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Erdica Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 1:45pm
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I have what was suppose to be an anniversary cake. It's spice. I was reading the article on how to make cake balls. It says to use coffee creamer. I don't have any. What else would be good to use with a Spice cake? This is my first attempt at cake balls.

Any advice would be great!

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keyshia Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 4:46pm
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I thought I read you could also use buttercream? I think it just needs to be something that will help them "stick" together. I'm sure someone will come along with better info! icon_smile.gif


renee2007 Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 4:57pm
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look in the articles under how to make cake balls and it tells you what else you can use icon_smile.gif

snowshoe1 Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 5:18pm
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IMO a thinned down cream cheese base would be nice for spice cake balls.

cookiesup Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 5:22pm
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I used chambord...they were great, but for the amt of chambord I needed to use...quite can use any type of liquer icon_lol.gif

Erdica Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 5:38pm
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I was going to use BC but didn't know if it would really make them stick as well as using coffee creamer? I guess it will be trial and error. I was just hoping someone had something that they had tried before.

Thanks for the suggestions. icon_smile.gif

keyshia Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 5:56pm
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I thought I read you could also use buttercream? I think it just needs to be something that will help them "stick" together. I'm sure someone will come along with better info! icon_smile.gif


momvarden Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 12:05pm
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I just made my first cake balls last night, i had a lot of german chocolate cake pieces left. So, i used the rest of the pecans that were in the bottom of the blender (to small for the filling)and coconut flavored rum and a little powdered sugar. i am going to go and roll them in p.s. this morning and maybe cocoa powder.

kakeladi Posted 20 Oct 2007 , 6:34pm
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If your cake is moist you don't need anything in it. As the others have already suggested just a bit of any liquid, b'cream or cr ch will help if not moist enough to roll into ball.s

Biya Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 1:56pm
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My favorite thing is hazelnut coffee creamer but you can use anything that will bind the cake scraps so you can form the balls. I would check the fridge and pantry and see what type of things you have handy. Pudding, whipped cream, cream cheese, even a little milk would work.

Granpam Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 2:05pm
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I have used caramel syrup for ice cream sundaes with the chocolate and they are scrumtious.

angelwaggoner Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 2:16pm
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I made cake balls for the first time last week and I used a french caramel brownie flavored creamer. But I bet a little sweetened condensed milk or I know I read that thinned butter cream would work. I dipped mine in chocolate. They were AWESOME! I left them in the freezer when we weren't eating them. I took them to work! And we had some left over the weekend and on Monday, they were even better! I used a Hershey bar..right now you can buy the BIG ones....melted it down and dipped my cake balls in that.

step0nmi Posted 21 Oct 2007 , 2:24pm
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You can use any kind of creamer, milk, pudding, jam, frosting. I've even used marshmallow puff to combine the cake. The object is to only add enough to make the cake combine. So if you are adding the creamer you really want to add a little at a time, like 2 tablespoons at a time. After you feel it's wet enough you want to see if you can form a nice small meatball. If you think it's sticking together well then you're ready to make them!

Also, I just recently read in a thread that you don't need to freeze them after making them into balls. Freezing them will actaully cause condensation which may cause your chocolate to seize up. You can put them in the freezer for a few minuets then take them out to dip but don't freeze them for 30 mins...I have done this and it helps. I've actually let the outside kind of dry out a little and this helped too!
Also, if it's kinda hard to dip your cake balls in the chocolate you can thin it out with a little crisco or vegatable oil a little at a time!
These are a lot of fun and you can try any combination!
Have fun!

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