What Kind Of Flower Is This?

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aligotmatt Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:20pm
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A bride brought me the new issue of Pacific Wedding Magazine and wants the flower that is on the cover. Not the ones flat against the cake, but the one full flower on the right sideof the picture. http://pacificweddings.com/ Anybody know what it is? TIA!

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CakesByLJ Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:26pm
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I think it looks like a magnolia..

Momof4luvscakes Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:26pm
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It almost looks like a dogwood to me, but I could be completely off base. I am not very good with my flowers.

Darla925 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:27pm
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There's no picture loading when I get to the link.

TejasRebel Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:31pm
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I would say Dogwood or possibly a Camellia

icer101 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:35pm
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i agree with cakesbyLJ it is a magnolia

jammjenks Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:36pm
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My first thought was magnolia.

amytracy1981 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:38pm
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I'm going to go with Magnolia also.

pjmw Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:39pm
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I'd vote dogwood.

kakeladi Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:43pm
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I'd go w/magnolia but it also could be some kind of oversized orchid. Definately not dogwood, and a camellia would have more petals around the center...tight bud, then open petals. This doesn't.

marthajo1 Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:47pm
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What an OBNOXIOUS website! I hate websites that blare music at me!

That is however a gorgeous cake! I vote for magnolia too.

Omicake Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:47pm
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northern magnolia

ShirleyW Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:49pm
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Magnolia to me too.

BCJean Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:53pm
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The Magnolia has a pointy petal and this one is round and has the little dip in, like the Dogwood has...however a Dogwood only has 4 petals and this one appears to have more. I kind of think they just made a flower.

vetaAL Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 10:59pm
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aligotmatt wrote:
"Not the ones flat against the cake, but the one full flower on the right sideof the picture"

That looks to be a wild rose in bloom, see here (http://www.americanmeadows.com/QuickGuideToWildflowers/FavoriteWildflowerSpecies/TheWildRoses.aspx)

Win Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 11:00pm
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Win Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 11:02pm
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That would be the small inset photo of the pink wood rose at top of link...

drurys Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 11:11pm
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Tona Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 11:15pm
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It looks a magnolia to me and this was my first thought when I opened the link.

Win Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 11:25pm
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IMHO-- Dogwood have only a four petal flower "head" and most magnolias have smooth petals, not fluted as seen in the Pacific Wedding photo. I still think wild rose, or woodrose are your best options. icon_rolleyes.gif

BCJean Posted 24 Mar 2008 , 11:55pm
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I vote for wood rose after seeing the photo of it.

Jessica176 Posted 25 Mar 2008 , 12:12am
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I think its some kind of open rose or something too. I found this picture of a briar rose, I think its similar:

And I also think it is similar to an anemone:

I think sometimes sugar flowers are a bit of creativeness from the person who made it, you can be creative yourself and put whatever you want into a flower, and leave out the bits you don't. This could be some rose-magnolia-whatever else hybrid!!!

TejasRebel Posted 25 Mar 2008 , 12:57am
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I said Camellia earlier -- I meant Gardenia -- sorry, long day!

Definitely not a Magnolia (I have one in my backyard)

Gardenia or Dogwood thumbs_up.gif

CakesByLJ Posted 25 Mar 2008 , 3:25am
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Originally Posted by CakesByLJ

I think it looks like a magnolia..

I still think it looks like a Magnolia (I have one in my backyard too, icon_lol.gif )


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