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kimmy37 Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 3:23am
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I need to learn more about mmf. I use it often for accents, but never easily. In class we learned to lightly grease the work surface and rolling pin. When i cut shapes/ letters, they stretch/ warp as I try to peel them off the counter. Recently I was trying to make a few cards for a poker table cake. I got frustrated with the stretching cards and made something different instead. I get so jealous when I watch food network and see all of my heros making fondant look sooo easy. What method do you use??????

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geri4292adams Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 3:47am
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I agree with you! I made my first MMF the other day and the only thing I can use it for is covering my cake. Mine stretches way too much for me to do accents with. Seems a little sticky as well. and I know I added enough sugar plus some. I'd like tips as well!

JoAnnB Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 6:08am
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It should not be sticky or too stretchy. you probably need more powdered sugar. Sift it over your workspace, and knead it a bit more.

Also, when you are cutting out pieces, try picking up the rolled out piece of fondant, sprinkling more powdered sugar, drop the fondant down and the cut your pieces. The cut-outs will not be firmly stuck to the surface.

cakeflake Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 6:34am
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Another thing you can do when cutting shapes etc.. w/fondant is to roll the fondant right onto a board or pan or roll it on the counter and then pick up the rolled out fondant and lay it directly onto a drying sheet or board and then cut the shapes out. Then you only need pick up the excess fondant, leaving the cutouts where they are to dry. After they've dried for at least a few hours you can carefully pick them up and move them, but the longer drying time the better. Also, if you let the fondant sit for about 24 hrs after making it, it isn't so soft and mushy. Hope this helps!

aztomcat Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 6:58am
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I never oil my surface working with fondant, I use powdered sugar instead. Either in a shaker or in a clean kneehi (easy to powder the surface). Your fondant sounds like it may be too wet. Add more powdered sugar. I don't go by the recipe listed here exactly. I add powdered sugar until I like the consistency. I have created cut outs with no problem.

I have an example on a shower cake in my pics. Those baby clothes are all mmf.

beck30 Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 12:39pm
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Ive only been doing cakes for a short time but I use cornstarch.

jibbies Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 1:01pm
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This is my tip for fondant:
Go to the website and order Satin Ice fondant. I just got 20 pounds (10, 2 pound containers) for $92.00 including delivery. The taste is good, much better than Wilton and it is consistent. You can add flavorings to it and the reason i order the 2lb size its easy to store easy to work with in those sizes.
Here are a couple of recent cakes I did with Satin Ice.


CuteCakeName Posted 18 Oct 2007 , 1:40pm
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I like to use MMF also, but I have a different problem (although mine is sometimes a little too stretchy as well). Even if I double or triple sift my powdered sugar, I get these clumps of PS when I mix everything together. And not just a couple of tiny clumps, but pea sized clumps and tons of tiny ones. WHY??? I end up spending so much time kneading the fondant to find the clumps... definitely the most frustrating thing for me. I'd rather deal with the stretchy part than try to add more PS and get MORE clumps. Does this happen to anyone else?

Sorry to "hijack" the thread

kimmy37 Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 3:01am
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Thanx everyone!! I used your advice with a batch of mmf.... it was the best batch I've ever made. I feel much more comfortable with it now. Funny, I've been playing with this stuff for just over a year now. I didn't have too many probs with mmf in the beginning. I think I tried to make it too complicated or something..... I should learn to just keep it simple!

cakeflake Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 3:53am
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cutecakename- just a thought, but I noticed that whenever I use the store brand or generic powdered sugar I always get clumps that are hard and don't break up easily. If I use the C&H stuff I never have a problem with it. I don't know what you use but it but it might be worth a try. Good luck!

cakelady11215 Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 4:06am
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My teacher taught me to use cornstarch on your surface when kneading/cutting/rolling the fondant, but to use shortening on the actual cutter to make a nice clean cut. Hope this helps icon_biggrin.gif

cakelady11215 Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 4:15am
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My teacher taught me to use cornstarch on your surface when kneading/cutting/rolling the fondant, but to use shortening on the actual cutter to make a nice clean cut. Hope this helps icon_biggrin.gif

tobycat Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 5:30am
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Which recipe are you using for your mmf? THat can make a huge difference.

I use a mix of corstarch and shortening when working with it, but I never grease the work surface. If I know I need to pick something up without stretching the piece, I dust with cornstarch.

Also, try waiting a minute after cutting something before picking it up.

If your fondant is too stretchy, there's something wrong. I had this problem when I first started making fondant (regular and mmf), but it depended on the recipe and the way I was making it.

How are you doing yours?


annacakes Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 11:13am
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I did a lot of work this week with chocolate MMF and found 2 things.

Definitely it needs its 24 hours to "sit".

Also, I found that a good firm kneading with a little more PS made it come together and smooth out.

It seems to need lot of attention!

annacakes Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 11:15am
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Sonoma9: Where is the recipe for "regular" fondant? I've only used the recipes for MMF so far. Is the regular much the same?

lchristi27 Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 11:28am
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Have you tried using vinyl for rolling it out? I bought some for under a dollar at wall-mart, and no ps, no cornstarch and no grease needed to roll it out. It doesnt stick to the vinyl mat, and it's really easy to stick your hand under the mat and support the cut outs.

Also..if doing a full cake, just flip the mat over on top of the cake and peel off. hth

tobycat Posted 24 Oct 2007 , 4:02pm
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Originally Posted by annacakes

Sonoma9: Where is the recipe for "regular" fondant? I've only used the recipes for MMF so far. Is the regular much the same?

I started making fondant using the Wilton homemade recipe. Tastes better than the Wilton pre-made by far, but not as good as mmf. Also, it's such a hassle to make (you have to cook glucose, gelatin, etc.) that once I tried mmf, I never looked back.


kimmy37 Posted 25 Oct 2007 , 1:01am
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lchristi27--- what kind of vinyl at Wal-mart?? What department? I'm picturing something in the fabric/material dept. ?? Would love a description so I can try this too. icon_lol.gif

Sonoma9 - the small batch mmf recipe I use is- 1c mini marshmallow (squished into the cup) + 1 Tbsp water microwaved, then 1 and 1/2c powdered sugar. After getting some advice on here, last time I used more powdered sugar until it felt right. It was much easier to use. I think I used to use a larger batch recipe. I think the ratio of PS to MM is higher than in the smaller batch recipe.

tobycat Posted 25 Oct 2007 , 6:07am
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I only use the vinyl when I've got a bigger cake (like a 16") because you need to roll out so much fondant. I got mine at a local fabric store -- Joanne's. They had different grades (don't know if that's the right word) but various thicknesses to choose from. I chose a very thick grade.

Otherwise, I'm a fan of the roul pat mat. Can't beat it for not sticking and staying put on the counter.


aswartzw Posted 25 Oct 2007 , 4:37pm
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I use the Alternate MMF recipe. Here's a link on all kinds of tips on MMF. I like to sift the powdered sugar (gets rid of lumps) and stir the powdered sugar (also helps with lumps).

If you want other fondant recipes, go to recipes and search fondant. I believe Toba Garrett's is pretty popular.

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