The Joys Of Shortening...(Sarcastic)

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DuckyChickenLady Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 12:00pm
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I have had soooooo many issues with shortening.
I have been buying the higher trans fat stuff...whereas the Crisco has changed their recipe.
And now...I am noticing that the store brand shortenings I am buying smell I am really getting sick & tired of this hunt for the perfect shortening.
All that to say....(I have done a search..)
What would be a great BC recipe with the new Crisco. I looked but can't find it.
Could someone direct me please.
I like to use the 1/2 butter & 1/2 crisco...but I find that too runny with the new Crisco.
Anyhow..any & all help would be muchly appreciated!! ~Cheryl

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jillycakes Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 12:06pm
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Can you get your hands on some Sweetex where you live? It's usually available at cake supply shops. I've been using that since the Crisco change and really love it -- much less greasy than Crisco (even the good, old trans-fat laden Crisco).

Tona Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 12:11pm
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I also changed to a high ratio shortening when Crisco changed. It works wonderful and I really like it.

DuckyChickenLady Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 12:42pm
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Yes, I did that too..the high ratio shortening...but for some odd reason...most of the stores don't store it properly..or it is shipped wrong...and it is rancid. It flavors the icing with this chemical taste. tapedshut.gif
Anyhow...I just found Indydebi's recipe..and apparently it works well...with the new Crisco..I am gonna try it.

Also..Crisco Has a page dedicated to icing a cake with their new shortening.

So I am going to try & make it work. icon_smile.gif Thanks!


MissRobin Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 1:54pm
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I feel your pain, I hate the new Crisco, I have been using Store brand but I am going to switch to hi ratio shortening. BTW, On the Today show segment this morning, the one where they share the people who are l00 years old ( the Willard Scott one) one of the ladies said her secret to beautiful skin was using crisco on her face everyday! Yuk! Go Figure, so now we have a use for the nasty stuff! Ha!

sportsmom005 Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 2:12pm
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What's Indydebi's recipe? Where do I find it?


indydebi Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 3:43pm
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I've never had a problem when crisco went to zero trans fat. I never even noticed a difference.

sportsmom005 Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 3:56pm
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Thank you indydebi!!!

I have been desperately searching for a good BC recipe that I could make with ingredients from the local grocery store instead of having to order hi-ratio shortening. Thank you so much! You are a lifesaver-I can't wait to try this!


shadowgypsie Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 3:56pm
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I haven't noticed any difference either. I have no problem using the new crisco. I have noticed that the dry weather has been playing havoc with some of the frostings I have made. I have been needing to add a little more liquid to them.

missmeg Posted 19 Oct 2007 , 4:24pm
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Originally Posted by cmyoung5

What's Indydebi's recipe? Where do I find it?

Here's my version of Indydebi's BC:

  • 1 1/3 cup shortening (can be new / old Crisco or store brand)
    2 lbs powdered sugar
    1 T Dream Whip
    1 T Merengue Pdr
    1/3-1/2 cup milk (NOT WATER)
    1 T Almond flavoring
    1 T Vanilla flavoring

    Assemble in the usual manner.

    I'm actually able to make a double-batch of this (using the 4-lb bags from the wholesale club) in my KA.
dandelion56602 Posted 26 Oct 2007 , 3:53am
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My ? is does this taste like a buttercream or like a whipped cream icing? I detest the whipped stuff & love the old traditional buttercream. I don't want to waste the time making it if it tastes like the "bettercream"

unigus74 Posted 26 Oct 2007 , 4:09am
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For those of you in the south east- Publix grocery store brand shortning is awesome! little flavor, very smooth and pure white.
I love it!

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