Please Look At My Fondant Dog...

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beachcakes Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:05am
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What do you think? Does it look like a dog? DH says it looks like a rat. And I think maybe a Kangaroo. icon_cry.gif He's supposed to be standing on his hind legs...

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beachcakes Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:07am
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Let's try again... it didn't load.

vickymacd Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:16am
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You want honesty....I agee with hubby....little like a mouse. Not sure why. Tail makes it a dog, but body seems like a mouse. But it is cute!

lovely Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:17am
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I think it looks cute but would hate if someone told me that and then not what it really looks like. Think it looks adorable but to me it sort of looks like a kangaroo (more like a wallaby) but I think it's the back legs that does that. It looks better than anything I could do so please don't take anything I say as offensive.

MichelleG Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:22am
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I think it looks a little like a wolf. It has the long nose like a wolf. I love it.

veronica970206 Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:24am
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I think he looks like a dog, the only thing where I could think that people are thinking another animal, is because when most people see dogs they see floppy ears, not so much the short/small ears, but when we had dogs as a kid we had chihuahuas, so I am use to the ears, but everyone is different. I love him!!! Good job!!!!

mrstoponak Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:28am
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My 5 year old just walked by and said "aww... what a cute kangaroo"

I agree, its the hind legs that throw you off.

But its cute!!

tnuty Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 11:29am
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Im with you I think it looks like a kangaroo... but boy how cute he is.. Maybe if you change the ears like veronica said it might help a little..

beachcakes Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:35pm
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LOL! Thanks guys! I knew he looked a little "off". Maybe I can rework the head/ears a little and see if i can cut down the legs somewhat. I hope he isn't too dry by the time I get home from work. If so, I can always save him for a kangaroo cake?! LOL

Melvira Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:39pm
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I can see the kangaroo-ish quality! But as mentioned, he is absolutely adorable! Definitely don't scrap him!! Good luck!

BethyM Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 12:40pm
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My gauge for whether things look realistic is always to ask my son -- Kids have a pretty good perception and he said mouse. I think your detail on him is really adorable and I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

jules06 Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 1:03pm
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It's the back legs that make him look like a Kangaroo icon_smile.gif
If you rotate the top of his rear legs ( thigh ),towards his tail a bit more, it may fix it ( did I make sense ?! )
He's very cute tho icon_biggrin.gif

beachcakes Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 7:43pm
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What do you think? Any better?

ceshell Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 9:44pm
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OMG what a terrific change! I thought he definitely looked like a dog before...a kangaroo-like dog, but still a dog.

But now, I daresay you've "nailed it". The ears are perfect, his muzzle is a little more doggy and the reduced legs add just the right touch. CUTE!

artist63 Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 9:55pm
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Well I thought it kind of looked like a wolf before and thought he was very cute but he looks like a big ole happy dog now. Awesome job

Melvira Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 10:20pm
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Yes, very nice!! It was cute to start with, but now it's really adorable!

mrstoponak Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 10:16pm
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hehe.. its cute.

My 5 year old called it a "kanga-dog" this time. Only because she remembered me asking this morning what it was and her answer was kangaroo... now she said its a dog, but shes confused...

I think its a dog now.. very cute!

dellswife Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 10:32pm
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I was going to say it looked like a dog to me, but it DEFINATELY looks like a dog now!
HOW CUTE!!!!!!

Great Job icon_biggrin.gif

jules06 Posted 22 Oct 2007 , 10:37pm
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thumbs_up.gifthumbs_up.gif What a cute little doggy !!

beachcakes Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 12:32am
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Aww! THanks guys, for all your help!! icon_smile.gif

Antgirl Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 1:00am
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I'd stretch out the hind legs a bit. When our dog stands up, his legs are stretched rather than crouched like yours.
But it's still great!!

veronica970206 Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 1:20am
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Do not change him any more!!!! You did an awesome job before, and you did an awesome job the second time, you go back again and it will be something totally off which will change the whole character of what you are going for, he is PRECIOUS!!!! If you have any children's book around, you can always use those as guides. People sometimes think you need the fancy cake books as a guide, just look how simple they make their animals, people, objects, etc. in those books, coloring books, and so on... you will be amazed at what you can come up with. Keep up the awesome work!!! Sincerely, Veronica

lovely Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 2:23am
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Awsomely cute. Looks like a dog now. Job well done icon_biggrin.gificon_biggrin.gif

tasteebakes Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 2:37am
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You could add a little happy hanging tongue and that would seal the deal for me!

felecia Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 2:47am
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Kangaroo on the first on the last for sure

eatCakes Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 2:55am
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Aww, it does look a lot better now! It's a very cute doggy I might add. icon_smile.gif

cakeatopia Posted 23 Oct 2007 , 9:54am
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I liked him before, but the ear changes changed him into a dog.
Both were cute!

beachcakes Posted 29 Oct 2007 , 3:22pm
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I want to thank you all again for your help! The cake is done, and he looks much less kangaroo-esque! icon_smile.gif Thankfully the others looked like dogs too!

Thanks again!

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