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Taunti Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 2:47pm
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Can someone tell me How one makes cookies on a stick?
My niece wants some for her friends in school and I have never done this.
I have looked at several photos and see white sticks, are these the WIlton sticks and do you bake them with the cookie?
I'm actually Challenged by a 10 year old icon_wink.gif Gotta love her.

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peg818 Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 2:51pm
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I bake the cookies right on the sticks, they aren't in the oven long enough to burn so don't worry about that.

Just roll the cookie dough to a thickness that accommodates the stick, and let the cookies cool throughly before picking up by the stick.

Taunti Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 2:59pm
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So the White sticks are okay icon_smile.gif prefect, now the question is do you just lay the stick on top of the dough or push it in?? No joke never made these, LOL so this really is a first for me.
Thank you for your reply.

Kitagrl Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 3:04pm
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Roll the cookies at least 1/4" thick and then carefully, with one hand gently on top of the cookie, twist and push the stick up into the bottom of the cookie so it will be inside the dough. Then bake and cool, do not handle by the stick until after at least an hour of cooling.

Have fun!

Taunti Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 3:09pm
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Perfect, I will attempt this today icon_smile.gif Sounds fun can't be that hard,LOL

Joanne914 Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 3:10pm
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Just in case you don't want to attempt the method where you push the stick into the dough (which is what I do! lol) Another method that might be easier, is to lay the stick directly on top of your cut out shape, and press gently down. Then take some additional dough, and roll a little wormy thing (like you did in preschool with the playdough!) and press the wormy piece of dough onto top of your stick to cover it completely, and press gently. Then, put your cookies into the frig to harden up a bit (as they will be soft by now) After about 10 miutes, take them out, and flip them over onto the tray. Wormy dough side down... and bake. The extra dough will be bake "down" and you won't even see it, and the stick will be held in extremely well! Just another option for you to think about! Good Luck!

michellenj Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 6:51pm
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I've been wanting to do this too! I think that I will do the "wormy" method, as to not mess up the shape of the cookie. Knowing me, I'll ram the stick in there and deform the cookie.

Taunti Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 10:39pm
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LOL that is what I was thinking the wormy thing sounds great, rammingthe stick through the top of the cookie out the side or just getting frustrated doesn't sound like my kind of fun today icon_smile.gif

Thanks again everyone icon_smile.gif

AmazingGraceCakes Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 10:52pm
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As soon as you take the cookie out of the oven, while its still soft you can push the stick into the dough. You just have to make sure the cookie is thick enough, 1/4 in. thick is good. Just another methodicon_smile.gif

Have fun!!! Take pictures!

Joanne914 Posted 15 Mar 2008 , 11:05pm
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LOL a new cookie stick method is born....THE WORMY METHOD! LOLOLOL icon_biggrin.gif

Yomomma Posted 20 Mar 2008 , 4:25pm
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I do the Wormy Method icon_biggrin.gif too but the only thing I might do differently is to dampen the stick (cookie end) with water - b/c my cookie bouquet instructor said it makes the stick bond better with the cookie dough.

AmieB Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 4:32am
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I love cookies on a stick. I personally push the stick in to the back and cover it with more dough. Only because I don't always have the patience to push the stick through.

Looking on youtube I found this video that shows the cookie on a stick:

MissLady85 Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 5:45am
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the only time of the year i usually do the cookies on a stick is christmas! But i make them a little thicker and push the stick in ( i have less of a breakage rate with this method) and when your using the 12 days of christmas its a B*tch to have to rebake because you broke one!! icon_biggrin.gif and im super impatient at times!!

Cyndi1207 Posted 21 Mar 2008 , 6:12am
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I do the "wormy method" too.....but instead of the white sticks.........I use the bamboo skewers. You get a lot more for your $$$ and they work just as well if not better since they're not so thick.

editted to add: Another benefit to the skewers is that they're tall so you can cut them to the desired lengths with hardly any effort to achieve the different heights in the bouquet. Hope that helps. thumbs_up.gif

kneadacookie Posted 22 Mar 2008 , 10:06pm
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i got so tired of trying to fix cookies that i stuck the stick right thru the back off, that i came up with a new method. now i use the sticks that i'm going to put in the cookie as my guide for the cookie is the same thickness of the stick. lay that one on my sheet tray, and place the stick down the center. now i use the same stick guides to roll and cut out another cookie. i just place that one on top of the first with the stick. now i know my stick is directly in the center of the cookie. it might take a couple extra minutes, but i have no fear of my cookies falling off.

toleshed Posted 22 Mar 2008 , 11:09pm
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do you cut the points off? I bought some of those. I thought if a child bit on that wrong, it would pierce his/her mouth or tongue. Then I stabbed my finger. My dh trimmed them down, so now they aren't so sharp.

cakesonoccasion Posted 26 Mar 2008 , 1:36pm
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You put the non-pointy end in the cookie- and then snip the pointy end off the bottom once the cookies are cooled icon_smile.gif I use pruners .

Cyndi1207 Posted 26 Mar 2008 , 9:36pm
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Cakesonoccasion is exactly right. I use pruners as well.

GeminiRJ Posted 28 Mar 2008 , 5:29pm
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I lay the stick on the tray, cover with a cookie, and press gently around the stick. Then bake. I've never had one fall off the stick. Also, I try not to handle the cookie by the stick, but by the cookie itself.

Another hint: when making flower cookies, spray the sticks with green food color before adding the cookie.

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