coolj Posted 30 Dec 2006 , 5:20pm
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So far, I've been unable to make the large bow for the top of a cake. I've followed the instructions on the Wilton Site, Bake Decorate Celebrate, but that didn't help me either. I've rolled my fondant and then shaped the loops, each time they dried, they didn't fit on top of each other. Does anyone know what I mean, and can you offer suggestions? Thank you

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bobwonderbuns Posted 30 Dec 2006 , 5:37pm
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Okay, I'm not sure of what instructions you are following, so let me tell you how I do them. First, I am assuming you are trying to make a bow that looks like how you would tie your shoe, with two loops and two tails? There are so many kinds of fondant bows out there... icon_confused.gif If this is the kind of bow you want, you want to make it in strips. Wilton has a new measure and cut mat out (forget the actual name of it) with circles and squares to help you measure. I use that. Measure out the width of the bow (say 2 inches for our example.) Then double the length of the loop. For example, you want loops to be 4 inches length each and 2 inches wide, you would cut a strip 8 inches in length, 2 inches wide. Do this twice. Fold each loop into how you want it to look, add a little tiny bit of water and meet them in the middle. Put a small amount of paper towel mashed up in the center of the loops to hold their shape. Let dry. In the meantime, cut out your tails and center piece using the same dimensions (center piece should be cut at 4 inches, tails cut at 8 inches but can be cut down later.) Arrange how you want them UNDER the meeting joint of the two loops. I like to wrap the center piece around the loops first, then lift up and add the tails. Use paper toweling to place under certain parts of the tails to give them a little curve and shape (so they don't lay flat against the cake, unless that is the look you want.) Let dry, present the cake and take your bows!! icon_biggrin.gif

I hope this helps some, if not, let me know -- if you are really stuck PM me and I'll call you and walk you through it. Good luck!! icon_smile.gif

ChrisJ Posted 30 Dec 2006 , 5:38pm
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Have you seen this article here on CC? Someone also suggested using melted candy instead of icing to glue the strips together which I'm going to try next time.


coolj Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 5:54pm
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Thank you for your responses. I went to Michael's and bought the Wilton mat. That will definitely help with keeping the size of the loops consistent. The two loop bow instructions are clear to me and easier to understand than I've previously seen. I made one yesterday, and it looks pretty good to me. Now, for the other. I've followed the instructions on the website. The ends of the bow never meet (when I'm making the circle; they seem too thick even at 1/4"). Is 1/4 inch maybe too thick? Then the next set of loops don't lay on top of the first set. The website says to pinch the ends together (when drying). That's where it seems to be too thick. Are the loops supposed to be FLAT on the bottom? Is that the way they should dry?

I'm not sure that I'm making myself clear, but if someone can understand my goofy explanation, you can see I need help. Thank you. Julia

lapazlady Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 6:08pm
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Is the tutorial from CC the one you've tried to use? I use it all the time and have been very happy with it. I think it says to cut the ends of the loops to a point and then dry. Anyhooo, that's what I do. I attached the link to the CC tutorial.

coolj Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 6:12pm
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Yep, that's what I use. Therefore, it's me. I'm not giving up.

CindyW Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 6:14pm
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CoolJ, I hear you. I've had two failed attempts and wasted lots of time and fondant. I tried to follow the tuturial on this site where they dried the strips over a pole. Maybe mine were too thick? Didn't Dry long enough? Not sure. I'll follow this forum and maybe try again some day.

cashley Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 6:15pm
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here is a link to another tutorial it may help you out

coolj Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 8:38pm
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Dear, dear Cashley, I believe the site you've recommended will help. Thanks so much. Tomorrow I try once again!

kakedecorator Posted 1 Jan 2007 , 8:59pm

I make the "end" of my loops come to a point (helps them fit better together in the middle). For each "row" (stack) I make the loops a little smaller.

Bettycrockermommy Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:11pm

Okay, now I am confused! We are talking about making two different types of bows.

Bobwonderbuns, you are describing making a two loop bow, correct? I would love to see a tutorial on that. The one and only bow I made like this just didn't seem to turn out right.

tiggy2 Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:27pm

When I dry my loops I lay them on their sides instead of over a pole so they don't strech. I also make some loops shorter then others. When putting the bow together I use a ball of fondant saturated with water (about the consistancy of thick pudding) to stick the loops into that. Then I let it dry for several days before touching again. There is one in my photos if you'd like to see what I'm talking about.

mjs4492 Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:35pm

bobwonderbuns' instructions are impecable!! wish I had seen them when I was having trouble with bows!

For a 2-loop bow, I don't make 2 pieces and attach them in the center anymore. I cut 1 piece of fondant and bring the 2 ends into the center, then wrap the center piece around/over the seam and secure on the back of the bow. You can shape the middle of the bow to your liking. I also make the loops anywhere from 2-4" wide. (Secure all seams with dabs of water as you work).
For the multi-loop bows: I also cut the ends of the loops into points and it does make it easier to fit them all together when your finished. My last couple of bows like this, I did make each layer of loops smaller towards the center ones, as kakedecorator stated. I haven't tried securing the loops with chocolate melts yet; I use buttercream icing still.

bobwonderbuns Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:35pm
Originally Posted by vickitilghman

Okay, now I am confused! We are talking about making two different types of bows.

Bobwonderbuns, you are describing making a two loop bow, correct? I would love to see a tutorial on that. The one and only bow I made like this just didn't seem to turn out right.

Yes, I am talking about making a two-loop bow. I don't know if there is a tutorial on this or not. I know that in some of the cake pictures there are the most beautiful 2-loop fondant bows I've ever seen on cakes -- you might scan those pictures and write those cake artists privately, many are more than willing to help you with instructions. If you have any questions on the instructions I gave in this thread, I'd be happy to answer them as best I can. icon_biggrin.gif

slpbjones Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:39pm

I've never tried the fondant loop bow, but I did a modeling chocolate/candy clay one that's in my photos. I thought the chocolate was SO easy to work with. I found the recipe on here under modeling chocolate. I'm sure it would work the same with white chocolate and then you could color it how you want. I don't know anything about the fondant ones, but I just followed the tutorial on CC with the chocolate and found it very easy to work with. I also used the suggestion of making the loops in different lengths so on each "row" the overlapping loops would come in toward the center a little more each time. I don't know if that helps, but that's my two cents.


mjs4492 Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:44pm


here's a tutorial for the 2-loop bow that someone on this site gave me -

on the right-hand side of the page, go down to the "Q & A" tab.

christeena Posted 2 Jan 2007 , 8:50pm

There is a yahoo group called: 3 cakertiers, that has a great tiffany style bow tutorial on it. I would link to it but I am too computer illiterate for that. That tutorial was what I used for the Tiffany box cake in my photos!
Fran is very descriptive and hlepful. Good luck!

Daisy1 Posted 5 Jan 2007 , 5:05pm

I've found that if I make my loops too round at the bottom they won't go together. Flatten the ends a little and you shouldn't have any problems. If you do make then too round, just hold the ends over steam and gently flatten.

coolj Posted 5 Jan 2007 , 10:23pm

Thank you all for your guidance and help in my quest to make a fondant bow. Between your advice and the websites provided, I SHOULD be able to do it. I'm going to be successful. I really appreciate everyone's response. Julia

Fascination Posted 5 Jan 2007 , 11:41pm

Hello coolj,

I know you are being bombarded with information.. but I would like to add my 2 cents ...
I find that most of the tutorials suggest rolling the fondant too thick, which accounts for why putting in on poles or broom handles to dry causes it to stretch. Rolling it thinner will not cause it to stretch & it will look more delicate. - I did read about another method of drying the loops; instead of hanging them on broom handles, slide the loops over a paper towel roll & and lie them on their sides. This should work well with the thick loops.

When cutting the loops, I do not measure & cut each piece as illustrated. Once my fondant (with gum trag added) is rolled out, I use the picket fence cutter to cut out each loop. This makes them all the same size & is much quicker to do than squaring & measuring.
The cutter has one edge straight & one pointed; when I bring the edges together, I cut the straight edge into a point & then 'glue' the ends together.

Check the images, one made with the large picket fence cutter & the other with the small cutter. The pink & white one, using the small cutter required more loops.

I'd be happy to share more info if you have any more questions.
(sorry for being so long winded).

coolj Posted 6 Jan 2007 , 3:17pm

Oh, Fascination, how beautiful. I can use all the advice that you give. I kind of thought that my three attempts were with fondant that was too thick among other issues. The instructions talk about rolling the fondant with a pasta maker from 1 to 5 to get the right thickness. I don't have a pasta machine. What is a picket fence cutter? I bought the Wilton cutter thingy, but I was a total disaster with that, so I was going to go back to my pizza cutter. When I made the loops, such as they were, I placed them on their sides stuffed with tissue so they'd keep their shape while drying. Of course, then the loops were not flat on one side (I think that created problems because when I tried to put one on top of the other, they didn't meet- can you understand what I'm saying). Uggh, today I'll try again. I'm frustrated, because I see how many people can do this, and I can't. My daughter's birthday is in a few weeks, and I'd love to surprise her. Am I doomed to making cupcakes? Julia

bobwonderbuns Posted 6 Jan 2007 , 6:29pm

Picket fence cutters can be found here:
Scroll down to almost the bottom of the page and you will see them. icon_smile.gif

coolj Posted 6 Jan 2007 , 6:44pm

Thanks for the picket fence site. How literal, a picket fence, just what it sounds like.

Fascination Posted 6 Jan 2007 , 8:39pm

Hello again coolj

I am sending you a PM. we will having you making loop bows with your eyes closed before you know it.


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