four days a week about 20 minutes. As soon as I can get outside I will probably be walking MUCH more and almost every day.
Your doing great,

susies1955 Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 2:33pm
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icon_smile.gif I don't know that I will win the race. Adonis is going pretty quick. LOL!
Good for you on the running and lifting weights.
I so wish we could just eat as much as we wanted. I love to eat, eat, eat. Yes, controlling the eating is the hard one but you can do it. icon_smile.gif

melissa043 Posted 4 Apr 2008 , 6:35pm
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I just thought i would give you all some motivation and say that what you're doing is great! I am 5'7 and have weighed 124 my whole adult life, then out of no where one day i got on the scale and i was 136. I was shocked. I live on an army base so i get free access to the gym. So i started to go and do cardio, yoga, pilates, weighs and i lost NOTHING. i was hitting the gym hard for like 3 months and finally got so discouraged. As soon as i stopped the gym i stopped weighing myself and then after xmas i got on the scale and i was back down to out of no where i am down to a crazy 114. I think the best thing to do is just do something everyday. I have 3 dogs and at least once a day they get a 2 mile walk. Also my mom has had weigh issues for a long time and she had tried everything to lose some pounds, i bought her a dog and she would walk her everyday and ended up losing 50lbs. in a very short time. She didnt even cut back on food or anything...just walking around the neighborhood. Stay positive and know that you can do it. It may take a little more time than expected, but dont get discouraged!! Good Luck to all of you!!! usaribbon.gif

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