Canon Ip3500 Edible Image Printer $60 Free Shipping, No Tax

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Cakepro Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 4:45am
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Due to the tragic loss of the original thread I posted listing a great deal on an edible image printer, I am creating a new one for anyone who wants to get in on this deal.

Here's an excellent printer for edible images, and it's only 60 bucks with no tax and free shipping! Canon IP3500 Printer

Here is the link to the correct ink tanks from Kopykake for $50: IP42 Diamond Series Edible Ink Cartridges for Canon IP3500 Printer

Here's the link to the frosting sheets: Frosting Sheets!

I recommend this starter pack of various shapes and sizes: Pack of 24 Assorted Frosting Sheets

Information that you need on affixing the microchips on your new edible ink cartridges: Info Sheet for Canon printers which require Microchips on the print cartridges

Enjoy! icon_smile.gif


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wgoat5 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 10:53am
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Ohhh Sherri!!! I would SOOO love a edible image machine but I am afraid I don't know what all I need to order....can you make my list out??? LOL PLEASE

I'd love to have a pm from you!!!

Thank you Sherri!!!

(I'd really like to use it for placques and such icon_wink.gif )


gingersoave Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 11:11am
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Thank you for reposting this and all your info. I would love to hear from those that have purchased and used this printer. I need to know if everyone is happy with it. I want one SO bad!!!

please share your thoughts on the printer if you have used it! thanks a ton!


Cakepro Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 4:19pm
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LOL, Christi...send me your credit card info and I'll have a SWEET system delivered to your door in no time!! icon_lol.gif

Just click the links and you'll have the three things you need: printer, inks, and frosting sheets. Done deal! icon_biggrin.gif


tonedna Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 4:23pm
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Thanks for reposting!...Give us the info!!!!
Edna icon_biggrin.gif

Cakepro Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 4:30pm
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Ohhhh, you guys can't see the links?? I guess because you guys haven't clicked the links, they're the same color as the rest of the text. ???

I provided direct links to everything mentioned in the first post: to the printer, to the inks for that printer, to the frosting sheets, and to the document about the microchips. Sorry, I can't go back and edit my post to label the links - just run your mouse over the text and you should see the links!


tonedna Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 4:36pm
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Duh! there! Cakepro

christeena Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 5:15pm
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I have visited Amazon numerous times and most of the "reasonable" and edible image usable Canon's are not available, including the IP6000D. The site says they are out of stock! BooHoo!!!

Cakepro Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 6:36pm
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Well, you can't get much more reasonable than a 60 dollar Canon IP3500 photo printer, which is definitely still in stock at Amazon. icon_smile.gif

Tomoore Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 6:58pm
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Thanks! I'm gonna order this tonight!

Joanne914 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 7:06pm
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Thanks to the original thread, I am the new owner of an edible printing system! My hubby connected everything last night, I was even able to change the "chip" from the real ink to the edible ink tank. It was VERY easy. (If I can do it, anyone can! lol) Just when I was ready to give it a go however, we realized that our computer , which is old, was running on Windows 98, and that is NOT compatible with the brand new printer! icon_eek.gif So...dear ol' hubby
was up until 1:00 am finding "drivers" (I don't even know what that means!)
and "reconfiguring "things" and now my computer WILL recognize the new printer! HOORAY!!!! So, I'm going to bake a batch of cookies, and then try out the new printer with some edible image! I will take a pic when I'm done, and post it here, so you can all see! I'm off to the kitchen....

Suebee Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 7:12pm
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I just got the Canon IP3500 too. I love it, I bought it at Staples 79.98 plus tax in PA 4.80 total $84.78 with a $30.00 rebate, total cost to me $54.78. They are hard to find in the stores now. This was the last one in that store and I check about 10 other places.

brightbrats Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 7:41pm
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I got one off of the last post. I have only used it once, but it was easy and so much fun to do. I love it.

Thanks again for the heads up on that deal . icon_wink.gif

Linliv46 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 7:42pm
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Well, I get to tell again how much I love my printer and edible images. I have done cookies and 2 cake images and both turned out wonderful! I just love doing the cookies. The hardest thing about hooking it up too me was the chip thing but once I did one the rest were easy. Also when you get all your cartridges in the red lights will come on in front of each. Oh and I found out Sams will sell the rectangle sheets if anyone is interested in that! Few cents cheaper than the internet and save the postage if you can use that size. I used that size for my cookies. Hope this helps !

mkolmar Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 9:30pm
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Okay, you ladies have me torn. I have just enough money to buy the printer, sheets and colors. But, I was saving up for an airbrush. Which do you recommend more? I really want both icon_wink.gif

Or is there somewhere I can go and get them printed off and just pay for it?

YAYI95 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 10:42pm
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I also bought the printer from the last thread but have not had a chance to use it yet as I am in the process of moving to sunny Florida but cannot wait to play with it..Im glad everyone has good things to say about it because a friend had me scared about it not being all that I am expecting...So glad to hear you all love it!!!

Joanne914 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 11:35pm
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Well, no edible images tonight for me! icon_cry.gif hubby got everything hooked up correctly, the printer works just fine (we tested it on a piece of plain paper first), but when we used the software program at the kopykake site, we got as far as PRINT, then we got an error message that said the printer was NOT installed! what the heck!!! hubby tried several times, went back, made sure the printer was installed (it's the ONLY printer on the computer) but NOTHING!
Those of you that have used your printer and it actually printed your image,
did you use the software that you can download at the KopyKake site, or did you do it another way? I am going to call tech support at KopyKake tomorrow, but DARN IT I wanted to see that image tonight!!!! I'll keep all of you posted as to my happens tomorrow.

Linliv46 Posted 16 Mar 2008 , 11:57pm
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Joanne, mine did the same thing and I called the tech support because I tried it a doz times. They had me to delete the KoptK softwear and re-install it and it worked! Hope it work for you too!

sugarMomma Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 12:12am
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Is the software compatible with Windows Vista? I find that some software is not yet configured to it, and am not computer savvy enough to re-configure stuff.

Woole2 Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 12:21am
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tobycat Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 1:21am
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Thanks Sherri! Great info!

momtobtb Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 1:17pm
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I bought mine off the previous post and I love it. Just be careful if you buy the ink from Kopykake and make sure they send you the right black cartridge. Several of us received the smaller black one, but it's supposed to be the big one.

christielee Posted 17 Mar 2008 , 2:31pm
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I got mine, because of the last thread, and I thank you so much cakepro! My husband set everything up for me, because I am technology illiterate icon_lol.gif , and it worked great! mklor, I could not tell you which one to get between this and an airbrush. I use an airbrush on almost every cake I make, but I will show you the cake where I used both! (I use the airbrush mostly because I am too lazy to mix icing colors!!)


Linliv46 Posted 18 Mar 2008 , 2:13am
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Well I just have to show everyone my edible image cookies I did today! Was soo easy I didn't put any icing under the image just a little piping gel brushed on. This is the 2 inch circle we got in the frosting package! I just love the way they turned out!

PixieSweets Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 5:57pm
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The cookies look great. I think you guys have inspired me to take the plunge and purchase the printer.

I'm SO excited!! I can't wait!!

Cakepro Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 6:02pm
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Oh my stars, you both did such wonderful work!!

Congrats on your new toys! LOL


lchristi27 Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 6:18pm
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Must have! Thank you for reposting!

misabel99 Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 6:18pm
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Is this the only one model (IP3500) that can works with the kopykake inks.?

pinktea Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 6:32pm
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Love those cookies Linliv 46. I purchased mine but haven't used it yet. ok, ready to take the plunge.

idali Posted 19 Mar 2008 , 6:34pm
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Thank you so much for re-posting this.


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