Post your WORST cake!! (cpntinued since after the crash)

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nancylee61 Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 2:46pm
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ASanta still kills me every single time. LOL!! Nanc

cheeseball Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 3:24pm
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The Santa cake: every. single. time.  Wait - how have I just now noticed the balls on Santa's chin?!

7031annie Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 4:15pm
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I so have to go back and read all this thread. I LOVED the booties and chewie on the original thread.  I must say Santa is epic lol  One thing I have loved about this site, not only great folks taking the time to give helpful honest advice but awesome sense of humor.  

cheeseball Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 4:19pm
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Ha! That is prezactly what I thought!

cheeseball Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 4:20pm
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Originally Posted by hbquikcomjamesl 

Does that mean he's a

whoops, didn't quote ya

zefron Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 10:02pm
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Oh dear, looking back on my earliest cakes, I just want to stuff my head in a bucket of buttercream and cry. I won't be a chicken though. Here's my attempt at a topsy turvy cake about 5 years ago... My lame excuse? I was 13 and had no idea what I was doing. I just wanted to eat the fondant.

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 14 Mar 2014 , 10:57pm
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Wow. Traditional plastic candleholders, the kind that were on every grocer's shelves back in the 1960s and 1970s, and are almost unobtainable today.


I've seen worse.


I've done worse, on things that were far less ambitious, and still had the result very well (or at least, very tactfully) received.

Osgirl Posted 15 Mar 2014 , 3:20am
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The sad thing is...there's a new shop that opened up near where I live and the cakes on this thread are way better than the cakes from this place. I keep thinking it'll probably go out of business soon. The reviews people leave on FB are frightening. I look at their cakes on their FB page once in awhile and I am embarrassed for them. :(

Cupcakeoddity Posted 17 Mar 2014 , 3:24pm
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My first attempt at an ice cream cake! Horrible

CakesbyKadi Posted 18 Mar 2014 , 9:36pm
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My worst cake. Made this for a friend's son last year. I don't know what the heck happened. The fondant wouldn't cooperate and the little characters just looked like crap. Lol Oh well. She loved it, the baby didn't really have an opinion, and everyone said it tasted good!



just4fun26 Posted 24 Mar 2014 , 5:28pm
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A[IMG][/IMG] This is not my cake but an acquaintance who is trying to start a business (illegally) from home. I feel like it must be shared.

djdanieldj Posted 24 Mar 2014 , 5:52pm
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Here is one of my best cake! About cartoon.. Despicable Me 2 .. Very difficult structure high 1.35m

djdanieldj Posted 24 Mar 2014 , 5:55pm
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Here find my last cake: life size Michael Jackson

djdanieldj Posted 24 Mar 2014 , 5:56pm
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And here see my Wedding glamour cake

doramoreno62 Posted 25 Mar 2014 , 7:56am
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Your cakes are awesome djdanieldj, but this thread is about posting your WORST cakes. If those are your worst, then I bow down to you.

dreamacres Posted 25 Mar 2014 , 1:36pm
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My little hobo.  My husband had bought me a statue I used as an inspiration for this cake.  From the time he gave it to me I commented that it would make a great cake. So I made the cake  and done a giveaway on my facebook page.  NO ONE ENTERED!!  I was heart broken!  Finally my daughter let the cat out of the bag.  She said the little guy's placement of his left hand seemed to match the smile on his face.  She suggested it should be placed in the naughty section on Cake Central!!!   Months later I still have the little guy sitting in the corner in the bakery smiling away.  I just look at him and smile, perverts!!!

hbquikcomjamesl Posted 25 Mar 2014 , 2:30pm
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AThe perfect dessert to go with a dinner of beef Stroganoff.

jandabrowning Posted 25 Mar 2014 , 2:57pm
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AIt's always difficult when a bride comes to you with a very specific design picked out and in the back of your mind you are thinking "are you serious??" That would be the case with this far the ugliest thing I've done[IMG][/IMG]

7031annie Posted 25 Mar 2014 , 9:09pm
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AHahaha omg Cheeseball that made me choke on my coffee.

mzteaze Posted 7 May 2014 , 10:28am
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I have laughed my head off at many of these cakes.  Loved "Santa Ball" and the Russian...


I'm sure my first decorated cakes will be laugh worthy.

ale122809 Posted 20 Aug 2014 , 10:43pm
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My first cake lol

livforcake Posted 21 Aug 2014 , 2:13am
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My first cake...taken from its most flattering angle. This was before I took any cake decorating classes. Chocolate cake with white frosting, what could go wrong? I still cringe when I look at it! The colors, the flowers, the crumbs(!). Oh the horror... :)


easyaspie Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 3:05am
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AMy worst ... Bottom tier broke with not Long before customer came so I had to bake a fresh one and it didn't cool in time to have any decorations or anything! Ahaha I'm SO emberassed! especially because when placed the order they said "please make it special for our daughter's birthday" [IMG][/IMG]

easyaspie Posted 12 Sep 2014 , 3:07am
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Original message sent by ale122809


My first cake lol

This actually resembles sponge bob quite a bit! better than I can do lol!

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